Holiday-proof your home: home security tips for a safer season

    From setting up CCTV and light timers to arranging pet care and verifying visitor identities, there are best practices for safeguarding your home during the holidays

    The Easter holidays are approaching, homes are often quieter, and thus home security tips should be top-of-mind. In 2019, Auto & General Insurance reported a staggering 96% increase in claims for break-ins over Easter, compared to a regular weekend.

    No matter if you're planning to enjoy the festivities at home or you're heading out of town, the security of your most precious asset should never take a backseat. The streets are quieter than usual, and our homes are at greater risk.

    Seeff recommends the following home security tips:

    1. Hand over a spare set of keys and your contact information to a trusted neighbour or friend, including the details of your security firm and other contacts who can assist during your absence.

    2. Check your alarm and perimeter defences to ensure they are working properly. If there is a glitch, notify your security provider immediately.

    3. Before you head out, even just for a little while, make sure every window and door is securely locked, all security gates are fastened, and your alarm system is set.

    4. Switch off and unplug your electrical gadgets, turn off the water, and cut the gas supply. Remember to deactivate any automatic timers for your pool or similar amenities.

    5. Set up timers to turn lights on and off both inside and outside your home, simulating someone being in.

    6. Consider a CCTV setup that connects to your smartphone, allowing you to monitor your place, inside and out, from wherever you are.

    7. Ask a neighbour to pick up your mail and flyers, preventing the pile-up that screams “no one’s home”.

    8. Make arrangements for your pets by getting a house or pet sitter if you’re not opting for kennel services. They can look after your home and get it ready for your return.

    9. Double-check your insurance coverage to ensure it’s current and provides ample protection for your home and belongings.

    10. Keep your home looking lived-in by having someone mow the lawn if you’re gone for a while, warding off any signs of an empty house.

    11. Cut back any overgrown vegetation to remove possible hiding spots for unwelcome visitors. Clear away items like bins or ladders that could aid in an unauthorised entry.

    12. Safeguard your valuables and important papers. Back up crucial work and stash laptops and pricey electronics in a secure, hidden spot.

    13. Park your car in a garage or secured area to keep it away from prying eyes. Avoid leaving easily stolen items, like bikes, unattended in your garden.

    14. Maintain a list of essential contacts close by and consider adding emergency response apps to your phone for quick access in any urgent situation.

    15. Always verify the identity of visitors, including those claiming to be from local utilities or services, to ensure they are who they say they are.

    Woman setting indoor alarm before leaving

    As you gear up to ensure your home remains a safe haven during the holiday season, remember that security is just one piece of the puzzle. For those who are passionate about creating a space that's not only secure but also reflects their personal style and comfort, Seeff's Home Story blog is your go-to destination.

    Author: Seeff Property Group
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