Update your outdoor braai area with these sizzling-hot design ideas

    South Africans enjoy a braai culture that is unrivalled. We have truly made the art of cooking on open flames into a social highlight. The outdoor braai area is a gathering spot in every home and we show you how to update yours with these amazing design improvements.

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    Think outside of the box (or braai stand)

    Some of the most extraordinary outdoor entertainment areas in a home feature larger-than-life designs that leave your guests in awe. When in doubt, go for a modern braai facility that includes a wide enough surface area to cook, store utensils and limit smoke. Gas braai cookers have become increasingly popular over the years and are aesthetically pleasing as well.

    Opt for a stainless steel or chrome cooker for a modern look or invest in a classic mobile, matte-black Weber braai that you can wheel around to serve your guests tidbits fresh off the flames.

    Create a seamless aesthetic

    From the inside out, you want your home to look as cohesive as possible. When it comes to your outdoor braai area, consider the indoor room that it leads out of. What is the colour scheme of this room? Your patio can be refined to look like an extension of your lounge, dining room or even your kitchen. Encourage guests to relax and enjoy your braai master hosting skills while they gain inspiration from the perfectly curated scenery you’ve provided.

    Sleek modern patio with stainless steel braai, wooden roof

    Achieve a comfortable, creative outdoor area

    • Use sturdy outdoor furniture that incorporates indoor elements like scatter cushions and throws in your indoor colours
    • Arrange the seating to be communal and around a central focus like a fire pit 
    • Update your lighting for entertaining with string or fairy lights to achieve an ethereal look 
    • Use ornate decor elements such as colourful drinks trays and empty clay pot plants to serve snacks or braai meat in

    Focus on the flooring

    A unique idea that will be sure to create a homely atmosphere is using rugs in the seating area where you plan to entertain. Patterned or plain, it gives a luxurious feel to being seated outside and makes one feel as if the roof of an inside room has merely been peeled back to reveal the starry sky above. If you aren’t a fan of the hassle that comes with removing and replacing rugs, consider updating your patio floor area with stylish tiles, anti-slip textured brickwork or the ever-popular astroturf that stays lush all year long.

    Protect your outdoor area

    If you’re lucky enough to have a built-in braai unit or wood fire oven, you can update the background with an intricate mosaic of porcelain tiles, go rustic with terracotta or splash out on a glassy, mirror finish.

    If you don’t have an awning or extended roofing that covers your braai area, consider a thatch roof for a classic feel or a glass covering for a reimagined take on a greenhouse!

    Your braai space will need to have durable surroundings to withstand the smoke and heat it will be exposed to. Brickwork or stacked logs are practical ways to draw attention to the main event of your braai skills.

    Keeping your outdoor area clean is essential. Give your flooring and braai grill a good scrub often and wipe down patio furniture with detergents meant for protecting your fabrics and materials against outdoor elements. Sometimes the quickest update is a thorough deep clean and a rearrangement of your existing furniture.

    sheltered woodfire oven and stainless steel braai with decorated dining table

    Find the perfect home for entertaining 

    With so many reasons to spend time outdoors in our beautiful country, it makes sense to live in a home that makes this experience as enjoyable and easy as possible. Seeff has a wide variety of homes on the market that are perfect for those afternoon sundowners and pool parties with a sizzling braai in the background. Contact one of our property practitioners today to view our latest in-demand listings.

    Author: Seeff Property Group
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