4 Apr

    Why Nutec house prices are ideal for first-time buyers

    Penny-pinching to afford that first house? Consider a Nutec home your best option for quality and price.

    4 Apr

    Dream big, spend little: the Soweto property advantage

    Explore Soweto's property market, where history meets opportunity, offering unbeatable value and investment potential for first-time buyers.

    4 Apr

    Holiday-proof your home: home security tips for a safer season

    Secure your home this Easter with Seeff’s home security tips. From alarm checks to pet care, ensure peace of mind during the holiday season.

    4 Apr

    The Gauteng rental landscape: opportunities and trends

    Get an in-depth look at the Gauteng rental market, from affordability, luxury locations, and tenant trends across Pretoria, Sandton, and beyond for 2024.

    3 Apr

    The true cost of cutting real estate commissions

    Explore the impact of cutting real estate commissions on property sales, with insights from Seeff's James Lewis and Sharyn Dabbs.

    3 Apr

    Northcliff property appeal soars with the launch of hospital

    Find your dream Northcliff property near the new Johannesburg Hospital for luxury living and top healthcare. Here’s what you need to know.

    4 Mar

    Is it a good time to buy a house? What you need to know

    Is it a good time to buy a house? Between high interest rates and favourable mortgage conditions, there are advantages to buying now.

    15 Feb

    How to build a credit score and buy a house as a young professional in South Africa

    Are you a young professional dreaming of buying your first home? Discover how to build a credit score and what to keep in mind when purchasing a property.

    18 Jan

    The apex of affluence: exploring the surge in luxury property sales in Dubai

    Dubai is the place to be. Explore the golden opportunities for property investment and discover why luxury property sales in Dubai are soaring.

    9 Jan

    The allure of luxury homes in Cape Town for international buyers

    Are you considering acquiring a luxury home in Cape Town with stunning views and opulent interiors? Here’s your definitive guide.

    2 Jan

    Invest in paradise: top coastal destinations for holiday homes in South Africa

    Are you dreaming of a seaside escape or considering an investment in a holiday home? This year's top coastal holiday home hotspots belong on your wishlist.

    2 Jan

    Interest rate news reassures buyers and sellers amid the festive season

    The South African Reserve Bank decided to maintain the interest rate at a steady 11.75%. Here’s what this interest rate news means for buyers and sellers.

    24 Nov

    How to stay afloat in the property market during an interest rate hike

    Expert tips on managing your property and finances amidst interest rate hikes. Stay informed and resilient with Seeff's guidance.

    24 Nov

    Summer brings hope for sellers in the property market trenches

    Sellers, don’t let the high interest rate and weak economic outlook bring you down. The onset of summer tends to bring more energy and buyer activity.

    24 Nov

    The ultimate guide to buying a house in Malawi

    Seize your dream of owning a house in Malawi with this expert guide and tips from Seeff, covering everything from house prices to rights and regulations.

    17 Oct

    Time for your home renovation: take advantage of the current property market

    Seeff covers property market factors that make now a good time to start a home renovation. Also, discover those will that add the most property value.

    17 Oct

    Cash isn't king: best alternative financing options in South African real estate

    How you pay for your house can be the deciding factor in how you live your life. Don’t let cash cloud your chances at a great credit score.

    5 Oct

    Soaring prices, stunning views: Penthouses in South Africa

    Buyers and investors: explore penthouses in South Africa as they capture global attention with unmatched luxury, five-star living, and breathtaking views.

    5 Oct

    How you can successfully sell property in a buyer’s market

    Navigate a buyer's market with proven strategies for selling your home. Learn from Samuel Seeff how to price right, make your property stand out, and more.

    4 Oct

    Property sales in Cape Town boom as global investors converge

    Maximise your profits as a seller. Learn why property sales in Cape Town are surging and how the city's allure is attracting international buyers.

    4 Oct

    How your neighbourhood can impact your property sale

    Struggling to sell your house? Learn why neighbourhood upkeep is key to attracting buyers and commanding a high price for your property.

    3 Oct

    Small towns in South Africa attract semigration buyers

    Explore these popular small towns in South Africa and step into a world of countryside bliss and good value for money. Buy with Seeff Property Group.

    3 Oct

    Top cleaning tips to maintain and increase your property value

    Maintain and improve your property value with these cleaning tips from Seeff Property Group, from gleaming kitchens to polished wooden floors.

    7 Sep

    Luxury golf estates soar in popularity among local and international buyers

    Golf estates have risen as a savvy post-COVID investment, growing at an 8-10% rate. Learn more about the top locations and pricing tiers before you buy.

    5 Sep

    Gauteng's best-kept secret: The rise of sectional title units

    Sectional title units are Gauteng's rising stars. Discover how these properties offer a smart, versatile investment, from affordability to security.

