Look to natural fibre furniture for a trendy 2023

    With a growing demand for sustainable and environmentally friendly furniture, natural fibres are making a comeback.

    Natural fibre furniture is ideal for your inner eco-warrior. They’re sustainable and can complement most design themes. Aesthetically, natural fibre furniture is a wonderful way to introduce different textures and materials into your decor. Seeff explores some of the natural fibres you can embrace at home.

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    What are examples of natural fibres?

    Natural fibres can be described as materials that are found in plants. Cotton comes from seed hairs, husk fibres come from coconuts. Flax and hemp are examples of stem fibres, while sisal is derived from the fibres of leaves.

    Animal fibres can include wool, hair and extractions such as silk. The most popular natural fibres for the purpose of furniture production are:

    • Bamboo/jute
    • Rattan/wicker
    • Sisal 
    • Linen 
    • Cotton

    When looking for sustainable materials, invest in these options for both style and functionality.

    Frequently asked questions about natural fibre furniture

    1. What is sisal furniture?

    Sisal is made from the leaves of the sisal agave, a fleshy plant native to arid regions. Like bamboo, sisal is prized for its sustainability. It is easily cultivated and doesn’t harm the environment. 

    Sisal can be introduced through carpeting, textile wallpapers, and rugs. Sisal ropes can create floating beds, hammocks, or be woven into beautiful covers for your furniture.

    2. What are three disadvantages of natural fibres? 

    1. Natural fibres are often not as lightweight as synthetic materials.

    2. They are more prone to attracting moths and other tiny insects. 

    3. Natural fibres can also easily absorb moisture and may not be as long lasting as manmade options.

    However, investing in quality natural fibre furniture and making careful care a priority can see your furniture retain its look and last for many years.

    Bamboo furniture

    Bamboo Furniture Patio Setup

    Bamboo is a popular natural fibre furniture choice for its sustainability. When grown, bamboo requires less water, little pesticides or chemical fertilisers, and doesn't need replanting. It also grows quickly and releases 35% more oxygen than trees. 

    Besides its sustainability, bamboo furniture is durable, light, and easy to maintain. It’s a joy indoors and outdoors as it’s resistant to insects, moisture, scratches, and swelling. Bamboo even comes in stunning colours from brown, black, yellow, red, to blue. 

    Bamboo works well in all parts of the home. A bamboo canopy bed can add authenticity to a child’s jungle-themed bedroom or add warmth to a dining room. It can even be used as a casual bar for your entertainment area and as stools, coffee tables and shelving around your house.

    Rattan furniture

    Rattan Furniture Lounge Setup

    Rattan furniture is made from the rattan plant. In contrast, rattan is often painted while cane is left in its natural state. Rattan often has a more expensive feel, as it can be tailored to your liking.

    Even though it looks luxurious, rattan is inexpensive, durable, easy to move around, and provides a relaxed, attractive feel to a home. As it’s typically painted, you can easily find rattan furniture that complements your style.

    Rattan works well contrasted with your furnishings. A rattan lounge chair looks great next to a modern leather sofa. Mix and match your materials by throwing rattan together with metal, marble, wood or glass. Rattan shelves in your bathroom can soften stone and metal fixtures, creating a cosy feel. As a popular patio furniture material, rattan shines in an exterior setting. You can opt for the usual furniture set or get an outdoor hanging chair if you like to curl up with a good book and a morning cup of coffee.

    Cane furniture

    Cane furniture is made from the outer skin or bark of the rattan palm, a strong South-East Asian plant. Cane’s flexibility allows it to be fashioned into incredible shapes for furniture. It is also light, making it easy to move around and rearrange.

    Get creative by adding cane furniture in your home. It can add a rustic feel to rooms and is perfect if you’re going for the boho design scheme.

    Incorporating natural fibre furniture into your home decor could be the easiest step toward going green that you could take. Embrace the organic vibes of this design trend and increase your property values by a long shot. For more advice on how to become eco-friendly, contact your local Seeff property practitioner today.

    Note: This post was originally published in 2021. It has been completely updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness in December 2022.

    Author: Seeff Property Group
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