Light up your life with these trending lighting ideas

    Lighting is used in the home not only as an energy source to illuminate, but to enhance the interior with style and a touch of drama.

    Let Seeff light up your home with these trendy lighting ideas. 


    chandelier in cream living room
    Trend 1: Chandelier 

    Chandelier-even when you say the word, it conjures up images of elegance and luxury. When installed in large spaces, they act as a statement piece and will add more grandeur to the room, today, however, there are more contemporary versions suitable to smaller rooms, kitchens and even outdoor areas. 

    The choices are endless, from an elegant crystal piece, or an industrial style, to an offbeat Bohemian style chandelier. A hand-crafted wrought iron candelabra with a romantic glow will transform outdoor entertaining into memorable experiences, turning your patio area into a unique space.

    Our top tip: hang your chandelier at the correct height, the rule of thumb is 3 feet (36 inches ) above a table or 6 feet (72 inches) off the flooring.

    tall floor lamp in modern lounge areaTrend 2: Floor Lamps

    With the right floor lamp, you can transform a dull corner into an inviting reading nook or an interesting conversation space. 

    Traditionally, floor lamps are used to provide strong lighting. However, with the multitude of features, colours and styles these lamps have an absolute plethora of uses. 

    Some of our creative ways in which you can use floor lamps in your home:

    • Get creative, try moving them around to other corners of the room and not simply where the couch is. 
    • Go with different shapes and sizes, placed strategically they can add pizazz to what would normally be a dull corner of your room.  
    • Don’t be afraid to play with colour and contrast. Modern designs double up for shelves and side tables.

    sleek pendant lights in cream kitchen

    Trend 3: Pendant Lighting

    So, what exactly defines a pendant light you may ask? This is an elegant lighting fixture that hangs from the ceiling either a rod or a chain. The light is suspended like a pendant on a necklace, hence its name.

    Pendant fixtures can be used to light up entrance halls, stairwells, dining rooms, bedrooms and even front porches. They can be used to highlight paintings, photographs and artwork, anywhere in the home where lighting is needed.

    Traditionally one would find pendant lights suspended over counters or tables. Why not try suspending a light over your bedside table, a space-saving tip giving you plenty of light for reading and freeing up space

    Suspended over your kitchen island this light will give you all the lighting you need where it is needed, adding charm and style.

    The golden rule when hanging pendant lighting is that you don’t want to be looking into the light. The aim is to achieve a calm intimate mood and not be blinded by the light. When seated, the bottom of the pendant should be just above your eye-line, taking tall people into account and install low enough to create a mood without it banging your head.    

    modern white table lamp in living room

    Trend 4: Table Lamps

    Table lamps are a perfect accessory to a room and the choices are endless. Some table lamps add a finishing touch to the room, a beautiful bold ceramic lamp with a wide shade placed on a side-table next to a sofa is charming and inviting.

    Pay special attention to the composition and balance when choosing a table lamp as the shade should not exceed the table edge. Why not consider a translucent shade made of paper or silk creating a soft glow or perhaps a solid shade of either coloured glass or dark fabric. The designs are endless as are the colours and forms.

    lighting fixtures in entertainment area

    Trend 5: Lighting Fixtures

    By definition, a light fixture is part of a light that is attached to the wall or ceiling which cannot be easily removed. Once again these come in all shapes and sizes and choosing the correct light fixture would depend on the area you wish to be lit up.

    Outdoor light fixtures for security purposes are more robust and weather proofed while the choices for indoor light fixtures come in endless designs. Install ambient lighting at your front entrance, along the perimeter, sidewalks and walkways of your home. Ambient lighting adds just enough light to enable you to tread safely instead of glaring exterior lighting. 

    hanging lamp in front of dark wall

    Faced with a huge selection of lighting can be overwhelming. Start by making a list of what lighting you need like flush mounts, chandeliers, pendants etc.

    Don’t forget about the bathrooms and hallways. Coordination does not mean that they all have to match, instead add some variation in size, shape and style. Stick to mixing a maximum of 3 different finishes.

    Seeff has you covered with the latest lighting trends to suit any home big or small.

    "Please note: All building conversions and renovations must always be subject to local bylaws and building regulations."

    Author: Seeff Property Group
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