Patio furniture ideas for 2022

    Spending more time in our homes during Covid has made homeowners more aware of the importance of outdoor living. The trend of transforming our patios into an outdoor haven where we can rest and entertain guests at the end of a long day continues to gain popularity. As summer approaches, there is no better time to invest in some high-quality patio furniture.

    Choosing the right patio furniture requires thought and careful consideration, but with numerous stores running end of year markdowns, our team has done the research for you and found these deals that will suit your needs.

    We highly recommend the following furniture outlets to get some inspiration and grab the best deals for your perfect patio:

    With so many patio options to choose from, we break down the hottest furniture ideas to make your shopping experience slightly more manageable.

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    Poolside Patios

    brown poolside patio furniture

    When out shopping for your patio, nothing comes to mind quite like those endless summer dinner parties, only made better with the presence of an outdoor pool. 

    Poolside patios are functional spaces suitable for dining, entertaining, relaxing and for the kids to play. A poolside patio can also create sufficient level space for your patio furniture. A clever trend is to create activity zones around your patio pool, different levels to sit, lounge and, of course, enjoy a good meal while having time spent in and around the pool with your guests.

    Garden Patios

    wicker garden patio furniture

    You cannot deny the versatility of a garden patio. Your garden patio acts as a bridging space between your garden and home. It incorporates indoor and outdoor elements, which provides you with a wide variety of options for garden patio design.

    A clever trick that creates a seamless transition between the inside of your home and your garden patio outside is to follow the same colour scheme between your indoor and outdoor spaces. This thematic idea creates unity between the inside of your home and your garden patio. Another brilliant garden patio idea is to invest in some all-weather patio furniture to carry you through the seasons. 

    You can also revamp durable patio furniture (like wicker) with graphic cushions to give it a modern look while providing additional comfort to your garden patio.

    Small Patios

    Before shopping for your patio furniture, it is essential to consider the size of your patio. If your outdoor space is small, you will have limited space to play with, which means you must be meticulous when choosing your patio furniture. 

    An easy (and cost-effective) solution to maximise your small patio space is to invest in some multifunctional patio furniture. 

    Multifunctional patio sets are an efficient method to provide your guests with additional seating while maximising the available space. Multifunctional sectional sofas are perfect for small patios and offer a variety of uses when it comes to your patio space.

    Large Patios

    large patio furniture setup

    Having an extensive patio will offer ample space and freedom in more extravagant patio furniture pieces. However, just because you can doesn't always mean you should. When it comes to large patios, balance is crucial; splitting your spacious area into separate sections is a great way to maximise the space for entertaining your guests or spending time outdoors with your family. 

    Another vital factor for a seamlessly large patio layout is ascertaining the exact space required for each dedicated area. For example, the amount of space dedicated to your patio dining area will dictate the size of your patio dining table and the number of chairs you might need to accommodate people using your patio comfortably. 

    Sunny Patios

    Before commencing with any patio shopping, you must consider whether or not your patio has sufficient shelter. Sunny patios are ideal for sundowners and evening guests but don't offer much protection from the sun's harmful UV rays during the harsher hours of the day. 

    A clever solution to protect your sunny patio is to invest in a functional patio umbrella; patio umbrellas are a practical (and cost-effective) alternative to more permanent patio construction and ensure adequate shade and sun protection to boot.

    Patio plants are another excellent addition to any sunny patio; when choosing the right plants for your conditions, observing how much direct sunlight your outdoor area receives throughout the day is essential. Full sun equates to more than six hours, while partial sun equates to around three hours; no matter how much you like a particular plant, you must consider its needs before purchasing.

    Author: Seeff Property Group
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