The best home garden hacks for 2023

    If you’ve flipped through glossy gardening magazines or eyed up your neighbour's lush landscape, you may wonder how they get it so right.

    The truth is gardening is a rewarding experience, but it does take trial and error to achieve a space that inspires delight. Don’t despair! Seeff has rounded up some clever home garden hacks for a greener 2023.
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    Perk up your garden with coffee

    You can line flower pots with coffee filters to stop wet dirt from pouring out of the drainage holes. Coffee grounds can also be used to fertilise your soil as they have a lot of good nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Spraying freshly brewed, cooled-down coffee can also repel pests like snails and slugs.

    Seed plants with eggshells or citrus peel

    The waste from your last orange cake can be put to good use. You can easily seed new plants in eggshells or citrus peel. Eggshells are rich in calcium, while citrus peels are rich in nutrients. These peels can also give plants that need a little extra acidity the boost that they need.

    Make a powerful spray for plant health

    You can buy plant sprays or DIY them with a homemade solution. Cinnamon-infused water works well to prevent fungus growth. A vinegar solution can help you combat weeds. Liquid dish soap diluted in water can help you take care of spider mites, whiteflies, and aphids. Just be sure to use soap that is free from bleach or other toxic ingredients.

    Create extra watering cans

    If you have old plastic milk jugs or water bottles lying around, you can punch a few holes into the screw-on cap so water can pour out gently. Have paper cartons? These can be used to shelter growing plants from the elements or be turned into a mini herb garden container.

    Pest-proof your garden with the right plants

    Plant choices like marigolds, mint, garlic, basil, and petunias can act as companion plants, helping to keep pests at bay. Flowering plants can also entice helpful insects that will prey on the bad bugs.

    Build a ladder pot plant holder

    This home garden hack is useful if you need to extend your small garden space or have a broken ladder lying around. There are plenty of online tutorials that can help you make one. And the best part? The stand can work well for both indoor and outdoor greenery.

    Bag your fruit for safety

    Yes, wrapping growing fruit in bags can help protect them from pests and diseases. They may even deter birds and monkeys. While research shows plastic bags work best, you can opt for brown paper bags as an environmentally friendly option.

    Add petroleum jelly to garden tools

    Vaseline isn’t just a good way to lock in moisture on your skin. A generous dollop can work in a pinch to protect your tools if you’ve run out of rust inhibitor spray.

    Use a sugar scrub for spotless hands

    Even the best gardeners can forget to pop on garden gloves during their outdoor toiling. Eventually, the elements can roughen your hands. The fix is easy; a simple sugar scrub will work magic in removing that top layer of dead, rough skin.

    Refresh your garden with 2023’s trends

    It’s easy to get caught in a rut when putting together a glorious garden. Why not create a garden file with potential ideas you can introduce to your green space? A quick search online reveals some of the exciting trends you can embrace in 2023: 

    • Using gorgeous terracotta plant pots as holders. 
    • Designing Mediterranean-style gardens with Grecian statues and plants like lavender.
    • Introducing more drought-resistant plants to save water.
    • Opting for organic gardening for an eco-friendly space.
    • Turning to vertical gardening to maximise your greenery.

    Common garden hack questions

    1. How do you make your garden beautiful on a budget?

    Flowers are a quick way to make your garden attractive. You can grow flowering plants and trees from seeds to save on cash or take cuttings from a fellow gardener. Investing in pretty plant pots and garden ornaments can also add charm to your space. You can try second-hand stores or nursery sales for budget buys. Also, don’t discount the use of good lighting to showcase your garden at its best. Some solar lights will cast a wonderful glow at night and won’t eat into your finances.

    2. How do you make your garden transform faster?

    Gardening takes patience but there’s no reason you can’t give your plants and trees a boost. Nourish your soil with compost or manure, feed plants fertiliser, give them Rainwater over tap water, and provide plants with enough space to grow makes a difference. Also, don’t forget about using pest control methods to reduce any that may be interrupting your plant’s growth cycle.

    3. What should you do every day in your garden?

    Even the hardiest gardens should get some regular attention. On a daily basis, you should scrutinise your garden for signs of ailing plants or pest or disease damage. You should also prune, water, and harvest fruits and vegetables as required.

    Put these home garden hacks to good use

    A garden with lovely flowers and plants will make each day more beautiful. Not only will your garden appeal to potential buyers, but it can also increase the value of your home when you plan on selling. Let’s not forget about the pretty birds and butterflies who will also enjoy visiting.

    If you need assistance with a valuation for your property, contact Seeff’s property professionals today. We will guide you through each step of selling your property as well as finding your next home with the best garden for your green fingers.

    Note: This post was originally published in 2021. It has been completely updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness in December 2022.

    Author: Seeff Property Group
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