The advantages of using convertible furniture in your home

    When it comes to choosing furniture, you know how challenging it can be.

    You want functional pieces that can fulfil all your needs. And they should ensure your home remains spacious and attractive. It can be achieved with the help of convertible furniture. 

    Simply put, transformable furniture is any piece that can transform from one style into another. From a sofa that turns into a bed, a storage bin that doubles as a stool, to a coffee table that folds out into a dining table, this furniture are secret home superheroes. Learn about the advantages they offer whether your home is big or small.

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    • Gives you more space

    Let’s face it: the need for more space can strike at any time. You could be downsizing to a smaller property. You could be a student moving into a modest apartment. You may even need to create a home office or child’s room. Convertible furniture can help you make the most of your available space.

    For example, swapping your sofa for a sleeper couch means you’ll have an extra bed for a guest. This is useful if you don’t have a separate guest bedroom or need to use your spare room for a different purpose. 

    • Reduces clutter in your home 

    Having too many possessions in your home can have a negative impact on your well-being. Clutter is truly a barrier to a beautiful home, making your space feel smaller and disorganised. There’s also a reason minimalism is trending this year. Clean lines and open spaces can enhance your liveability. This is where transformable furniture comes in handy.

    As convertible furniture cuts down on the furniture you need, it creates more floor space. It’s also common for this type of furniture to provide additional storage space for all your odds and ends.

    • Saves you money 

    Furniture is expensive but there are often times you’ll need an extra chair or table. Convertible furniture can easily transform to fit your needs. There’s no need to buy extra furniture if your current items can meet the needs of a guest or new addition to the family. 

    At first, transformable furniture can be more expensive than traditional furniture since they have an edge in practicality. Just be sure to pick items that will last for a lifetime. Look out for durable materials (hint: natural fibre furniture is all the rage), timeless designs, and test hinges and drawers where this is present. 

    • It is easier to move around

    A pet peeve when moving is being able to transport furniture. Heavy, cumbersome pieces can be difficult to get upstairs or through doorways. Even when you’re settled, the decorator bug might bite, prompting a furniture shuffle in your space. 

    Being portable is another advantage of convertible furniture. Lots of them have a modular design, allowing you to break them apart and reconfigure many of the pieces. A good tip is to choose a streamlined design without any unnecessary parts or embellishments. It will make it easier to move without worrying about these being lost or damaged. 

    • Offers greater decor versatility 

    Perhaps you’re spending more time at home. Being retired, working remotely, or becoming a stay-at-home parent can make you re-evaluate your living space. Convertible furniture allows you the freedom to give a room a new function without breaking a single wall.

    Choose transformable furniture if you value flexibility in your decor scheme. A sofa that converts into a lounger can make a living room into a home theatre. A crib that changes into a bed can turn your nursery into an older child’s bedroom. The dual function of this furniture is only limited by your imagination. If you can’t find it online or at your local furniture store, you can easily have it made by a skilled carpenter. 

    convertible desk storage cabinet

    Source: Amazon

    • It has a cool factor

    Much of the convertible furniture you can buy today has a contemporary feel. With sleek designs, striking colours, and made from attractive materials, they will easily enhance the profile of your space. Don’t forget the intrigue that comes from transforming your furniture. Nothing beats impressing guests when they see your furniture reveal its hidden qualities for the first time.

    Where to find this furniture in South Africa

    With so many pros, you’re bound to feel inspired. There are plenty of local furniture retailers that stock convertible furniture. Here are some notable stores where you can find a range of adaptable sofas, tables, chairs, stools, and much more. 

    Clever shape-shifting furniture can be a real gamechanger. However, having the perfect backdrop will certainly make a difference. As an established real estate brand, Seeff’s team is experienced in finding your ideal space. Contact your local Seeff property practitioner today.

    Author: Seeff Property Group
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