Set up a home office workspace that inspires productivity

    With a rise in remote and hybrid working, many South Africans have traded office cubicles and boardrooms for the comfort of home. And with that comes a need to create an office environment that can fuel your drive for success.

    You deserve a home office that transports you to a realm of creativity and focus, where ideas flow freely, and distractions fade into the background. It's a place where you can conquer your to-do list with ease, accomplishing tasks with the precision of a seasoned pro. Here’s how to start, from choosing the perfect location to adding gorgeous greenery to your space.

    Find your home office sweet spot: Having a dedicated area in your home will help you create an ideal work and home life. If you don’t have a large home, you can convert a garage, stairway landing, part of the hallway, bedroom corner, attic, basement, or even a cupboard to house your workstation. Above all, your home office should be quiet, at a comfortable temperature, and have enough space for your layout.

    Let colour inspire your greatness: Colours have an impact on your mood and behaviour, so choosing your paint and decor colours strategically can boost productivity and purpose in your office. Depending on the nature of your work, pick blue, green, or neutral shades (for calming), orange (for energetic thinking), or yellow (for creativity).

    Get furniture that means business: You can find yourself working for hours. Investing in ergonomic furniture can be the key to comfort, cutting back on neck and back strain, and creating a healthy home office. Ergonomic chairs provide support to different parts of your body while ergonomic desks can be adjusted to an appropriate height. You can take it a step further with a standing desk loaded with benefits like burning calories, improving posture, and maximising your focus.

    Clear the clutter, clear your mind: A desk swimming in pens, paper, and other knick-knacks is a surefire distraction and productivity killer. Instead, use storage solutions like shelves, drawers, bins, baskets, file organisers, and wall pegs to keep clutter at bay. Cables around your desk can also be unsightly strewn on the floor and a tripping hazard so work at securing them with ties or cable chord boxes.

    Make it personalised to you: Your home office should inspire and motivate you. Adding some personal touches will definitely keep your spirits up, especially during a busy day. This can be a favourite mug, family photos, ornaments, and art. Desk toys like fidget spinners can even assist with focus while stress balls can benefit your grip, circulation, and hand pain from arthritis.

    Light up your space for bright ideas: Effective lighting can ensure you feel more alert and enthusiastic about your work. If possible, set up your home office near a window for natural light. You should have multiple light sources above and around your desk to reduce shadows and cut back on eye strain as you write or use your computer.

    Desk infront of window with a plant, laptop and a tablet

    Tech it to the next level: Your home office should be kitted with a reliable internet connection and have essential tools like a laptop/computer, extra screen, printer, and stationery depending on your work. There are plenty of gadgets to add extra functionality such as wireless charging mouse pads, air purifiers, and under-desk exercise machines to keep you active. With load shedding being a constant, don’t forget to invest in inverters, power banks, surge protectors, and LED emergency light bulbs.

    Female working from home while using noise-cancelling headphones

    Tune out the noise: If you don’t have a quiet space, the hustle and bustle around you can be distracting. Investing in noise-cancelling headphones or listening to white noise can help you block it out and stay focused on your work. Screens can separate your office from the rest of your home and you can put up signs to let family members know when you’re on a call or busy. A further step would be to add soundproof foam panels to walls to dampen surrounding noises.

    Let good vibes bloom: Adding greenery to your desk has plenty of scientifically backed benefits from improving attention rates, ridding the air of pollutants, to creating a calming environment. Plus, they’re simply a lovely way to add colour to your desk, so head to the nearest nursery for spider plants, snake plants, aloe plants, bamboo plants, or peace lilies that are ideal for an indoor workspace.

    Real estate agent showing a home’s interior to young couple

    Unlock your home office’s potential

    A thriving career is built on the foundation of an effective environment. With these inspirational home office ideas, you can create one where you can do your best work. If you’re looking to buy or rent a home with a home office, Seeff’s property practitioners are the ones to turn to. Our team can help you find the perfect space that fits your unique needs. Get in touch at your convenience.

    Author: Seeff Property Group
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