13 Jan

    The Importance of a Good Credit Score When You Buy a House

    A good credit score is linked to making all payments timeously and will affect all home loan applications and approval for buying or renting property.

    5 Jan

    Should You Buy or Rent Property in South Africa?

    Buying residential property is that it’s a fixed asset, likely to increase in value over time. Renting is often more financially viable than buying property.

    2 Jan

    Good News for the South African Property Market in 2023

    The South African property market is unlikely to see any dramatic price adjustments compared to the 30% to 40% appreciation the global market is experiencing.

    21 Dec

    The Best Holiday Tips for a Stress-Free Festive Season

    Give your home a thorough clean before officially signing off for the year. Your home should be sparkling clean and welcoming when guests and family gather

    21 Dec

    Why Now is the Perfect Time to Invest in an Airbnb

    With the recession of the Covid-19 pandemic, South Africa has seen a huge influx of tourists eager to make up for the lost time.

    1 Dec

    Now is the Best Time to Buy Property in Windhoek, Namibia

    The capital city of Windhoek, Namibia draws in buyers from all over the world due to the region's beautiful landscapes and booming property market.

    11 Nov

    The Ten Best Neighbourhoods in South Africa for Families to Rent Property for R20k a Month

    Randburg, Sandton, Centurion and Blouberg, Cape Town are just some of the neighbourhoods offering properties valued at roughly R20 000 pm. Find out more.

    2 Nov

    Buying WFA Property for Home and Work

    The pandemic-induced WFA trends significantly promoted a wave of the cottage and home-based small business industries.

    21 Oct

    Local Is Lekker: Property and Neighbourhood Benefits of Small Businesses

    This trend could not come at a more opportune time. The country now looks towards small business growth as a means to fuel the economy and spark job creation.

    19 Oct

    Small Businesses Set to Save Commercial Property Market

    Most commercial property brokers believe that small business growth can significantly benefit the industrial and retail sectors.

    12 Oct

    What to consider before you move to the Western Cape

    Like any move, your semigration should be backed by a solid reason. It’s important to identify the phase of life you’re in and whether semigration makes sense

    7 Oct

    Selling privately versus using an estate agent

    When selling through a real estate agent you don't need to stress about advertising your house, completing the legal paperwork, or staging a home sale.

    20 Sep

    Why is everyone moving to the Western Cape?

    The Wester Cape is a haven for families who prioritise a good education for their children and a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

    19 Sep

    Why it is better to buy property in the current market

    With current market conditions in favour of buyers, you can find your next home or property investment on your terms.

    19 Sep

    How to pay off a bond quickly

    Giving yourself a deadline for when you want to achieve paying off your bond will help you prioritise getting it done. Use a bond repayment calculator.

    2 Sep

    Luxury Coastal Estates in Kwa-Zulu Natal Attract Buyer Interest

    The increased buyer interest in luxury lifestyle estates in Kwa-Zulu Natal (KZN) opened a new dimension to the local property market.

    24 Aug

    How being a good neighbour can increase the value of your property

    When potential buyers inspect a property, it’s common for them to inquire about the state of the neighbourhood. They will likely ask about the neighbours.

    18 Aug

    How to Prepare for Load Shedding and Increase the Value of Your Property

    Make sensible investments for the good of your home that will provide ample protection from load shedding and increase the overall value of your property.

    17 Aug

    Luxury Property Rentals Back by Local and International Demand

    Demand for luxury rentals comes from both local and international tenants, with a significant number of luxury rentals going to international tenants.

    11 Aug

    Sectional title property: what to know before you buy

    Sectional title scheme transfers accounted for 30.7% of all transfers in 2021. If this property ownership type is on your radar, this is the guide for you.

    2 Aug

    Gauteng Rental Market Remains Most Affordable Metro Despite Price Hikes

    The Gauteng rental market accommodates a range of tenants, with top-end tenants paying up to R55,000 per month for a house.

    2 Aug

    New Inclusionary Housing Development Launches in Diep River

    Ndifuna Ukwazi supports the launch of a new affordable housing development in Diep River marketed by Seeff that promotes an Inclusionary Housing Policy.

    2 Aug

    Rare Eighteenth Century (Belle Ombre) Farmhouse on the Capetonian Market

    The Belle Ombre (French name meaning Beautiful Shade) is an 18th-century victorian-style farm and homestead in Constantia Upper, Cape Town.

    28 Jul

    Property in Southern Suburbs Uppers Reaches Unprecedented Heights

    The value of property sales in the upper end of the market equated to around R1.5 billion; these figures far exceeded expectations in recent years

    13 Jul

    Best-Selling suburbs in South Africa and Where to Buy

    Statistics showed a favourable outcome for the south african property market and boosted “purchase activity” levels in many large metropolitan suburbs.

