10 Beautiful bathroom ideas

    Implement these 10 great bathroom ideas to transform your bathroom from bland to beautiful with Seeff

    When considering bathroom ideas, the bathroom can be likened to being the shrine of every home; we begin and end our daily ritual by making use of it. From bathroom mirrors and walk-in showers to floor tiles and colour schemes in classic black and white.

    We share 10 beautiful bathroom ideas to completely transform your bathroom.

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    white bathroom with royal blue cupboards

    Idea 1: Stylish Lighting Solutions

    Among many different bathroom ideas, altering your bathroom lighting can significantly enhance the environment and atmosphere of the bathroom space. From modest side-mounted sconces to modern LED bars, your choice in bathroom lighting not only reflects your personality and personal taste but also contributes to the overall bathroom theme and aesthetic.

    Other options include ceiling lighting, hanging pendants and more; with so many different lighting solutions available at varying costs, you are sure to find the ideal one that works for you!

    white and light grey marbled bathroom

    Idea 2: Floor Tiles

    When deciding on new bathroom ideas, laying the foundations takes on a more literal meaning when it comes to deciding on the correct bathroom tiles for your bathroom floor. Floor tiles are used to shape the cohesive theme that will determine your overall bathroom aesthetic. 

    From vinyl to marble and linoleum to glass, there are so many different types of floor tiles to choose from, available in many colours and sizes. Ceramic floor tiles, in particular, are widely popular in modern homes due to their versatility.

    unisex bathroom

    Idea 3: Bathroom Mirror 

    In view of novel bathroom ideas, the mirror is a symbol of physical and in some cases spiritual reflection; so, it seems fitting that deciding on the right bathroom mirror to create a sense of beauty and harmony in your bathroom should be no easy task. 

    You do, however, have options! From cheap to expensive, simple to antique, delicate to bold and available in almost every shape, size and colour, there is a perfect bathroom mirror out there to suit the needs of everyone.

    Practical application and aesthetic aside, there are many other benefits to adding a mirror to your bathroom, from adding light to creating the impression of more space, the addition of a mirror is a beautiful bathroom idea that can only be met with a positive reflection.

    black and white unisex bathroom

    Idea 4: Black & White Magic - A Monochrome Classic

    With timeless bathroom ideas in mind, any bathroom that can be considered to be truly beautiful usually follows a consistent décor scheme or theme. In particular, the black and white décor scheme is a monochrome classic that just works.

    Black and white, despite being polar opposites, work together to create a harmonious aesthetic that can be compared to the spiritual unification of yin and yang. But it does not end here, as there are many benefits to choosing a black and white décor scheme for your bathroom.

    • Some of these benefits include versatility, sheer visual impact and the simple fact that monochrome is timeless.

    white and grey patterned wallpaper bathroom

    Idea 5: Bold Botanical Wallpaper

    One of many beautiful bathroom ideas, botanical wallpaper is a stable trend that has continued to grow in popularity, and for good reason too.

    Available in many styles that create different moods and effects, the addition of beautiful botanical wallpaper is a bold statement that is sure to catch the eye of any guest who enters your bathroom.

    teal coloured walk-in shower

    Idea 6: Walk-in Shower

    Of all the bathroom ideas, while a traditional bathtub is no doubt a stunning feature, nothing says “modern and beautiful” like a walk-in shower.

    Walk-in showers are a stylish and functional choice for any beautiful bathroom and can be tailored to the amount of bathroom space that you have available, allowing you to be as modest or extravagant as you desire. 

    black and white pictures framed against white wall

    Idea 7: Gallery Wall

    Perhaps the most captivating of bathroom ideas, Art is said to wash away from the soul and dust of everyday life, so what better way to add beauty to your bathroom - your sanctuary of cleansing, than a breath-taking gallery wall

    A gallery wall of majestic art pieces can add depth, personality and an air of sophistication to an otherwise bland bathroom space. With art being subjective and beauty being in the eye of the beholder, the options for your gallery wall are virtually limitless.

    dark and light grey bathroom tiles with off white rug

    Idea 8: Bathroom Rug Replug

    A simple albeit practical option among many bathroom ideas, the revival or replacement of your old bathroom rug can completely transform your bathroom atmosphere and overall aesthetic.

    From chenille to nylon, there are many different types of  bathroom rugs available in an array of shapes and sizes to suit your needs! Even Persian or Morrocan rugs are far more durable than you may think and would be right at home as a classy statement piece in your beautiful bathroom.

    white bathroom with marbled counter

    Idea 9: Vanity Vogue 

    Whether you are refreshing your existing one or replacing it entirely, the presence of a luxurious bathroom vanity is among the beautiful bathroom ideas that cannot be skipped.

    With a variety of different vanities available for purchase and the alternate option of repainting your old one and breathing new life into it, you are sure to find a solution that will suit your personal style and your bathroom space. 

    white rolled up towels next to scented stick diffuser

    Idea 10: Fresh Scents 

    Closing off our list of beautiful bathroom ideas, this solution is sure to attract attention with its delicate aromas; as bringing in some fresh scents is a novel (and cost-effective!) way in which to create an atmosphere of beauty and serenity in your bathroom.

    From scented candles and air diffusers to essential oils and fresh mint in your shower, there are numerous creative ways to bring lovely and pleasant scents into your bathroom space.

    woman hugging man while looking at decorated bathroom

    With a variety of bathroom ideas to beautify your bathroom, Seeff leads the way forward.

    "Please note: All building conversions and renovations must always be subject to local bylaws and building regulations."

    Author: Seeff Property Group
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