2023 trends for your all-year-round outdoor braai area

    If there’s one passion all South Africans share, it’s firing up the coals and having a braai. And you don’t need eight whole seasons of The Ultimate Braai Master to prove it (although, that would be a major clue).

    There’s always a reason to sizzle sosaties, put out the potato salad, turn on the tunes, and gather family and friends for fun-filled moments. With so much time spent around the open flame, it’s well worth investing in making a space that gives come rain or shine. Here are some 2023 trendy ideas for an outdoor braai area that will help you make memories all year round.

    Shade your braai from the elements 

    If you have a stunning view, enjoy alfresco dining, or want to extend your braai area, you should consider a cover. For shade from the weather, there are plenty of options such as pergolas, gazebos, and awnings. Shade sails and umbrellas can also provide protection across seasons and are budget-friendly alternatives to a home renovation. 

    Fire up with these braai stand options

    2023’s braai stand trends are prioritising style and function. As such a sought-after feature, homeowners are creating built-in braai spaces complete with smoke extractors and seating areas for guests. Braai areas that have a mini kitchenette, sink, and surface space also save on back-and-forth trips from the kitchen.

    For smaller spaces, compact and portable options like the Hoefats Cube and Hoefats Beer Box are popular. For even greater versatility, you can opt for a fire pit that can keep you warm and provide cooking opportunities by just adding a grill. Whichever braai stand you choose, remember to ensure it is between 750 mm and 950 mm high from the floor.

    Store everything you need

    Whether you’re a minimalist or simply value practicality, you’ll want to install plenty of storage space within your braai area. Fitted cabinets and drawers are great for storing braai equipment, seasoning and condiments, aprons, and other odds and ends. Hooks for items are also wonderful to put your braai culture pride on display while keeping the space organised.

    Make every piece of furniture count

    Gone are the days of mismatched outdoor furniture. As a focal area, braai spaces are turning up the heat on style. Furniture is trending towards being convertible (for extra use and storage), made of natural materials for the eco-conscious, and being slim to maximise space. Consider tables that can double up as both prep and dining areas. Floor cushions and bean bags can add extra seating, especially for the kids. Folding tables and chairs are worthwhile options for any unexpected guests.

    Two people discussing flooring samples 

    Lay a fab foundation with flooring 

    Switching up your flooring is a fantastic way to transform your braai area. In addition to updating the style, you can also make it a more inviting and safe space to nibble down on some tasty chops! Granite and travertine are durable and stain resistant. Luxury vinyl can take significant foot traffic, is slip resistant for watery weather conditions, and comes in a stunning array of colours. Wooden decking is also hardy and can blend in well in a leafy garden braai area. 

    Bring in comfort and style with furnishings

    For colder days, nothing beats wrapping up in a warm throw and cuddling up with a cushion as the braai gets underway. You can win the host of the year award by adding a basket filled with fluffy throws outside and placing scatter cushions in durable fabrics in seating areas. Outdoor rugs can conjure up a homey atmosphere and extend the style of your indoor area outdoors for a cohesive look. From bohemian, minimalist, to industrial, you can choose a style that fits your scheme. 

    Go for green and gorgeous surroundings

    Being closer to nature is trending this year (especially with biophilic designs) and that extends to braai areas. If you have the space, bring in leafy beauty with trees, and fire-resistant plants like aloes, vygies (sour figs), and eugenias. Many succulents also do well against drought conditions and frost, perfect for year-round beauty. Also, take into account your cooking needs: it’s always convenient to have nearby herbs or be able to pluck a lemon for some fresh and delicious seasoning for your meal. 

    Create a bright braai area with lighting

    Good outdoor lighting is crucial for your braai area. During the late afternoon and night and dreary weather conditions, it helps brighten up your space and enhance the safety of your experience. Add pendant lights under fixed patio covers, string up lights and lanterns, and add spike lights for paths, stairs, and garden areas. These will all ensure braaing, eating, and navigating your space can be done without effort.

    Entertain with the latest electronics 

    During extreme weather, a frolic in the garden may be out of the question. You can still keep the good vibes going at a braai with the latest tech and appliances. Flat-screen TVs are great to watch your favourite sports team play a match, speakers can set the scene with music, and portable heaters or fans can keep everyone feeling comfortable.

    Family of four enjoying an outside braai during the day

    Braai any time you choose

    The great South African pastime is wonderful at every time of the year. The seasons shouldn’t stop you from enjoying yourself and with these tips, you’re sure to host a braai everyone will remember. With Seeff’s team of property practitioners, you can find a home with the perfect fitted braai or enough place to create your ideal set-up. Contact us today to get on the property search.

    Author: Seeff Property Group
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