19 May

    The most valuable features to add when building your home

    If you decide to sell or let out your property at a later stage, invest in features that will also stand out for future buyers or tenants.

    19 May

    Tips to help you relocate to another city or town

    Explore your new neighbourhood online. Using Google Maps, for example, you can make a list of all the amenities you’ll need.

    11 May

    The best kitchen island lighting options for every home

    Well-lit kitchens are essential for food preparation and dining, but it’s also significant if the kitchen is also the place you entertain.

    3 May

    What is the best material for kitchen cupboards?

    CCMI Kitchen and Cupboard Specialists has rated each material to help you decide based on affordability, durability, and style.

    29 Apr

    Newlyweds, here's how to buy the perfect house

    Depending on whether you and your spouse want to start a family, it's a good idea to buy a spacious home in a safe suburb with good schooling prospects

    27 Apr

    What is virtual staging and why has it become so popular?

    If you’re looking to sell or let out your property, virtual staging can ‘set the stage’ without having to buy a single piece of furniture or decor.

    28 Mar

    Tenant subletting: are you allowed to?

    As a tenant, can you sublet your home whether short term or long term? The simple answer is yes if allowed by your lease agreement.

    18 Mar

    What colour should you paint your fireplace this winter?

    Whether you want your fireplace to be a fabulous focal feature or simply blend in with the rest of your home, you have plenty of colour and design options

    15 Mar

    Blinds vs. curtains: which option is best suited for you?

    Blinds remains a popular choice for modern homesteads, while beautifully draped curtains offer a more classic approach.

    10 Mar

    Asking price vs. selling price: what’s the difference in real estate?

    The asking price is the amount you advertise your property for sale. The selling price is the amount your property is actually sold for.

    25 Feb

    Discover 2022's bathroom trends: Spas, smart features, and more

    From mixing modern and vintage elements to enhancing your storage, you can create a bathroom that will leave family, friends, and guests impressed.

    25 Feb

    2022 living room trends: create a look you’ll love

    This year, the ideas are as trendy as you are. From updated minimalist styles to warm neutrals, it’s easier than ever to set up a room you’ll never want to leave.

    24 Feb

    What do you leave in a house when you sell it?

    Fixtures, essentially what stays after you move, is a common source of conflict that can impact the sales process. Seeff demystifies this.

    17 Feb

    The advantages of using convertible furniture in your home

    From a sofa that turns into a bed, a storage bin that doubles as a stool, to a coffee table that folds out into a dining table, this furniture are secret home superheroes.

    16 Feb

    Creating a minimalist home in 2022

    With a minimalist home you’ll strive to be intentional with how you decorate your space, surrounding yourself with only the items that you need and love.

    3 Feb

    Top 4 home gardening trends for a greener 2022

    Expect to see a return to natural wildlife gardens, mini grow houses, boutique hotel-style features, and the concept of all-weather gardening.

    28 Jan

    What to consider when choosing outdoor flooring for your patio

    Make strategic choices when choosing your patio flooring because it needs to be safe and even in order for your family to enjoy it to its fullest potential

    28 Jan

    Natural fibre furniture: your favourite decor trend of 2022

    Natural fibre furniture is ideal for your inner eco-warrior. They’re sustainable and can complement most design themes.

    28 Jan

    Get inspired by these 2022 front door design ideas

    In 2022, embrace fresh front door design ideas to transform your home for instant curb appeal. Make your property stand out, and increase property values.

    27 Jan

    DIY Pantry Organisation Hacks: A Step-By-Step Guide to Organise Your Pantry

    Seeff gives you an easy step-by-step guide to sorting out your pantry and making your home more organised.

    15 Dec

    Five considerations before converting your garage into a living space

    Converting your garage can improve the value of your home. Here are some critical things to consider before converting your garage into a living space.

    15 Dec

    Four ideas to create your beach-themed kitchen

    As summer approaches, it’s the perfect time to bring beach house décor inspiration into your kitchen. Here are beach-themed ideas to transform your space.

    14 Dec

    The best bedroom colours for a good night’s sleep

    Struggling to sleep? The colours of your bedroom could be the culprit. Read Seeff’s list of the best bedroom colours for a comfortable, good night’s sleep.

    10 Dec

    Buying a house in foreclosure: the pros and cons

    Buying a house in foreclosure? This is an opportunity to buy at a bargain price and with incredible investment potential. Seeff weighs the pros and cons.