    29 Jun

    Best countries to buy property in africa

    When purchasing a property, buyers must consider various factors, including access to healthcare, education, the landscape, etc.

    29 Jun

    SA Properties still good value for money

    Despite these economic challenges, the residential market continues to thrive, with buyers showing strong interest. Seeff advises buyers and sellers to take advantage.

    8 Jun

    Cybercrime runs rampant in Real Estate

    The transition from using digital and Proptech has hastened significantly since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, but cybercriminals grow wiser .

    8 Jun

    Sandton Expo gives sneak peak to interested semigration homebuyers

    Seeff to exhibit a showcase of properties in Sandton from end of July to early August. 43% Of buyers in the Gauteng province relocated down to Cape Town.

    26 May

    Tips for buying property cash in South Africa

    Every homeowner is going to jump at the chance of selling their property to a cash buyer who is willing to pay their asking price.

    24 May

    Winter is the perfect time to sell your property

    Sell your house this winter, as South African residents are not deterred by winter conditions when looking for their next home.

    24 May

    Gauteng property market booming for homebuyers

    Gauteng property market saw a massive boom in sales activity over the past year, with ground-breaking transaction volumes equating to over R137 billion in value.

    23 May

    Cape Town City Bowl estate homes set to top R60 million

    Last year, the Atlantic Seaboard and City Bowl in South Africa experienced a dramatic bounce-back. It has reached some of the highest sales volumes.

    19 May

    Tips to help you relocate to another city or town

    Explore your new neighbourhood online. Using Google Maps, for example, you can make a list of all the amenities you’ll need.

    9 May

    Building Plans and Compliances: How to Get Your House in Order Before Selling

    Get a few necessary things relating to building plans and compliances; from water installations to electrical maintenance. Click to find out more

    9 May

    Selling or Letting? A Well-Maintained Home is Key to a Higher Asking Price

    Basic home maintenance can ultimately ensure that your original asking price is “locked down”. asking prices are frequently negotiated down by 20%; avoid this loss.

    29 Apr

    Newlyweds, here's how to buy the perfect house

    Depending on whether you and your spouse want to start a family, it's a good idea to buy a spacious home in a safe suburb with good schooling prospects

    27 Apr

    What is virtual staging and why has it become so popular?

    If you’re looking to sell or let out your property, virtual staging can ‘set the stage’ without having to buy a single piece of furniture or decor.

    25 Apr

    Mauritius lures SA retirement buyers with new visas and property

    Mauritius offers renewable 10-year visas for retirees and people over fifty. You can also bring along your spouse, partner, and children under twenty-four.

    31 Mar

    Hartbeespoort Property Market Boom on WFA Trend

    The Hartbeespoort property market grew significantly over the past year and reached the highest recorded numbers to date.

    14 Mar

    Richards Bay Property Market Booming for Buyers and Sellers

    With significant transactions falling below R1.6 million; however, the most active price range remains between R1 million and R1.5 million.

    10 Mar

    Asking price vs. selling price: what’s the difference in real estate?

    The asking price is the amount you advertise your property for sale. The selling price is the amount your property is actually sold for.

    2 Mar

    Given the Difficult Economic Circumstances, Budget 2022 Is a Welcome Relief

    Samuel Seeff states that the maiden budget laid out by the new finance minister, Enoch Godongwana, is a welcome relief considering the challenging environment.

    21 Feb

    How the Property Practitioners Act Will Affect Sellers in 2022

    The PPA 2019 enforces several reforms to the property industry, most notably the renaming of estate agents as property practitioners.

    16 Feb

    Top Performing Cape Luxury Estates Hit Record Prices for City Bowl Plots

    Buyers are now looking at luxury housing estates in Cape Town’s City Bowl for a better quality of life and security.

    14 Feb

    How the Property Practitioners Act Will Affect Homebuyers in 2022

    The (PPA) gives homebuyers extra protection, such as the requirement to disclose flaws in purchases and rentals; even though it has been in use for some time, it is now a legal obligation.

    11 Feb

    Buyers prefer lifestyle estates over freehold, despite their high price

    We explain the critical difference between living in an estate and a freehold property and why lifestyle estate have become a popular decision for homebuyers.

    7 Feb

    Why homebuyers should pay attention to the housing market in 2022

    We expect the interest rate to stay substantially below pre-pandemic levels in 2022. Bank loans remain at their highest level in over ten years.

    27 Dec

    Use the holidays to prepare for your next property move

    If you are ready for your next property move, the upcoming holiday season might be the ideal time to prepare so that you are ready to move in the new year.

    20 Dec

    Holiday homes as an investment

    Owning a holiday home in South Africa is often high on the wanted list and there is so much to choose from, but do your homework before investing.

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