Best colours to paint a home office for productivity

    Working from home definitely has its share of perks. We’ve identified the top wall colours, hues and shades that inspire you to get productive in your home office.

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    Paint a positive attitude

    In order to create a space that encourages professionalism, your home office needs to be equally about form and function. It’s been psychologically proven that certain colours are said to encourage optimism and mental clarity. This helps you to focus on your tasks at hand. Bringing home the bacon has taken on a whole new meaning by injecting your home office with all the bells and whistles needed to ensure your success.

    The colours you choose also largely depend on your personality. If you’re someone who thrives in cool, calm environments then refreshing shades of ice white, navy blue and muted greys work well. This almost clinical look serves well to minimise distractions. 

    man looking at vision board on home office wall

    Introduce a pop of creativity

    Artwork is a timeless way of changing the way a room feels. You can use your walls as the canvas by installing whiteboards and markers for that authentic office brainstorming feel. Alternatively, keep your walls simple in a neutral colour and frame book covers from your favourite motivational authors. 

    Manifestation vision boards have been the rage for a while now and for good reason! Curate your walls with aspirational images and quotes that push you to do your best. That bucket list vacation you’re planning? It goes right up there with your dream car, house and everything else your heart desires.

    The most popular home office colours

    While space is important in picking an ideal home office, you can transform even the most cramped rooms into an oasis of organised zen.

    Black or forest green: these dark colours can seem intimidating at first, but playing around with varnished wood furniture and softening it up with a striking, contrasting rug can do wonders for that “just made partner” feel.

    Red or orange: These lively shades will encourage energetic thinking and stimulating ideas. Balance them out with shades of terracotta, tan and peach.

    Pink and mint green: These complementary colours evoke a fun, lighthearted feel and inspire you to enjoy spending time in your home office. Infuse the room with welcoming energy even further with perfectly positioned scent diffusers or fresh flowers in a vase.

    Monochrome: Black and white are classics. But monochrome doesn’t necessarily equal boring. You can add dimension with textures and decor. Monochrome has a tendency to indicate elegance and gives off a clean, structured feel to any room.

    quirky home office with various plants

    Invite nature into your home office

    Dainty succulents, oxygen-rich ferns and potted plants all provide an element of freshness and light. You can also choose to have a feature wall of faux vines that snake across the wall, as well as a small water feature if you have the space. This will create an atmosphere of calm and relaxation to rival any spa.

    Enhance the natural lighting of a room by purchasing blinds and curtains in neutral tones. This will automatically give the impression of airiness and space.

    Personalise your walls

    Many paint shops offer the service of mixing your own shade palettes and creating a custom colour that is unique to your requirements. Do some research on blending your favourite shades and mix and match colours until you get the perfect tone. This creativity results in your walls being spattered with your individualism.

    Mirrors and wallpapers are great accents that can be used to bring out the colours of your home office. Add embellished cornices for a decorative touch that speaks volumes about the personality of your workspace.

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