How to stage your home on a budget

    With home staging, you can open your door to potential buyers with confidence.

    In a world where everything is visual, looks matter in the property market. How buyers perceive your home will directly affect its chances of a successful sale. While it’s important to present your home as a great investment, it can sometimes break the bank. Seeff shows you how you can stage your house on a budget while achieving the maximum results.

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    Start with a deep clean

    The basics of professional home staging begin with spotless surfaces and shining windows and floors. A general clean aesthetic draws in the eye and makes a room appear bigger and brighter. You can save on cleaning solutions by making your own with simple household items such as vinegar and water. This mixture is especially fantastic at making floors of any material shine, but for carpets a more in-depth approach is welcome. Bringing in a professional carpet cleaner can save you the costs of replacing the entire carpet. For a more affordable option, you can invest in a good quality vacuum cleaner or borrowing one from a friend can refresh your carpeting while removing any stubborn stains. 

    A clean home makes a good impression of being well taken care of and maintained. This is important for potential buyers as no one wants to purchase a neglected property. 

    Little touches make a difference

    The way you style your home can be the difference between it appearing homely and warm or clinical and uninviting. It’s advisable to make your home look lived in while still looking professional in photos. The simple addition of a fresh fruit bowl on the dining room table or the sophisticated placement of a staged cup of coffee and a laptop in a makeshift home office will look inspiring and inviting. 

    Use what you already have

    It’s a good idea to highlight the existing features of your home by showcasing the positives. Any element can be marketed to be a selling point. Don’t have a lot of space to work with? Make sure it looks cosy by using yellow lighting and warm tones in furniture accents like scatter cushions and lampshades. Neatly arrange a book or two on the coffee table and steer away from a collection of magazines to avoid looking like the place everybody is scared of a doctor’s or dentist’s waiting room.

    The cheapest facelift is paint

    A quick coat of paint is an affordable way to upgrade both interior and exterior aspects of your home. Paint can instantly transform the aesthetic of your home. It can be used to paint a feature wall in any room and is a great design aspect that can also be used to revamp old furniture. Neutral colours remain popular with buyers and cool shades of grey, nude tones and bright whites emphasise the dimensions of a room. 

    optical illusion in living room using tall indoor plants

    Create an optical illusion

    Using tall indoor plants, mirrors and decor pieces in rooms are a fantastic way to make it seem like a room is taller than it really is. Strategically placed lighting and ceiling-to-floor curtains can also have this effect. Spacious rooms are an advantage and using large horizontal mirrors can also achieve the desired effect of a wider space. Virtual staging is also a viable option to make your space appealing when marketing it on listings. This works with digitally decorating your premises to a requested aesthetic so you don’t have to make any physical adjustments. While virtual staging is aesthetically pleasing, the authenticity of staging is unmatched when potential buyers visit your property.

    Quick DIY fixes

    Bathrooms are one of the easiest rooms to clean up. Replacing tap fixtures, cabinet door handles and shower accessories are all inexpensive ways to upgrade this room. Kitchens are also one of the most versatile rooms to decorate. Stage a homely scene by ensuring something as simple as having the appliances match, surfaces wiped down and certain ingredients attractively displayed for an impromptu meal. It’s a delicate touch to also have some of your best china on show in a mock table setting on a dining table or breakfast nook. 

    Home staging is a fun and practical way to make sure your home stands the best chance of getting noticed in the competitive world of property viewing. Seeff has many design ideas to keep your staging fresh and innovative throughout your selling journey. Contact us today.

    Author: Seeff Property Group
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