How houseplants can help sell your house in 2023

    Selling your home is an important decision that requires you to be creative. Differentiating your property from others on the market is essential. One of the most unique ways to do this is by using houseplants to help sell your house. We discover how greenery can impact the way potential buyers view your home.

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    Introduce freshness with houseplants 

    Encourage a positive atmosphere with strategically placed plants. The entryways of your home, atop coffee tables in the living room, kitchen counters, bedside tables and more are ideal spots for blooming lovely potted plants and vases. If you have a garden of your own, you may be able to grow flowers and plants for display around the house. 

    Having plants that give off a revitalising scent is an intoxicating and unforgettable way for a buyer to experience a home viewing. First impressions count and your home will stand out in a buyer’s mind by evoking emotions of new beginnings, good vibrations and the powerful element of nature. 

    Enhance unique selling points with plant decor

    If you’re one of those on-trend homeowners, chances are you possess a property with polished, minimalist interiors. This decor trend has steadily taken over the housing market and many people are looking for a clean canvas. Decluttering rooms by removing unnecessary items of furniture will help make your home seem more inviting and set a neutral foundation for prospective buyers. 

    Adding houseplants as a focal point in a minimalist home is a smart idea that has many benefits. Staging your home with the right plants can create a natural environment that looks good all year round. Styling your plants in a practical way can update even the simplest of rooms. Long-stemmed sunflowers and roses look majestic placed in sleek glass vases and used as centrepieces around the house. When it comes to potted plants, you can have fun playing with textures and materials. Envision palm ferns spilling over metallic or brass pots, lush arrangements of orchards growing from pretty porcelain or assortments of fresh herbs in mini clay pots. 

    Close a sale with houseplants 

    Plants make your home feel like a home. Simply put, even if you bring in houseplants purely for staging purposes, the organic, authentic feel it lends to any property is memorable. The latest lifestyle trends all call for health and wellness to be incorporated into one’s daily schedule. Having houseplants front and centre during an open house or private viewing inspires buyers to naturally gravitate toward the house that speaks to their values and way of living.

    Houseplants swaying in the afternoon breeze or the soft melding of colours with your decor palette lend a therapeutic backdrop while showcasing your home’s versatility.

    Houseplants can be used to highlight aspects or features of your home you want to play up. This makes all the difference when it comes to closing a sale. Well-manicured vines that creep across a stone fireplace are an iconic visual. If you want to shine a spotlight on the spaciousness of your home, place large pot plants next to mirrors for an added illusion of the room’s great dimensions. This gives buyers a scale to reflect upon when they are making a final decision on value for money. 

    houseplants in minimalist home

    Let houseplants do the selling for you 

    Envision walking into a perfectly curated home for sale. What would that look like to you? A house should feel like it could be yours with minimal effort. Try and create this for the buyer by staging your house in a way that is ideal for them to view. Personal items like photos, gag ornaments and confidential documents should be stored out of sight and replaced with oxygen-rich houseplants and fresh flowers. After all, a new beginning is the goal here and what better way than by selling your home in 2023? Contact us today

    Author: Seeff Property Group
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