    8 Dec

    Garage conversion ideas to add more value to your home

    Learn how to convert your garage into a home office, utility space, or guest room. Your revamped space benefits your home and increases your home value.

    22 Nov

    What type of room can I turn my garage into?

    Some ideas to consider is changing your garage into a hobby room, home office, gym, kids play room, utility room or an extra guest room. The options are endless.

    17 Nov

    Home improvement ideas before selling your home in 2022

    Thinking of selling your home in 2022? Discover how you can increase your home value and attract buyers with home improvement ideas.

    2 Nov

    Beach house décor inspiration for my living room

    Adding neutral colours to your beach themed interior is most likely the first step when creating your dream living space.

    27 Oct

    Decorating open shelves in your home

    Select what style you want and where you want them placed and then select a décor theme that suits your taste. Read on for more on decorating open shelves.

    19 Oct

    Creating a recycling system in your home

    Managing household waste is a noble pursuit and of great benefit to sustainable living. Keep yourself ahead of the curve by creating a recycling system.

    14 Oct

    Smart vs programmable thermostats: Which is more energy efficient?

    Smart vs programmable thermostats. Smart thermostats and programmable thermostats are very similar. But the difference lies in digital.

    8 Oct

    Homemade organic fertilisers for your garden

    Avoid chemical fertilisers! Seeff shares how to feed valuable nutrients back into your soil with these homemade organic fertilisers for your garden.

    4 Oct

    Small "zoom towns" for the remote worker with a family

    Popular small residential areas in SA are quickly becoming the go-to relocation for families as more individuals decide to work remotely.

    24 Sep

    Investing in a holiday home? Small towns with the best weather

    Thinking of searching for a holiday home where the sun always shines? Seeff gives you perfectly ideal small towns with the best weather.

    20 Sep

    What to expect before approaching a property practitioner

    To ensure that every customer receives a fantastic experience, Seeff shares what to keep in mind when you’re choosing a property practitioner.

    17 Sep

    How to decorate your home like a celebrity without the price tag

    Celebrities always appear to have the most beautiful homes, and so can you with these celebrity home decorating ideas on a budget.

    15 Sep

    Strategy for a minimalist moving experience

    Moving house can be easy, efficient, and stress-free when you implement a minimalist moving experience strategy. Seeff shares how to do it.

    1 Sep

    Home maintenance tips that will increase your savings

    Home maintenance without the proper knowledge is a costly endeavor. Save yourself the trouble with these tips that will help increase your savings.

    26 Aug

    11 Curtain design trends: Which one is best for your living room?

    Nothing brings new life to your living room quite like new curtains can. Stay ahead of the curve with the latest curtain trends for your living room.

    23 Aug

    Working from home? Here's why you need to invest in solar energy

    Do you work from home? We share 6 benefits to investing in solar energy while you operate from this new work environment.

    19 Aug

    Choose the right home office flooring: laminate vs wood vs vinyl

    Seeff shares some great advice to assist you with making your home office flooring decision. Decide on a suitable flooring option - Laminate, Wood or Vinyl

    16 Aug

    4 Benefits to choosing a Nutec home when downsizing

    Seeff explores the value of Nutec homes and why they’re an ideal option if you want to downsize and build your own property.

    31 Jul

    Great tips for the ultimate herb garden

    Keep yourself in the loop with great tips for the ultimate herb garden from Seeff. Nothing provides peace of mind quite like gardening.

    30 Jul

    Light up your life with these trending lighting ideas

    Lighting is used to enhance the interior with style and a touch of drama. From chandeliers to floor lamps, Seeff explores the latest trending lighting ideas.

    24 Jul

    House showing checklist

    With property sales and rentals continuing to grow in popularity, Seeff helps you to tick all the boxes when preparing your house for a viewing.

    23 Jul

    4 Types of real estate

    Seeff explains the 4 main types of real estate and offers guidance on how you can make the most profitable investment.

    22 Jul

    Residential property vs commercial property

    Seeff’s guide to residential vs commercial property is the roadmap for property investors looking to make a smart investment.

    14 Jul

    Most useful kitchen appliances

    With technology continuously evolving, old kitchen gadgets are modernising quickly. Seeff shares insights into some of the most popular kitchen appliances

    12 Jul

    Garage remodel ideas

    Seeff shows you the latest garage remodel ideas to transform your garage from a hoarder’s mess into an area that will undoubtedly impress.

    2 Jul

    Design tips & tricks for rentals

    With rental properties continuing to grow in popularity, Seeff provides the latest design tips and tricks to reshape your temporary home.

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