Creating a minimalist home in 2023

    Living in a minimalist home means adapting to a lifestyle of less is more. It is an aesthetic that has grown in popularity over the years and appeals to people who favour a clean, sleek look when it comes to home decor. The aim of minimalism is to highlight the luxury of space while incorporating it as an element of design. Here are our design tips to bring minimalism into your home this year.

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    1. Simplicity is key

    A minimalist home will look different depending on your taste. However, there are some defining features. With this style, you’ll strive to be intentional with how you decorate your space, surrounding yourself with only the items that you need.

    Simplicity shows restraint and control, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Embrace the characteristics of minimalist style by organising your home with meticulous detail. Your home will show the benefits when it comes to space, lighting options, and objects. 

    2. Uncomplicate your finishes 

    A minimalist decor approach will almost never go out of style when done properly. And because it’s universally appreciated, it’s safe to use for your showhouses, Airbnbs, and guestrooms. The simplicity of the style offers a welcome space for business people, students, and families to unwind and relax. 

    The finishes of your home need to be noticeable in their simplicity. This decor style encourages you to say goodbye to clutter and take control of your space. With fewer items to sift through or cover your view, you’ll also find it easier to find things you need and use on a daily basis.

    Fewer furnishings and decor equals a cleaner house and less time spent tidying up. You’ll also find yourself opting for items with dual purposes like convertible furniture which can help you save money in the long run.

    3. Open spaces that generate natural light

    Bare windows can let light pour in, beautifying your space. However, you can also use sheer curtains or understated blinds if you need privacy. With the onset of an environmentally friendly lifestyle, property has also entered the foray with eco-estates, solar power, green roofing and more. If you want to go green, this style will help you make a difference. Fewer items naturally mean less waste. But, you’ll also be meaningful with your purchases by choosing items that will last longer.

    When practising a sustainable, minimalist lifestyle, it’s natural for you to want your home to look the part also. Select areas of your home that receive the most natural sunlight and use it to your advantage. Set your breakfast table close to the kitchen window to watch the sunrise or choose the room where the sunset is the main character for your bedroom and install shutter blinds to let it waft through in glistening, technicolour hues.

    modern contemporary white kitchen

    4. Sophisticated details go a long way

    Speaking of colours, neutrals such as whites, greys, beiges, and browns act as a balancing component to your minimalist home. However, it doesn’t mean you have to avoid bright colours; simply bring this in as an accent colour in your artwork, furniture, plants, or textiles. Using plain patterns and natural textures can also keep your decor scheme interesting. 

    Minimalism is about keeping only the essentials. Every item should serve a purpose whether it’s an emotional, aesthetic, or functional one. Clear the floor, surfaces, and walls of any unnecessary furnishings and decor. A good rule of thumb is to get rid of items you haven’t used in a year.

    5. Use different materials for texture and personality

    As furniture will often take up most of the space in your rooms, invest in pieces with clean lines, flat surfaces, and timeless designs. Natural fibre furniture, for example, is an excellent choice in this regard.

    When it comes to art and ornamental decor, pick a few pieces and photographs that have personal significance for you and complement the overall look of your space. Play with frames of wood, stainless steel and artworks that have meaning to add depth to your decor.

    minimalist bathroom decor

    Become a minimalist today

    At its core, minimalism strives to help you live with purpose and get the most out of your household decor. As home is our story, Seeff shares this sentiment. Contact us to find the perfect place for you.

    Note: This post was originally published in 2021. It has been completely updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness in December 2022.

    Author: Seeff Property Group
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