13 Sep

    Blending eras: Creative ideas to merge classic and modern design elements in your home

    Have confidence in merging classic and modern design elements with ease. Turn your home into an eye-catching abode with our expert advice.

    28 Aug

    Smart ways to create an outstanding property for a guaranteed sale

    Carve out a niche for your home in the property market by following these achievable steps. Amp up your investment today!

    16 Aug

    Your personal paradise: how to overcome location challenges

    Looking to overcome location challenges and improve your quality of life? From dealing with space issues to harsh weather, Seeff has you covered.

    10 Aug

    Design ideas for a cohesive yet divided home

    There are so many ways to create a divided but cohesive space in your home. From floor choices, wall paint, to using levels, get the full details.

    7 Aug

    Large kitchen design ideas for your luxury home

    Reinvent your large kitchen and make your luxury home one of the hottest on the market! Follow these guidelines to learn how.

    25 Jul

    The best electric stove options for your kitchen in 2023

    Take your pick from the best electric stoves in 2023 and turn your kitchen into a modern cooking haven with Seeff.

    25 Jul

    What are the top trends for exterior paint colours in 2023?

    The trending exterior paint colours in 2023 can help you boost your home’s curb appeal. Choose from warm neutrals, pinks, to black for instant appeal.

    22 Jun

    Fireplace designs: how to add warmth and ambience to your living space

    A fireplace is a beloved feature in any home. Make the most of it with these fireplace material options, design ideas, and installation tips.

    21 Jun

    Affordable landscaping: tips for creating a beautiful and low-maintenance yard

    Your yard is often the first impression people get of your home. With these affordable landscaping tips, create a beautiful space without much effort.

    21 Jun

    The ultimate guide to choosing wall art for your home

    Unleash your inner art curator with our guide to choosing wall art for your home. From finding art to trusting your instincts, get the tips you need.

    7 Jun

    Small bathroom designs: how to maximise style and space

    Small bathrooms can be a challenge, Read our ideas to maximise space and style from using minimalism, embracing smart storage, to getting organised.

    7 Jun

    Why having an ensuite bathroom can improve the value of your home

    Ensuites are a popular home feature. Get to know how they can improve property values and the ways they can help you appeal to sellers.

    5 Jun

    10 loadshedding essentials to help your household in South Africa

    Equip your home for power outages and security risks. Get the best tips from Seeff on the loadshedding essentials you need, from gas stoves to first aid kits.

    24 May

    The art of home staging: how to ensure your home is market ready

    Home staging can help you sell your home quickly and at the best price. Get started by learning what it is, why it matters, and budget-friendly ideas.

    11 May

    Create a space fit for your teen: Teenage bedroom ideas

    Transform your growing child’s bedroom with these teenage bedroom ideas from Seeff, keeping up with the trend of turning bedrooms into customised living spaces.

    9 May

    How to design a spacious floor plan for open-concept living

    Seeff covers ways to design a spacious floor plan for your open-concept home. From using a consistent colour palette to lighting tips, get inspired.

    6 Apr

    The best gas stove options for your kitchen in 2023

    Seeff discusses the best gas stove options for your kitchen in 2023; from why gas is better than electricity and which brands stand out from the rest.

    3 Apr

    Live like a celebrity: luxury wall art decor ideas for 2023

    Seeff shares some luxury wall art decor ideas for 2023 to help you live like a celebrity; from calming art to family portraits.

    23 Jan

    How houseplants can help sell your house in 2023

    Having plants that give off a revitalising scent is an intoxicating and unforgettable way for a buyer to experience a home viewing.

    22 Dec

    One-Wall Kitchens: Challenges and Advantages

    One wall kitchens are a plan that can allow for some flexibility based on the available space and how you want to utilise it.

    28 Nov

    Deciding between a freestanding home or a gated estate

    You can consult with your estate agency to find out about the laws that apply to the property you own and what the homes in your area or estate are limited to.

    22 Nov

    2023 trends for your all-year-round outdoor braai area

    Seeff takes you through the 2023 trends for your all-year-round outdoor braai area; such as stylish and functional furniture and outdoor lighting.

    14 Nov

    Your guide to the best outdoor furniture materials and fabrics

    As one of the most durable outdoor furniture materials, furniture made with this iron-based alloy are sought-after, not just for a contemporary look.

    7 Nov

    How do you share a room equally between a boy and a girl?

    Work with the space you have. Split the room directly into half by using paint or wallpaper an add bunk beds with different bedding.

