The most popular kitchen colours for beautiful walls

    Giving your kitchen a makeover is as easy as choosing a fresh colour to paint your walls.

    When you think of the kitchen being the heart of the home, you envision delicious aromas and an exciting tidbit in every jar and under every lid. The aesthetics of the room are also important, as you want to create a social and comforting ambience all in one. Choosing your kitchen wall colours is an enjoyable task the whole family can provide input on.

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    Trendy or classic? It’s up to you

    All-white kitchens work no matter the design of your home. It’s a simple, yet effective way of showcasing the different textures and features of this room. White doesn’t have to be boring. Playing with glossy tiles set against matte painted walls and stainless steel brushed appliances looks elegant to the eye. 

    Adding colour to your walls is recommended as the easiest way to upgrade the kitchen. As this room is often fully-fitted with versatile cupboards, the wall colours you choose can either have a complementing or contrasting effect. Making your kitchen as warm and inviting as possible with attractive wall colours is as easy as 1, 2, 3 paint! 

    Colours that enhance the space of your kitchen

    When looking at shades that will give the appearance of a bigger kitchen, stick to neutrals of light beige and white or cooler tones of grey. Pastels in mint greens and sky blues are also good ways to introduce lightness to a room and have an uplifting effect on existing decor. Light accent walls adorned with large mirrors add to the illusion that the room is bigger than it actually is. 

    If you have a small kitchen with minimal wall space to work with, it’s a good idea to focus on a colour scheme that ties everything together. Choose two primary colours like red and black for a contemporary look or yellow and pine green for a vintage feel. The cohesiveness of the two colours will make over even the smallest of spaces into a chic, cosy room. The perfect lighting for small kitchens should be able to bounce light off the walls and create an enlarging, warm effect. Think of installing spotlights and chandeliers that draw attention to your ceilings and give a soft glow to your walls. 

    Modernise your kitchen walls

    A fresh lick of paint in a two-tone design can do wonders for making it seem like your kitchen has had a complete overhaul. It’s as simple as choosing tones from a similar shade range to work well as a two-tone component. To add to the most inexpensive makeover yet, you can use this opportunity to update your appliances to those that work in unison with the new wall colours. Think matching toaster and kettle sets that won't break the bank or DIY tea, coffee and sugar canisters. Purchase plain ceramic or clay jars from any homeware or nursery and have fun with the leftover paint from the walls. 

    Painting the ceiling is a unique way of adding drama and modernity to a room. You can paint the ceiling a different shade to the walls or add intricately detailed murals of vines and clouds that make you feel like you’re dining in a renaissance era cottage.

    Have a seat at the table

    What could you possibly paint your kitchen walls to encourage guests and family to feel at ease in this space? A carefully placed chalkboard wall can be painted to be used as the world’s coolest grocery list or to encourage creativity in the young ones' art pieces (not to mention saving the other walls in your home!). 

    Bringing in natural elements has also become popular in interior design and kitchen walls are no exception. Earthy tones of terracotta are balanced with potted herb plants mounted on the walls or light stencils of lemons or cherries portrayed around the cornices. 

    rustic kitchen with wooden island

    Whatever your style, your kitchen walls can add a bit of spice to your home design. Gain some inspiration from Seeff’s many practical ideas and begin playing with colours, textiles and more tricks that catch your fancy. Speaking of fancy, there are a number of Seeff properties with dream kitchens already installed we would hate for you to miss out on. Contact one of our expert property practitioners for a viewing today.

    Author: Seeff Property Group
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