Keep it cool by painting your home with these Plascon paint colours for 2024

    The colours you choose for your home can symbolise ideal aesthetics and design flair. We look at some of the best Plascon paint colours to mix and match your decor and truly reflect your property’s personality. 

    What are the Plascon colours for 2024?: hot trends to follow

    Great news for all those who are in love with the colour blue! Plascon has announced that a perfect trio of blue colour combinations is the go-to choice for 2024. This year ahead looks to be adorned with light airiness, deep moodiness and a touch of fresh air with your choice of blues that can complement any decor style.

    Blue works for every house room and can easily be adaptable to fit your walls in the bathroom, living room, kitchen, bedrooms and even outside. Light shades of blue have become popular for walls, paired with navy roofing and white lights. This modern feel is attainable by selecting colour combinations that pair well together from the Plascon family. 

    Warm tones and cool colours: shades for everyone

    Every year, Plascon highlights seasonal shades that will spark the most joy in adventurous homeowners, interior decorators and property enthusiasts. In 2024, the focus is on blue aquatic shades that symbolise the natural flow of water and the calmness it brings to our lives.

    Shades of blue have been specifically chosen to reflect a hopeful, positive era of society and the reemergence of having fun with your home’s paint colours. Blue is a neutral that can be used across various shades, shapes and tones. From your walls to your floors and everything in between. 

    Plascon quality coverage: the best indoor and outdoor solutions 

    If you’re thinking about going blue from the outside in, Plascon’s Wall & All is the best choice for you. This paint features weather-resistant technology to keep your outdoor walls looking fantastic all year round. While Plascon Double Velvet is ideal for creating rich colours on your inside walls and creating an inviting depth of tones. The Plascon range of paints promises to cover and transform even the most stubborn of wall spaces and can be used on numerous surfaces and materials. 

    Create balance with blues: switch up your home vibe 

    Let go of your stresses and welcome the benefits of being surrounded by beautiful blue this year. Highlighting the need for sustainability in design, Plascon also hopes to enhance properties’ curb appeal by playing around with exciting blue. When selecting your primary, secondary and accent colours of blue, it would be wise to remember the vision you have for melting blues into your colour scheme.

    Look to Pinterest for unique inspiration for blue-themed rooms and browse online store catalogues for a feel of new accessories, appliances or ornaments you can add to offset the blue tones. Cream, brown, yellow and white work well with blue and you can add metallics like bronze, copper and gold to elevate the blue paint or decor to another level. 


    When feeling blue is the best: embrace change and discover new style secrets 

    Plascon is respected in the industry as masters of the paint game and are pushing boundaries, helping people break out of dated aesthetic concepts. Now, you can take full advantage and relish the creative licence 2024 has given us with this soothing palette of blues. Introduce a breath of fresh air into your aesthetics and welcome this blue colour trio into your homes with gusto. 

    Author: Seeff Property Group
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