    8 Aug

    Botswana property transfer costs favour foreign buyers

    Botswana's property transfer cost changes unlock a world of possibilities for foreign buyers, positioning the country as an attractive investment destination.

    25 Jul

    Should you accept the first offer when selling property quickly?

    What's the key to selling your property quickly? Seeff explores market conditions, evaluation offers, and shares valuable tips to help you navigate the process.

    25 Jul

    Why now is the perfect time to buy a property in South Africa

    Are you ready to buy a property? Discover why now is the perfect time to make your move as Seeff explores market trends, positive lending conditions, and more.

    25 Jul

    A golden opportunity: Buy a house while price growth slows

    Get Seeff’s expert insights on the current property market and the reasons why it’s a great time to buy a house - from flat price growth to home loan conditions.

    20 Jul

    Semigration surge: Cape Town property market thrives despite higher interest rates

    Take advantage of the Cape Town property market boom with the latest insights on property prices, semigration, and area hotspots, as reported by Seeff.

    19 Jul

    How to get the best property price in the current market

    Sellers, increase your chances of a quick and successful property sale with Seeff’s tips, from home staging to setting a realistic asking price.

    19 Jul

    Pretoria property: An Excellent bet for first-time buyers

    First-time buyers, seize this opportunity to own Pretoria property and enjoy this city's affordability and luxurious amenities.

    7 Jul

    Are modern Nutec homes affordable or not?

    Nutec is becoming a popular material for modern homes. Explore its affordability, pricing factors, benefits, and commonly asked questions.

    26 Jun

    The state of the Zimbabwe real estate market in 2023

    Ready to buy or sell in the Zimbabwe real estate market? Seeff shares the latest news and trends to keep you informed and help you prosper through property.

    22 Jun

    A full breakdown of the legal aspects of a rent-to-buy agreement

    Considering a rent-to-buy agreement? Get to know if it’s right for you, the legal aspects, process, contract details, and tips to make a good decision.

    21 Jun

    The ultimate checklist for moving to Cape Town in 2023

    Moving to Cape Town in 2023? Discover chic homes, stunning views, and eco-friendly living. Make your move seamless with our ultimate guide.

    7 Jun

    Millennials now comprise up to 40% of all property purchasers

    Seeff shares the best property investment opportunities and South Africa hotspots for millennials looking to buy property.

    7 Jun

    The buyer’s guide to the conveyancing process in South Africa

    Gain expert insights into the conveyancing process in South Africa, its significance in property ownership, and how Seeff can guide you when buying a house.

    5 Jun

    Your local recycling centre is an opportunity to give back

    Donate, discover affordable purchases, and contribute to a more sustainable world through your local recycling centre. Seeff shares how to get started.

    11 May

    New apartment developments offer exciting rental investments

    Seeff unpacks new apartment developments at the Hub in Woodstock and Alphen Glen in Wynberg that offer excellent investment opportunities.

    9 May

    Rent-to-buy vs home loan: which is right for you?

    Seeff breaks down the benefits of both rent-to-buy and home loans to help you make the best financing decision. Get the full details in our blog.

    9 May

    Buy-to-let property market booms while rental rates increase

    Discover the potentially lucrative buy-to-let property investment opportunities amid a booming rental market, as reported by Seeff Property Group.

    9 May

    Pretoria property trends for buyers and sellers

    Uncover the current state of Pretoria property, why now is a great time to buy, how sellers can adapt in the buyer’s market, and the property prices you need to know.

    9 May

    KZN South Coast property development ready to skyrocket

    KZN South Coast property development is set to skyrocket, presenting a potentially lucrative opportunity for property investors. Get an inside look today.

    9 May

    What buyers need to know about the interest rate hike in South Africa

    Seeff urges buyers not to let the recent interest rate hike in South Africa scare them away from purchasing property. Read Seeff’s expert opinion on the situation.

    9 May

    The exciting benefits of buying property in Mauritius as a South African

    Ready to diversify your investment portfolio? Discover the benefits of buying property in Mauritius as a South African, including low prices and tax advantages.

    9 May

    How the interest rate hike impacts selling property in South Africa

    Let Seeff put your mind at ease as you plan on selling property. We advise on the best way to secure a successful sale, adjust your asking price, and more.

    9 May

    Now is the perfect time to make a rental property investment

    Learn why now is the best time to make a rental property investment and get Seeff’s insights on everything from the rental prices to landlord and tenant relations.

    9 May

    Southern suburbs apartments offer an excellent property investment opportunity

    The rising trend of apartment rentals and sales in the Southern Suburbs presents an excellent property investment opportunity you can’t afford to miss.

    9 May

    Transfer duty exemption boosts homebuyers’ buying power

    Unleash your home buying potential: Learn how transfer duty exemption can make your dream home a reality for you in South Africa’s real estate market today.

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