Wonderful wall colours that will enhance your small room

    If your home is short on square footage, it can feel like a challenge to give the illusion of more space.

    However, you don’t need to pull every trick out of the hat. In fact, some smart choices in paint colours and decor can make your small room feel charming and cosy rather than cramped. And having a small bedroom, kitchen, or living room doesn’t mean you can’t flaunt your own style. These tips can help you put a glorious look together, without skimping on personality.

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    Should you paint small rooms light or dark?

    When it comes to small space room colours, the common advice is to go with all-white walls. Light colours draw less attention to themselves and, as such, can make a room feel airy. However, this may not always be the best way forward. If your room receives little natural light, lighter paint colours can look dingy and dull. Rooms that are bathed in light during the day and aren’t shadowed by overhanging trees or other buildings will do well with softer paint colours.

    Surprisingly, dark paint colours can also make your space feel bigger. Deep colours blur the edges of walls and create an illusion of depth and expansiveness. When using darker paint colours, be sure to view how the colour looks different during the day and at night. Choosing a glossy dark paint colour reflects more light, which helps spaces look larger. You can use an accent wall to create a striking contrast with your dark paint. Painting trim in the same colour will also help lengthen your space. And don’t forget about your furnishings; opting for pieces from the same colour family can make your space feel effortlessly chic.

    small bedroom painted blue

    Perfect paint colours for smaller spaces

    When it comes to paint, there are so many options to choose from. It can be daunting! However, these colours will work well for most small spaces:

    • White: Crisp white is a great choice to make your small room feel open and inviting, just like a new canvas waiting to be painted. However, the paint tins you bring home should have warm tones. Creams, ivory, and dove will work well in low levels of light.
    • Grey: If you need an alternative to white, a soft grey colour is spot-on for a spacious but elegant look. You can even splash on a silver shade if you’re leaning towards a fresh and contemporary design scheme.
    • Blue: This versatile colour can really make your small room pop. Powder blues can make your room feel spacious and calming. Darker navy blues can add depth and prestige.
    • Brown: Light earthy tones of beige, terracotta, and tan can make your small room feel comforting. They work well with other colours; the ability to ‘disappear’ into the background of your room creates less distraction and a more spacious feel.
    • Black: Painting your room in a soft black or charcoal colour helps minimise the boundaries between walls, ceilings, and baseboards. This creates a feeling of vastness, ideal for small bedrooms or home offices.
    • Green: A light green pairs well with other colours and wood finishes. It conjures up a soothing feel, perfect for bedrooms and living rooms. This colour also looks fabulous if your small room opens up to a gorgeous landscape or green outdoor area.

    Rooms don’t need to be big to be colourful and comfortable. These paint colours can work wonders to give them a much-needed oomph.

    small loft bedroom for kid painted pink

    Colours that make small rooms look brighter

    The most beautiful rooms are bursting with light and colour. However, a small room may not always have this perk. With fewer windows and entryways, the atmosphere can become dreary. These paint colours are fabulous for bringing a spark to smaller spaces:

    • Pink: Dusty roses and pastel pinks add instant personality to a room. Softer shades can add a warm glow. If you’re leaning towards a brighter shade, make it an accent wall to avoid overpowering the room.
    • Yellow: Cheerful and sunny, shades of yellow can conjure up the feeling of natural light in a room. Because it is an energising colour, it’s best to avoid using them in rooms where you want a calming atmosphere such as a bedroom or lounge.
    • Orange: This colour radiates energy and warmth. It’s ideal in small rooms where people gather to socialise like kitchens or dining rooms. Stick to shades of pumpkin, tangerine, or apricot rather than neon colours for a sophisticated look. 
    • Lavender: Purple can be dramatic but it can also be calming if you opt for shades of lavender. This warm-toned colour adds brightness to a room. It’s also incredibly adaptable; pair it with pastels for a fun look or match it to grey and white for an elegant appearance.

    A coat of paint can have a stunning effect on a small room. If you can’t change your light source, a tin of your favourite brand can add brightness and appeal.

    Dazzling decor ideas for your small room

    Paint is fantastic, but it’s not the only way you can spice up a small room and make it look larger. Some changes in your decor can make all the difference.

    • Downsize your furniture and art pieces.
    • Use mirrors to give the illusion of a bigger space.
    • Play around with lighting to eliminate shadows. 
    • Maximise your room’s functionality with convertible furniture
    • Reduce the amount of clutter in your room. 
    • Switch from bulky curtains to sleek blinds.
    • Avoid heavy fabrics and textiles that weigh down your room. 
    • Find creative storage solutions to increase space.

    Be sure to keep it simple. Doing too much can overwhelm your small room, so be sparing with furnishings, patterns, and bold colours.

    living room with sleek blinds and wall mirror to create the illusion of space

    Grab your brushes and get going

    A small room can be tricky, but nothing should stop you from making it a space you love. After all, your home is a sanctuary and an investment for the future. Get in touch with Seeff’s team of property practitioners if you’re ready to start your own real estate journey.

    Author: Seeff Property Group
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