    7 Nov

    Wonderful wall colours that will enhance your small room

    Some smart choices in paint colours and decor can make your small room feel charming and cosy rather than cramped.

    27 Oct

    Best colours to paint a home office for productivity

    In order to create a space that encourages professionalism, your home office needs to be equally about form and function.

    24 Oct

    Shake things up with a small greenhouse in your backyard

    Herbs such as mint, basil, thyme, oregano, coriander, rosemary and more are great to start with when creating your small greenhouse.

    20 Oct

    Why the U-shape is the most efficient kitchen design

    The U-shaped or horseshoe-shaped kitchen has shown to be the most effective and ideal for medium-sized and big kitchens.

    10 Oct

    Sniff this: the best scents for selling your home

    Positive scents can act as welcome mats for buyer noses. A lovely smell can encourage them to linger longer in your home, giving you more time to market.

    6 Oct

    Choosing the best swimming pool design

    The best swimming pool design will be the one that works with your lifestyle and home aesthetics. In-ground pools vs above-ground pools.

    31 Aug

    How to choose the perfect decorating style for your home

    While there is decor inspiration around every corner and in every magazine, it’s important to identify the elements of an aesthetic that speaks to you.

    25 Aug

    5 ways to make your outdoor space fun and inviting

    Transform your simple backyard or patio into an outdoor space that’s an entertainer’s dream and worthy of being shown off.

    18 Aug

    The most affordable ways to upgrade your kitchen

    Spruce up your kitchen without breaking the bank with sustainable ideas that elevate your kitchen aesthetic with minimal effort.

    10 Aug

    Creative ways to use mirrors in your home

    Leaning a standing mirror in corners and crannies can bring a glow to dimly lit areas. A full-length mirror can add depth and interest to a hallway.

    1 Aug

    Declutter your home in 4 simple steps

    The first step to decluttering is having a positive mindset about the change this will make to your quality of life. Don't hold on to useless things.

    29 Jul

    Learn the best water-saving techniques for the whole family

    Any place you use water in your home can be optimised to be as efficient as possible. There are ways to cut down on daily activities.

    29 Jul

    How to loadshedding proof your home (and stay entertained)

    Whether you need to keep little ones amused, pep up the family’s spirits, or switch on the romance, here are helpful suggestions.

    27 Jul

    The most popular kitchen colours for beautiful walls

    Playing with glossy tiles set against matte painted walls and stainless steel brushed appliances looks elegant to the eye.

    27 Jul

    How do you maximise your small kitchen space?

    Smart changes to your design, decor, and even your routine, can turn your compact kitchen into a space you’ll love using every day.

    27 Jun

    The best ways to implement solar power appliances in your home

    The average family of four in South Africa uses around 30 kWh of electricity a day. We explore the options that solar power provides for homeowners.

    27 Jun

    Strategies for choosing the best wall colour for your living room

    Flicking through design magazines and catalogues is a good way to spark ideas for your living room. Gather paint swatches in shades you’re leaning towards.

    23 Jun

    How to modernise your marble fireplace

    With a fresh coat of paint, beautiful tiles, or some clever decor choices, you can update your old marble fireplace. Read on for more.

    23 Jun

    How do I decorate a small space balcony

    From choosing the right flooring to finding the perfect outdoor furniture, read on to discover how you can have it all.

    15 Jun

    Low maintenance outdoor plants for small spaces

    Opting to have a garden on your small balcony is a great way to have homegrown herbs and vegetables or be surrounded by your favourite flowers.

    27 May

    A beginners guide to installing solar power in your home

    Solar power systems converts sunlight into electricity either through photovoltaic (PV) panels or through mirrors that concentrate solar radiation

    23 May

    How to stage your home on a budget

    The basics of professional home staging begin with spotless surfaces and shining windows and floors. A general clean aesthetic draws in the eye.

    19 May

    The most valuable features to add when building your home

    If you decide to sell or let out your property at a later stage, invest in features that will also stand out for future buyers or tenants.

    11 May

    The best kitchen island lighting options for every home

    Well-lit kitchens are essential for food preparation and dining, but it’s also significant if the kitchen is also the place you entertain.

    3 May

    What is the best material for kitchen cupboards?

    CCMI Kitchen and Cupboard Specialists has rated each material to help you decide based on affordability, durability, and style.

    18 Mar

    What colour should you paint your fireplace this winter?

    Whether you want your fireplace to be a fabulous focal feature or simply blend in with the rest of your home, you have plenty of colour and design options

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