8 Apr

    How an indoor privacy screen can create separate spaces in your home

    Magically ambient and stunningly easy to do, indoor privacy screens divide your home into a world of possibilities.

    4 Apr

    Keep it cool by painting your home with these Plascon paint colours for 2024

    Plascon’s exciting paint palette selection promises to provide a relaxed, thoughtful approach to your property design in 2024 and beyond.

    4 Apr

    The hype around curved furniture and why you should jump on the trend this year

    Say goodbye to sharp corners and hello to curves! This furniture trend is here to stay!

    4 Apr

    The beauty of arches in interior design

    Embrace the role arches play in giving your home the interior edge. Learn why they are important for form and function.

    4 Apr

    The role of soundproof curtains when insulating your home

    Encapsulate the best parts of being at home with soundproof curtains that drown out unnecessary noise and keep in the good stuff.

    3 Apr

    Home improvements to increase your property value

    Are you considering selling? These home improvement ideas, from fresh paint to outdoor updates, will help you boost your home's value.

    2 Apr

    Why a two-colour combination for bedroom walls remains a fashionable choice in 2024

    Two-tone bedrooms give you twice the magical appeal! Mix and match the best wall colours for your personal abode.

    2 Apr

    10 unique ways to incorporate biophilic design in your home

    Biophilic design has grown roots in home interiors and is set to spread its branches throughout 2024 and beyond.

    19 Feb

    Eco-friendly, sustainable fabrics for your curtains

    A standing ovation for this sustainable curtain call! Learn how to dress up your windows while saving the planet.

    8 Feb

    Top South African restaurants to visit in 2024: La Petite Colombe in Franschhoek

    Taste the good life at the award-winning La Petite Colombe restaurant. Each meal is a chance to rediscover South African cuisine in Franschhoek Valley.

    6 Feb

    Unpacking Nutec’s role in high-quality, eco-friendly homes in 2024

    Peel back the layers of 2024 interior trends with curtain ideas that will boost your property value and increase your home’s aesthetic appeal.

    15 Jan

    Go wild with urban jungle interior design

    Urban jungle interior design is the perfect antidote to fast-paced living. See how you can use plants, textures, colours, and more to get the look.

    15 Jan

    How to finance decor upgrades in your first home

    Decor upgrades can be a financial challenge for first-time homeowners. Here are tips from deciding if you need them to negotiating with contractors.

    15 Jan

    Factors that increase the property value of your city home

    Consider the ways you can attract top buyers by upgrading the marketability and property value of your home.

    10 Jan

    Top 10 tips for renovating your old home

    Develop a taste for DIY with these simple home improvement tips for your old home renovations.

    10 Jan

    Things to consider when buying a historical home

    Delve into what it takes to purchase a historical home and how to maximise its potential. Learn the ins and outs of what maintaining one entails.

    2 Jan

    Pro tips for envisioning a colour palette in your empty new home

    Do you desire a home filled with imaginative hues and interiors that inspire warmth and joy? Design the ideal colour palette for your new home with ease.

    29 Nov

    Creative solutions for seven uncommon home features that could be stalling your sale

    Solve your unsellable property features with a new perspective! We show you seven ways to reinvent your home and elevate your chances for a successful sale.

    16 Nov

    Finding a home with unique architectural features for maximalist decor

    Go big or go home with eye-catching decor and outstanding results. Discover the magic of maximalist properties and its trendy allure.

    16 Nov

    Why wall decor is an excellent way to personalise your home

    Enhance your home with interesting wall decor and fall in love with unique techniques to make your property stand out.

    16 Nov

    The 5 best cities in South Africa to relocate to with a booming art scene

    Delve into the multicoloured hues of our unique country and find a city to fall in love with. You’ll be spoilt for choice with these top 5 artsy picks.

    16 Nov

    Nostalgic retro kitchen cupboards making a comeback in 2023

    Transform your kitchen cupboards into a retro delight! Learn how to get a sought-after, nostalgic kitchen with minimal effort.

    27 Oct

    Upsizing dreams: navigating the search for a spacious forever home

    Spread your wings in a grand property with all the bells and whistles. Discover why now is the time to upsize your life and your property.

    17 Oct

    How to invite more natural light into your kitchen

    Give your kitchen a natural light boost with these ideas: changing your kitchen design, embracing a lighter colour palette, adding windows, and more.

    6 Oct

    The not-so-easy, but budget-friendly DIY projects for upgrading your living space

    The best DIY projects deliver maximum impact with minimal cost! Transform your home while staying within your budget with these easy improvements.

