Top 4 home gardening trends for a greener 2022

    Beautiful gardens provide us with a relaxing environment in which to rest and recoup; a welcome relief from the fast pace of modern life.

    Experts suggest that we will use our outdoor spaces more in 2022 as we stay home for both work and leisure.

    This inspires us to update our gardens with the latest trends in order to create a pleasant area from which to work and entertain. The Flower Council Holland's Horticulture Sector Trends for 2022 highlight major flowers, houseplants, and outdoor plants that will give your landscape the boost it needs. In 2022, you may expect to see a return to bolder, more colourful planting options, natural wildlife gardens, mini grow houses, boutique hotel-style features, and the concept of all-weather gardening, among other things.

    Let these ideas inspire your green-fingered planning, whether you're looking for gardening tips or ways to increase the value of your property. These are the top four home gardening trends to help you achieve a greener 2022:

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    1. Fresh Start 

    2. Bright and Breezy 

    3. Traditional Sentiment

    4. Wellness Bubble


    1. Fresh Start

    The Fresh Start trend incorporates sustainability, climate solutions, decluttering, and biodegradable items to achieve the perfect garden. It also considers the fact that many individuals now work from home. Since we are spending more time at home, there is a greater focus on bringing the outdoors into our homes. You can achieve this by setting up a small herb garden in front of a sunny window or placing hanging planters outdoors, positioning them in front of a window so you can look out at them.

    The Fresh Start trend uses white as the foundation for the colour chart, which is then blended with other naturals. Accent colours such as green, blue, and red flowers and plants are suggested to bring positive energy to the garden. 

    Fresh Start highlights sustainability and encourages homeowners to use more biodegradable and bio-based items in their gardens. Think of new materials like plastics made from algae and mycelium, as well as homemade organic fertilisers.

    2. Bright and Breezy

    bright and breezy home garden design

    The Bright and Breezy trend is all about using joyful and powerful pastel tones like pink, blue, mint green, and soft orange, alternated with more colourful accents. Simply told, this dynamic trend is all about bringing the holiday spirit into your own backyard. Furthermore, flowering plants add a finishing touch of good energy to this space.

    Imagine your garden with brightly coloured borders, colourful parasols, and cheerful and festive shapes with a dash of quirkiness. Using materials in your garden that are both natural and artisanal while still being functional is preferred. 

    3. Traditional Sentiment

    Traditional Sentiment is excellent for your blossoms if you desire a more classical landscape. The more conservative gardener, who finds security in conventional behaviour, control, and traditions, will be drawn to this trend.

    Creating a surprising combination of familiar and innovative elements soft fading pastel tones like nude, lilac, and pink is suggested for this theme, as well as rich and dark colours with a comforting effect, such as claret, ochre, and olive green. 

    Shrubs, fruit trees, and beautiful climbing roses can add attractiveness to your garden. This trend can also work with your patio or balcony by using retro and vintage blooming plants, as well as plant collections of diverse cultivars within a single species.

    4. Wellness Bubble

    wellness bubble home garden design

    The fourth trend to keep an eye on in 2022 is the Wellness Bubble. Its major goal is to emphasise the need to put effort into our mental wellness. Aloe vera, painted leaf begonias, plumes, and grasses are some of the key flowers and plants to have in your garden for this trend.

    The essence of this trend is to sit back comfortably and take in the beauty of your garden. Allow it to be your place of calm and the ultimate retreat from hectic times.

    The magical colours of the sunset, according to this trend, serves as inspiration for the shades you should choose for your garden’s flowers and plants. 

    Having a garden with lovely flowers and plants will make each day more beautiful. Not only will your garden appeal to potential buyers, but it can also increase the value of your home when you plan on selling. Let’s not forget about the pretty birds who will also enjoy visiting.

    If you need assistance with a valuation for your property, contact Seeff’s professional real estate agents. We will guide you through each step of selling your property as well as finding your next home with the best garden for your green fingers.

    Author: Seeff Property Group
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