Best bedroom colours for 2023: elevate your sleeping space

    Over the years, bedrooms have blossomed into multifunctional spaces: a place to rest, study, work, play, read, and even work out. The colours you choose sets the scene for success. 

    The right colours can create a mood that relaxes, soothes, and rejuvenates. Beyond that, you can create a space that’s on trend and inspires you every time you enter it. In 2023, the bedroom colours are impactful and expressive. Forget about an all-white bedroom. The year is all about unlocking the power of colour for a space that truly speaks to you.

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    Make magic with magenta

    Viva Magenta, Pantone’s official Colour of the Year, is a striking balance between red and pink. The colour brims with joy, optimism, and playfulness. As such, it can be overpowering for a resting place, so let it work its magic in scatter cushions, throws, area rugs, or accessories. This is an ideal way to refresh a neutral bedroom dominated by whites and greys that could do with pops of appeal. 

    Pretty up your space with powder blue

    Softness is trending in 2023 from circular shapes to fuzzy finishes. But it’s also coming out in a big way through colour. This light, sky-blue shade does wonders for a tranquil, calming bedroom. Pale blue walls look wonderful in a coastal decor scheme. But, this delicate blue shade can also be used on a ceiling to create a dreamy effect. 

    Add sun-kissed splendour with terracotta

    This warm orange-red colour has subtle earthy tones, giving any space a touch of warmth and vibrancy. The colour pairs well with other natural shades and is a wonderful alternative for brighter shades of orange. Use it in paint or wallpaper, spread out terracotta duvet covers, or bring it in as accents in picture frames. For a rustic look, place terracotta plant pots on your shelves. 

    bedroom in forest green with tall windows, bed, and beige curtains

    Invite nature in with shades of green

    With biophilic design rising in 2023, green is a popular colour to nurture a connection to nature in the bedroom. Skip neon shades and opt for deep forest greens, soft sage greens that evoke fresh shoots, or rich emerald greens. These colours can dazzle as wall paint but can also be brought in as accessories. Adding pot plants with lush foliage is an easy way to let green heal and soothe in your space. 

    bedroom with lavender wall and lavender decor and white furniture

    Fall in love with lavender 

    Beloved by the Gen Z generation, this shade of purple can conjure up a calming, feminine, and distinctly romantic atmosphere in your bedroom. It can stimulate both creativity and spirituality. Truly lavender can do it all! This colour looks fabulous as a wall paint. But, it can also be brought in as accents to balance the starkness of grey or white walls. For a fairytale-themed child’s bedroom, lavender can be paired beautifully with blush pink.

    Bring in earthy charm with brown 

    With natural fibre furniture growing in popularity, it’s hardly surprising that brown is a colour of choice in bedrooms. Whether you like mocha, beige, or taupe, brown shades are comforting and grounding, and help you connect to nature. Take advantage of this versatile colour; pair it with blue, grey, green, or white for a stunning look.

    minimal bedroom with black walls and black decor and plants

    Make a bold statement with black 

    Wednesday Addams from the popular TV show has wowed with her soft-goth glam fashion choices and you’re thus sure to see plenty of black in 2023. The colour evokes mystery, elegance, and drama. Black glossy walls can help give a majestic but intimate feel to a small room. Paired with the right accents and textiles, black can feel cosy and give your bedroom a timeless feel. 

    Embrace the versatility of greige

    While neutrals will still remain popular, the interior colour trend is leaning towards warmer tones. Greige made a splash in 2022 and will continue to feature in decor schemes this year. The colour is a winning combination of grey and beige, being both sophisticated and calming. In your bedroom, the colour pairs well with other colours but can also work as a stunning monochrome scheme on its own. Greige is often touted as a chameleon because it can be used in a variety of styles such as minimalism, farmhouse, Scandi, and Coastal Grandmother.

    minimal bedroom in greige with hanging lights and pillows on bed

    Unlock your bedroom’s potential with colour

    Colour makes a huge difference in enhancing your bedroom. And from dazzling magenta to comforting greige, 2023 offers an extensive colour palette to inspire your change. Browse our Homestyle blog for even more home decor and design advice.

    Author: Seeff Property Group
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