Creative ways to use mirrors in your home

    A mirror, mirror on the wall can make the fairest decor space of them all. These silvery surfaces can truly bring the magic to your scheme.

    Whether it’s bouncing light from a window, maximising a room’s space, or creating a lovely look, mirrors can transform every room in your home. Before you start hanging them left, right, up, and centre, you’ll need to think strategically. Only by using them in the right spaces can you unlock their decor wizardry. But rest assured, this blog will show you how.

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    Get the best bang for your rand

    There are plenty of places where you can go to buy unique well-priced mirrors in South Africa. Pop over to your local thrift shop or hit the flea markets to find second-hand mirrors. You can also look at the selection at these quality stores:

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    • Sotran: This shop specialises in imported Asian-style furniture and decor in tropical and classical themes.

    When on the hunt, be sure to visit these shops’ social media pages. You may learn about a flash sale or discount code that can help you save even more on your mirror purchase.

    entrance hall mirror

    Enhance halls, nooks, and stairways

    Anyone can hang a mirror on a wall, but you’ll benefit from looking at spaces that need them the most. A full-length mirror can add depth and interest to a dead-end hallway. Leaning a standing mirror in corners and crannies can bring a glow to these dimly lit areas. Plus, neglected stairways can be made points of interest with a collection of mirrors in different shapes and styles. 

    Cause a stir with a large mirror

    If your room is small or poorly lit, you can’t go wrong with an oversized mirror. The larger the mirror, the more light will be reflected. It will also give the illusion of depth. Opt for a large mirror in a simple frame or install a full-length mirrored wall to get the full impact.

    Bring in light by reflecting a window

    Placing your mirrors opposite windows is a wonderful way to bring in light. If you have a particularly delightful view of greenery or cityscapes, you’ll even enhance your space. A bevelled mirror is a good choice to maximise the light it reflects. You can also get a mirror styled in a window-finish frame to create a sense of symmetry.

    Get clever with mirrored surfaces

    Mirrored doors are another way to exploit the light-bringing beauty and space-enhancing power of mirrors. However, they’re also practical; you can check your hair and make-up before you leave the house. Reflective cupboards and counters in kitchens and bathrooms are easy to clean and provide a sleek look to your home.

    Throw in fun reflective accessories

    Mirrors can be pricey. However, even the smallest additions can make a big difference. Small ornaments, trays, and even furniture embedded with mirrors can contrast well with wooden and marble finishes in your home. If you’re not brave enough for a full-length mirror, this is a worthwhile option.

    Mix and match for an eclectic feel

    Why not create a wall gallery? By grouping mirrors of different shapes and sizes, you can focus the attention on one spot in a room. It can banish the boring from an empty wall and highlight your unique take on decor.

    Soften your look with curves

    Round mirrors are a popular mirror shape you should embrace in your home. They can soften strong lines and hard materials you’re bound to have in your furniture. Their calming, eye-pleasing shape works well in spaces like bedrooms and bathrooms where relaxation is key. 

    Add a touch of glam with tiles

    Yes, mirrored tiles may sound like a disco dream, but they’re actually a fantastic way to add a sparkle to kitchen and bathroom areas. Using them to create a backsplash above sinks, counters, and heavy appliances can modernise your space. In small rooms, they will open out your space and offer a dazzling focal point. 

    Create a work of mirrored art

    Mirrors come into their own when they reflect something beautiful. Consider their positioning carefully; a stunning chandelier, gorgeous painting, or captivating sculpture’s wow factor can be extended with a mirror. Be sure to keep plenty of glass cleaner on hand to ensure your mirror continues to offer a show-stopping reflection. 

    mirror above fireplace

    Make a hot statement above the fireplace

    For a contemporary look, mount a mirror above your fireplace. Be sure to give it enough room for mantlepiece objects to sit comfortably. On the flip side, you can lean mirrors on the mantle together with artwork and vases. This is helpful to modernise your fireplace, especially if it’s made of marble. 

    Let mirrors shine outdoors

    Mirrors can also breathe new life into your exterior spaces. They can reflect your greenery, maximising its beauty. Standing mirrors against brick walls can add an elegant touch. If you prop them at an angle, they can reflect an interesting view of the sky. Mirrored panels on walls can also expand small backyards or balconies.

    Elevate your space with mirrors

    The decor opportunities are only limited by your imagination. Embrace the power of mirrors and watch your space become bigger, brighter, and better than ever. For further advice, sign up for our Homestyle blog to stay on the cutting edge of design and decor inspiration.

    Author: Seeff Property Group
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