6 Tips for designing your home office

    Whether you are redesigning your home or moving a few items around, Seeff gives you tips on designing your home office. 

    Home office spaces are becoming more popular in 2021. With technology advancing in leaps and bounds, many people around the world have transitioned into remote working with ease. 

    Based on usefyi’s remote work report, 91% of remote workers preferred working from home, making home office design trends more popular than ever.  

    Whether you live by the sea or in the city, in a large home or apartment, having a well designed home office comes with many long-term benefits, including a better work-life balance, increased performance, and boosted creativity, to name a few. 

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    Why Work From Home?

    Many employers are quickly realising the benefits of a remote work-force, this shift in the work-environment has shown to improve employee productivity and efficiency. 

    Based on
    usefyi’s remote work report  91% of remote workers preferred working from home as it allowed the following benefits. 

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    The Benefits Of Working From Home

    Improved Work-Life Balance

    Working from home means that employees have more time to balance their work tasks and personal life. This includes setting time aside to exercise, taking care of the kids, managing extra studies, and less time on the road.

    An Increase In Performance And Productivity

    Remote working means that there are less distractions, allowing you time to focus on tasks at hand. In a survey conducted by Flexjobs,  Benefits of working from home, over 51% of employees interviewed said they were more productive working from home. Making remote work an increasing trend in 2021.

    A Designed Office Based On Your Personal Taste

    Whether you live in a small apartment or a large property, working from home gives you the freedom to design your office space to match your own personality. 

    Let’s Get Down To Designing Your Home Office:

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    Tip 1: Office Furniture - Standing Desk

    When it comes to deciding what office furniture to have in your office, it is important to keep your wellness in mind, especially your body posture.

    A standing desk allows you to stand while working and has many advantages which includes relieving neck tension, back pain and improves posture. A standing desk takes up little to no space making it a must have in your home office. 

    Tip 2: Ergonomic Desk Chair

    If a standing desk isn’t your cup of tea, another must have is an ergonomic desk chair, an essential piece to consider when it comes to office furniture. Although a bit of an investment, having an ergonomic desk chair will ensure your back and spine is supported.

    Ergonomic desk chairs are not a one size fits all and we suggest seeking an expert ergonomist to help you find the right desk chair for you.

    Tip 3: Floating Shelves

    Floating shelves will certainly make a statement in your working space. They require little to no effort in assembling and come in a variety of sizes and colours which includes wooden textures of light and dark mahogany.

    Floating shelves are aesthetically pleasing and the perfect addition to a small corner office. Place books, plants or ornaments to add a touch of character to your working space. 

    Tip 4: Colour Palette 

    In a recent article, Seeff explored Property Interior Colour Trends 2021. Light Blues were a popular addition to interior colour palettes and can contribute towards brightening up your small office space.

    Having a statement wall will bring out a vibrant touch to your workspace. Bringing joy to your personal space. Bold statement walls such as grey with a succulent or house plant will add a touch of finesse and elegance. Go on and have fun with your colour palettes.

    Tip 5: Natural Light

    Natural light can bring more life to your office interior. The use of light is also beneficial for virtual meetings. There’s nothing worse than sitting in a dark, low-lit room where your clients and employees can’t see you.

    If your interior space doesn’t have any windows, there are ways to create the illusion of light. Using cooler colour tones such as greys will help brighten up the room and give you the feeling of calmness. 

    Tip 6: Office Supplies

    Office supplies are a great way to make your personality really stand out. Adorn your walls with your favourite artworks, place a sleek or contemporary lamp shade on your desk or side table. Make your office extra comfy with a beanbag chair.

    Shop around for trendy notebooks and sticky notes to add important reminders. House plants are also a wonderful way to bring life into your office.

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    Author: Seeff Property Group
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