10 Apr

    How economic trends can significantly impact property investment

    Discover the economic trends that can have an impact on real estate transactions, from interest rate hikes to employment rates and many more.

    4 Apr

    How farmland investment can be the start of a sustainable agriculture endeavour

    Discover why sustainable agriculture is so important and how your farmland investment can make a difference.

    3 Apr

    Property investment in Dubai: A smart choice for South Africans

    Explore the opportunities for property investment in Dubai, featuring insights on market growth, investment benefits, and new developments.

    3 Apr

    Property investment for retirement: planning for a secure future

    Discover why and how property investment for retirement can be the key to securing your financial future.

    19 Feb

    Why retail property could be your next commercial property investment goldmine

    Discover why retail real estate makes a great investment in South Africa. Read up about all the tips you should follow when investing.

    8 Feb

    Hear from Nombasa Mawela on why you should invest in Dubai property

    Discover why Nombasa Mawela from Seeff Dubai is positive about Dubai's property market prospects for South African investors in 2024.

    6 Feb

    The role of real estate in a diversified investment portfolio

    Seeff takes a look at why real estate should be part of every diversified investment portfolio and why South African real estate is an ideal investment.

    15 Jan

    Why residential properties are a prime investment opportunity for 2024

    Residential real estate remains one of the savviest investments you can make in 2024. Find out why and discover what makes a property investment great.

    2 Jan

    Why residential estates remain a lucrative option for investors

    Homes in lifestyle estates aren’t just great places to live. They’re also a savvy long-term investment. Learn more today.

    14 Dec

    Why evaluating location is the key to successful residential property investment

    You’ve heard the real estate adage of “location, location, location”. We break down the reasons why location is everything in real estate investments.

    14 Dec

    Deciphering the psychology of real estate investment

    Join us as we explore the psychology of real estate, including issues related to overconfidence bias, herd mentality and much more.

    29 Nov

    Decoding real estate market cycles and the key to well-timed investments

    Learn everything you need to know about the cycles that the real estate market goes through and the metrics you need to consider when investing.

    27 Nov

    Navigating due diligence for industrial property for sale in South Africa

    Do your homework before entering the industrial property sector. Get clued up on how to navigate due diligence when buying real estate.

    23 Nov

    Taking maximum advantage of distressed properties for sale

    Buying a distressed property in South Africa can be a great way to grow your asset base. Discover everything you need to know here.

    16 Nov

    Tax benefits of real estate investment in South Africa

    Delve into the tax breaks available to property investors in South Africa, including a little-known clause that could save you millions.

    27 Oct

    The best five financing options for property investors

    Are your investment opportunities coming to a halt because of funding confusion? Discover ideal financing avenues for your next property investment.

    13 Sep

    How to make strategic investment decisions in the Cape Town property market

    With its natural beauty and well-maintained infrastructure, the Cape Town property market will continue to be a solid investment. Contact Seeff today for more information about making your investment.

    28 Aug

    Best tips on how to make money from property

    Get the best tips on how to make money from property with Seeff’s expert insights and advice. Success in property investment starts here.

    18 Aug

    Best reasons to invest in Namibia Property

    Seize Namibia property investment opportunities in 2023. From affordability to economic stability, discover why Namibia is the best place to invest.

    18 Aug

    Why investing in a mixed-use development is a golden goose

    Discover everything that mixed-use developments have to offer your investment portfolio. We introduce all the pros and cons you need to know about.

    16 Aug

    Unlocking the potential: investing in agricultural land in South Africa

    Discover the opportunities that await buyers of agricultural land in South Africa. We break down why farming is a good investment.

    16 Aug

    Exploring bank-repossessed properties in the Namibian real estate market

    Discover everything you need to know about buying bank-repossessed properties in Namibia, including the advantages and potential pitfalls.

    10 Aug

    Property investment strategies: short-term versus long-term

    Get the lowdown on the differences between short-term and long-term property investment strategies and everything you need to know about both options.

    20 Jul

    Exploring rent-to-buy agreements in South Africa's commercial property market

    Learn all there is to know about rent-to-buy agreements in commercial property in South Africa, including the advantages and what to look out for.

    19 Jun

    The best property investment tools for South African investors

    Discover property investment tools for building and managing your portfolio; from bond calculators to management sites, these tools simplify the process.

    15 Jun

    All you need to know about luxury property investment

    Wondering what goes into deciding on a luxury property investment? Seeff has a list of the top factors to take into consideration.

    9 May

    Micro-apartments: A clever investment opportunity or not?

    Micro-apartments are ultra-urban, super-trendy apartments that make up in style what they lack in size. Find out more here.

    9 May

    Why apartments make a strong residential investment

    Investing in an apartment in South Africa is a savvy investment opportunity; find out about all the benefits here.

    3 Apr

    The best guide to property investment for beginners

    Secure a successful financial future with this guide to property investment for beginners; understand the risks and rewards with Seeff’s expert guidance.

    31 Mar

    Investment guide for rental properties in 2023

    Seeff shares a comprehensive guide to investing in rental properties in 2023

    26 Mar

    Commercial property: what makes it a fine investment?

    Seeff unpacks why commercial property is now an excellent choice for investment.

    9 Mar

    How to recognise property investment opportunities in 2023

    Seeff takes a look at the ways to recognise top property investment opportunities in 2023.

    3 Mar

    Vacant land for sale: an investment opportunity

    Seeff shares important knowledge on why vacant land for sale can be an excellent investment opportunity.

    2 Feb

    Best property investment tips for South Africans

    The best advice for anyone considering investing in property in South Africa is to have a qualified and experienced property practitioner on their team.

    25 Jan

    New developments: worth the investment?

    Owning a property in a brand-new development means that you will avoid worrying about maintenance hassles such as burst geysers or broken gutters.

    30 Dec

    South Africa’s top locations to invest in a holiday home

    Sunny beaches, vibrant cities, and exciting outdoor activities are coaxing holidaymakers to South Africa and as a result, holiday homes are flourishing.

    22 Dec

    Everything you need to know about the benefits of renting out fully furnished apartments

    Your fully furnished apartment should be kitted out to be on par with other homes in the area. Furnished apartments often meet people’s needs far more comprehensively.

    15 Dec

    How to get the best return on investing in apartments

    Some of the secrets to success when investing in apartments include choosing the right apartment, and ensuring it is in the right area.

    29 Nov

    Business Park in Hawston

    Hermanus area would do well to consider Flagship Business Park, which boasts great visibility from the R43 and fantastic safety measures.

    17 Nov

    The ins and outs of shared property ownership

    None of the parties will be the exclusive owner of any area of the property. However, one person can own a higher percentage of the property as a whole.

    16 Nov

    Things to think about when making your first commercial or industrial property investment

    Economic upheaval will typically affect commercial and industrial properties more than their residential counterparts. Visit the page for more information.

    21 Oct

    Apartment Block in Rosebank

    The popular Park Central development in Rosebank has been built with sustainable features related to energy efficiency and lighting.

    21 Oct

    How to succeed at property investment

    Considerations before becoming a property investor: your finances, the specific property that you plan to buy and the tenants that you choose

    21 Oct

    How sustainability is becoming part of property development

    It has become imperative for property developers to consider their carbon footprint and the environmental impact of their operations.

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