    6 Oct

    Make every inch count with these hallway space ideas

    Our hallway space ideas will add charm and utility. Get started by playing with colour, layering lighting, using space-smart furniture, and much more.

    6 Oct

    Top trending spring colours to feature in your home in 2023

    Invigorate your home by integrating spring’s best colours into your design. Each room can shine this season with on-trend shades to suit every style.

    13 Sep

    Blending eras: Creative ideas to merge classic and modern design elements in your home

    Have confidence in merging classic and modern design elements with ease. Turn your home into an eye-catching abode with our expert advice.

    28 Aug

    Smart ways to create an outstanding property for a guaranteed sale

    Carve out a niche for your home in the property market by following these achievable steps. Amp up your investment today!

    16 Aug

    Your personal paradise: how to overcome location challenges

    Looking to overcome location challenges and improve your quality of life? From dealing with space issues to harsh weather, Seeff has you covered.

    10 Aug

    Design ideas for a cohesive yet divided home

    There are so many ways to create a divided but cohesive space in your home. From floor choices, wall paint, to using levels, get the full details.

    7 Aug

    Large kitchen design ideas for your luxury home

    Reinvent your large kitchen and make your luxury home one of the hottest on the market! Follow these guidelines to learn how.

    25 Jul

    The best electric stove options for your kitchen

    Take your pick from the best electric stoves this year and turn your kitchen into a modern cooking haven with Seeff.

    25 Jul

    What are the top trends for exterior paint colours?

    The trending exterior paint colours in 2023 can help you boost your home’s curb appeal. Choose from warm neutrals, pinks, to black for instant appeal.

    22 Jun

    Fireplace designs: how to add warmth and ambience to your living space

    A fireplace is a beloved feature in any home. Make the most of it with these fireplace material options, design ideas, and installation tips.

    21 Jun

    Affordable landscaping: tips for creating a beautiful and low-maintenance yard

    Your yard is often the first impression people get of your home. With these affordable landscaping tips, create a beautiful space without much effort.

    21 Jun

    The ultimate guide to choosing wall art for your home

    Unleash your inner art curator with our guide to choosing wall art for your home. From finding art to trusting your instincts, get the tips you need.

    7 Jun

    Small bathroom designs: how to maximise style and space

    Small bathrooms can be a challenge, Read our ideas to maximise space and style from using minimalism, embracing smart storage, to getting organised.

    7 Jun

    Why having an ensuite bathroom can improve the value of your home

    Ensuites are a popular home feature. Get to know how they can improve property values and the ways they can help you appeal to sellers.

    5 Jun

    10 loadshedding essentials to help your household in South Africa

    Equip your home for power outages and security risks. Get the best tips from Seeff on the loadshedding essentials you need, from gas stoves to first aid kits.

    24 May

    The art of home staging: how to ensure your home is market ready

    Home staging can help you sell your home quickly and at the best price. Get started by learning what it is, why it matters, and budget-friendly ideas.

    11 May

    Create a space fit for your teen: Teenage bedroom ideas

    Transform your growing child’s bedroom with these teenage bedroom ideas from Seeff, keeping up with the trend of turning bedrooms into customised living spaces.

    9 May

    How to design a spacious floor plan for open-concept living

    Seeff covers ways to design a spacious floor plan for your open-concept home. From using a consistent colour palette to lighting tips, get inspired.

    6 Apr

    Why you need these top gas stoves in your kitchen in 2024

    Cook up a legendary kitchen aesthetic with these top gas stoves that promise to bring the heat in 2024.

    3 Apr

    Live like a celebrity: luxury wall art decor ideas for 2023

    Seeff shares some luxury wall art decor ideas for 2023 to help you live like a celebrity; from calming art to family portraits.

    23 Jan

    How houseplants can help sell your house in 2023

    Having plants that give off a revitalising scent is an intoxicating and unforgettable way for a buyer to experience a home viewing.

    22 Dec

    One-Wall Kitchens: Challenges and Advantages

    One wall kitchens are a plan that can allow for some flexibility based on the available space and how you want to utilise it.

    28 Nov

    Deciding between a freestanding home or a gated estate

    You can consult with your estate agency to find out about the laws that apply to the property you own and what the homes in your area or estate are limited to.

    22 Nov

    2023 trends for your all-year-round outdoor braai area

    Seeff takes you through the 2023 trends for your all-year-round outdoor braai area; such as stylish and functional furniture and outdoor lighting.

    14 Nov

    Your guide to the best outdoor furniture materials and fabrics

    As one of the most durable outdoor furniture materials, furniture made with this iron-based alloy are sought-after, not just for a contemporary look.

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