9 chic patio furniture ideas for 2023

    Summer is the ideal season to spend time lounging poolside on a comfortable deck chair, sipping an ice-cold beverage. 

    South African homeowners know the importance of spending time outdoors and spare no expense in making sure their entertainment areas are in good condition. As we are right in the middle of summer, there is no better time to invest in some high-quality patio furniture. Here are some ideas to add a touch of class to your outdoor area. 

    1. What colour is best for outdoor furniture?

    Dare to be bold and different with your patio furniture and introduce your favourite unexpected colour combinations. If your patio area is shaded, you can pick bright colours as they won’t fade as much. Patio furniture that is exposed directly to the sun can lose its lustre and look old before its time. It’s best to opt for muted tones that resemble nature. 

    2. Use prints to your advantage 

    For patio furniture covers like cushions and chair covers you would be wise to pick colours such as beige, green, camel, cappuccino or classic monochrome. 

    Prints work well to create a design theme for you with minimal effort. You can use palm tree motifs for a tropical feel or geometric prints that work well with modern patio furniture.

    3. Stay on trend 

    Your patio will be one of the main areas you entertain guests. As such, you will want to highlight the space with decorative touches and eye-catching designs. A clever trend is to create activity zones around your patio pool, different levels to sit, lounge and, of course, enjoy a good meal while having time spent in and around the pool with your guests.

    For a seamless transition between the inside of your home and your garden patio, follow the same colour scheme between your indoor and outdoor spaces. Consider adding a stand-out element like a water feature, unique pot plants or mosaic tile designs that are anti-slip and contrast well with the furniture. 

    4. What furniture holds up best outdoors?

    Wicker is a great option for durable patio furniture. Providing it is of the all-weather variety, wicker can withstand the harshest of sunrays, windy winters and stormy rains. Consider the climate you live in before settling on a furniture decision. Patio umbrellas are essential to protect your furniture and yourself from the sun. However, invest in a good quality item that can withstand rain and doesn’t fade quickly. 

    5. Use patio space wisely

    An easy (and cost-effective) solution to maximise your small patio space is to invest in some multifunctional patio furniture. Multifunctional patio sets are an efficient method to provide your guests with additional seating while maximising the available space. Multifunctional sectional sofas are perfect for small patios and offer a variety of uses when it comes to your patio space.

    6. What patio furniture material lasts the longest?

    Wrought iron takes the cake when it comes to durable and sustainable patio furniture. This material can stand the test of time and provides a sleek, yet comfortable aesthetic to your outdoor area. It is fashionable in any season and you can easily update or change the look with different seat cushions or throws. 

    If you are looking for something just as durable as wrought iron, but not as heavy or with a lightweight frame, consider the following: 

    • Cast aluminium

    • Stainless steel 

    • Wood

    • Rattan

    7. Customise your patio furniture 

    Having a patio that is a talking point for family and guests can add a memorable touch to any gathering and a nostalgic feel to everyday use. A wonderful way to incorporate your loved ones into your patio would be to get a ceramic vase as the centrepiece of your table. Each person can add their name or signature and kids can draw little motifs or their favourite symbols. This can create a wonderful art-deco piece with meaning, without breaking the bank.

    wooden swing on patio surrounded by plants and flowers

    8. Introduce greenery to your patio furniture 

    Patio plants are another excellent addition to customise your patio furniture. Purchase planters that match the theme of your furniture and plant herbs such as rosemary, thyme, coriander and mint. These give off a lovely fragrance that adds to the ambience of a relaxing patio area. 

    9. Unique chairs and stools

    For a different approach to the usual matching patio furniture set, consider sourcing individual stools, beanbags or deck chairs to create a bespoke seating arrangement. This will give your guests and family members a fun opportunity to pick their favourite seats and create a relaxed atmosphere. 

    patio furniture with orange cushions and surrounding plants

    Your patio is an extension of the careful thought you’ve put into your home decor. As such, the furniture you choose for the exterior of your home should match the heart and soul inside. Having a cohesive living space is also a major drawcard for potential buyers if you are thinking about putting your home on the market. Contact us today for information on how to list your home. 

    Author: Seeff Property Group
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