2022 living room trends: create a look you’ll love

    From settling down with your favourite series, get-togethers with your friends, to having a relaxed bite to eat, your living room is where it all happens. 

    And with COVID-19 it has become so much more; a place to live, learn, work, and play. With this space so central to your daily life, you should ensure the design and decor reflects your personal taste and personality. Look to 2022’s latest trends for inspiration.

    This year, the ideas are as trendy as you are. From updated minimalist styles to warm neutrals, it’s easier than ever to set up a room you’ll never want to leave.

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    Minimalism with a twist

    Minimalism remains a big trend in 2022. However, the less-is-more approach will be adapting to your new reality. Downsizing, working remotely, or simply embracing a simpler lifestyle means your living room may need to carry more than one function: office, gym, bar, etc. For this, you can use convertible furniture that provides multiple uses or offers hidden storage. Consider pouffes that can house knick-knacks, coffee tables that can double as work desks, and sofas that can turn into beds.


    Dominating TikTok and the homes of celebrities, Japandi remains a hit this year. Blending Japanese and Scandinavian styles, it encourages you to create a space of simplicity, comfort, and easy living. Bring in a warm, neutral colour palette, use natural materials, create a free-flowing space, and keep your accessories to a minimum. The result is a gorgeous living room that offers a restful retreat from the hustle and bustle of life. 

    Warm neutrals

    neutral lounge

    Your lounge is a sanctuary, and you can emphasise this with a soothing earth-toned colour palette. Warm neutrals like rust, beige, and taupe can really make your space welcoming and help you feel connected to the outdoors. And it doesn’t need to be boring. Play with textures and patterns in your wall paint, furniture, accessories, fixtures, and textiles to create a dynamic atmosphere. Warm neutrals contrast well with other colours, complement different styles from beach house to shabby chic, and have a timeless quality. 

    Biophilic design

    Building on earthy neutrals, biophilic design can help you get closer to nature. This style emphasises being in harmony with the outdoors, and you can do this with your living room. Upgrade to bigger windows to let in natural light, fresh air, and the wonderful sounds of birds. Let botanical prints run wild in your scheme. Introduce natural fibre furniture for a rustic feel. And, most importantly, incorporate plants in hanging displays or oversized pot plants. Bringing biophilic design into your space is sure to leave you feeling more creative, calm, and engaged than ever with the power of nature. 


    If you’re keen on creating a space that’s beautiful but also kind to the environment, you’re not alone. Sustainability is a popular living room trend on the up. Going green isn’t difficult or expensive either. From buying second-hand furniture, using eco-friendly paint, repurposing decor items, and switching to energy-saving lighting, you can make a difference. Supporting local artists and craftspeople can also reduce your carbon footprint by cutting back on shipping. The unique and artisanal items you place around your living room will be sure to be a conversation starter when you have guests. 

    Curved furniture

    Circular silhouettes is another decor trend taking the spotlight in 2022. Whether it’s rounded mirrors, barrel back chairs, or half-moon tables, curvaceous lines will be making a statement in your living room. These shapes have a soft, non-assertive feel that can make your space tranquil. As curved forms appear in nature, this decor shape can make your space feel organic. The trick is to use it sparingly, make your curved furniture and decor items the focal point, and contrast their elegant shapes with sharp angles or geometric lines.

    Global look

    With the Omicron travel ban over, South Africans have the chance to travel and explore the world. On your holiday, bring back some textiles, statues, handicrafts, and artwork that catches your eye. This will help you create the global style, a trend that celebrates other cultures in your decor scheme. As your living room reflects treasured memories, showcase that woven rug you found in India, pagoda-style lamp from China, or that colourful sand from Mauritius. The eclectic mix can give your space a wonderfully personal feel. 

    Put together your ideal living room

    couple enjoying their livingroom

    A Seeff property practitioner is well versed in understanding your needs and finding a suitable home to match. We know the importance of a lounge for working, relaxing, playing, socialising, and reflecting your personality with the latest trends. Contact our team today to find your happy place.

    Author: Seeff Property Group
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