Retired homeowners thinking of downsizing

    Seeff has seen a number of homeowners making the decision to sell their larger homes and downsizing. This trend has been especially prevalent amongst homeowners who are retired or who are planning their future retirement.

    While there are many advantages that comes through downsizing, the most significant advantages include less maintenance and that a smaller home is less of a financial burden than a larger property.

    If you happen to be a retiring homeowner and looking to downsize, then this phase of your life may be slightly daunting.

    • When is the right time to downsize?
    • How do you make your home sales ready?
    • Where are the best locations to invest or buy? Our team at
    Seeff is here to guide you through the process.
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    Let us look at your needs and what homeowners are looking for.

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    Retired Homeowners Downsizing: Your Individual Circumstances Or Lock-Up and Go?

    A retired homeowners transition will depend entirely on your individual circumstances. At Seeff, we understand that one size does not fit all. You will need to consider the following factors: your health, safety and related costs.

    Retired homeowners with mobility issues may need to consider a home with fewer steps and less maintenance. Those that are unable to drive will need to find a property that is closer to lifestyle centers, shopping malls and entertainment areas.

    Studies have shown that South Africa is an extremely popular country for retirees. According to Expatica, expat homeowners are relocating to South Africa due to the warmer climate, picturesque landscapes and a reasonably low cost of living.

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    Making My Home Sales Ready With Home Improvements?

    Homeowners thinking of downsizing need to keep in mind that it is important that your beloved home makes a good first impression. Here are a few home improvement ideas.
    • Start with the exterior. Make sure your garden is neat and appealing. Add a few colourful shrubs and blooms if you need to, and have a neatly mowed lawn.
    • Decluttering will also give buyers a better idea of the room size. The rooms in your home need natural light shining through clean windows. Give your home a good cleaning - nothing is more appealing to a prospective buyer than a clean home. Make sure to take an extra look and dust or wipe to dusty corners, skirtings, light fittings and don’t forget the shower head.
    • Start by getting rid of the items that you no longer use: donate your unwanted goods to our Home2Home initiative or host a Covid-friendly garage sale.
    • Next, give your home a good cleaning. Nothing is more appealing to a buyer than a clean home. If you think your home is already sparkling clean then look again. Have a look at those dusty corners and skirtings, light fittings and don’t forget the shower head.
    • In general, neutral colours are more appealing to potential buyers as they need to imagine your home as their own. Speak to your local hardware store to find out what the latest neutral colour trends are. Bold, bright colours are often distracting and can be off-putting unless it is a statement wall.
    • If you haven’t already, rearrange your furniture to create more open spaces and a minimalistic look. Larger, cherished family heirlooms that you need to pass on when you downsize can be given to members of your family.
    • Carry out a thorough, room-to-room inspection and pay special attention to those things needing repair that might have been put over the years. Things like missing tiles, a broken window, scratched flooring or stained ceilings can no longer be ignored.

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    Retired Homeowners Downsizing: Location, Location, Location

    If mobility is not a concern, then searching for a “lock-up and go” property would be ideal. This type of property will give you the peace of mind that will enable you to travel or spend weekends away.

    South Africa ranks 4th on the list of the most affordable countries to buy a house and is a homeowners paradise with the Garden Route being a particular favourite amongst retirees.

    Cape Town, with its pristine beaches and neighbouring Cape Winelands offers an abundance of choices when it comes to activities, while Johannesburg is attractive as it features a variety of lifestyle centres and wildlife parks, such as the Kruger National Park, which is only a few hours drive away.

    Where To Buy Your Next Home

    Retired Homeowners looking to downsize and sell, Seeff offers you a vast selection of properties to choose your next home from.

    Location of Knysna along the Garden Route in Western Cape

    1. Knysna - Western Cape

    Overlooking the calm and surreal canals, Knysna is a homeowner’s dream. The area is the well-known home of the Knysna Seahorse, picturesque sunsets and it offers a variety of lifestyle activities and restaurants. If it sounds appealing to you, then this is the lock-up-and-go property that you have been waiting for.

    White cladded houses with a white picket fences and homes built for two. Knysna offers quaint, quiet homes ideally suited for retirees with enough room for family and guest-stays.

    View properties and homes for sale in Knysna

    Modern lounge interior of luxury property in Pietermaritzburg KwaZulu-Natal

    2. Pietermaritzburg - KwaZulu-Natal

    Pietermaritzburg, fondly known by locals as the “sleepy hollow”, is seeing an increase in property sales and purchases.

    A number of homeowners and retirees from around the country and abroad are making the great trek towards this extraordinary suburb which is conveniently situated close to the Midlands Meander.

    In Pietermaritzburg you will find developments close to lifestyle centres, spend your afternoons on your private verandah looking out over the lush green hills, away from the hustle and bustle of a busy city.

    View properties and homes for sale in Pietermaritzburg

    Bridge to the ocean in Port Elizabeth Gqeberha

    3. Port Elizabeth/Gqeberha

    Coastal living at its finest. Port Elizabeth is situated in close proximity to game reserves, golf estates and Summerstrand, one of South Africa’s flagship beaches. As a retired homeowner not much can be done to these immaculate properties. Find functional lock-up-and-go apartments and properties that exude elegance and charm.

    View properties and homes for sale in Port Elizabeth

    Find Your Dream Property Today

    At Seeff we understand that downsizing is a big decision for our clients. Our agents are on stand-by and ready to offer you the best advice on the best outcome and right price for you.

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