Home renovations before selling: Are they necessary?

    Renovate your house to attract buyers! Seeff explains the importance of home renovations before selling and offers tips to guide you.

    Does this seem bizarre? Renovating a house, spending money on the house, and then moving out? But if your home is in a state of despair, renovations could make all the difference between buyers placing an offer and buyers walking away. 

    Home renovations before selling your house are necessary if your house has issues that can’t be solved by rearranging furniture or buying decor.  

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    Tips For Home Renovations Before Selling

    Before you decide on renovating your house before selling it, consider the following:

    • Colours.
      If you’re going to paint the exterior or interior of your home, keep the colours neutral. Your home will become someone else’s home, and they have their own favourite colours and preferences. Turquoise might look stunning in your bathroom, but a potential buyer might shudder at the bold colour.

    • Keep vivid colours to decor.
      Neutral colours such as grey, cream, and white are ideal for the bigger areas, such as walls.

    • The lifestyle of your potential buyers.
      Who are you targeting, and what are their needs and habits? You want buyers to walk through your house and think it was built and designed specifically for them. 

    • For example, a family of four might appreciate the kids’ bedrooms with its bunk beds, but a bachelor might prefer it if the room was repurposed as a home office.

    • Budget.
      What’s your budget for home renovations? You want to improve your home’s appeal, but you don’t want to spend unnecessarily. Decide on a budget upfront.

    • Major or minor renovations?
      Decide which aspects of your home need major renovations and which parts could simply use new paint or thoughtfully placed decor.

    • For example, if the cold tap in your bathroom doesn’t work or the roof is leaking in the lounge, those require immediate fixing. But sometimes, indoor plants or a fresh coat of paint are all that’s needed to spruce up a room. 

    Ideas For Home Renovations Before Selling

    Renovating your home before you sell it doesn’t need to be an expensive or complicated process. You just need to be strategic. 

    Here are some home renovation ideas as you prepare to sell your house

    Bathroom Renovation Ideas

    The easiest way to prepare your bathroom for potential buyers: clean it! Check for damp and scrub shower doors, tiles, and around the basin so that everything’s sparkling. If your bathroom needs greater improvements, you might have to renovate it.   

    • Replace cracked, stained tiles (whether around the basin or on the floor), and if they’re old-fashioned, this is also a chance to update them with a more neutral, modern design.

    • Check that the plumbing is working. No one wants dripping taps or a toilet with seal leakage, so don’t skimp on renovations here.

    • Modernise the bathroom. Update the wall with trendy wallpaper, or renovate to offer a walk-in shower or heated towel racks. An old-fashioned, dingy bathroom is quickly unappealing. 

    Kitchen Renovation Ideas

    Whether your potential buyer is single, the parent of a big family, or a student, they will spend a significant amount of time in the kitchen. To optimise this space, consider the following renovations: 

    • Electrics and safety.
      Check that plug sockets are easily accessible for appliances, leads are in good condition, and that the plumbing system, fridge (if built-in), oven (if built-in), and smoke detector are working.

    • Storage.
      From cabinets to drawers under the sink to a pullout pantry, a kitchen needs storage space for everything from food to utensils to cleaning accessories (even the awkward ones, like a mop). You can never have too much storage.

    • Countertops.
      Maintenance will only get you so far, but investing in new countertops will instantly elevate your kitchen and bring your home into the 21st century.

    • Quartz has emerged as a durable and popular kitchen trend, so why not renovate your stained, scuffed countertops (especially if they're wooden) and replace them with quartz. Stainless steel is also a durable option. 

    Interior Rooms Renovation Ideas

    Renovate your rooms to ensure they give a great impression to buyers as they wander through your home.   

    • Lighting. If your lights aren’t functioning, get them fixed. A bonus tip: modernise them! Pendant lights are example of trending lighting options.
    • Remember, too, that you want your potential buyer to feel welcomed. A well-lit room can achieve this, and if it’s the first room the buyer walks into (i.e. the entrance hall or dining room), lighting could make the difference between a good or a bad first impression.

    • Storage. Get creative and resourceful with storage solutions, from your bedrooms to the dining room. High shelving, hanging clothes rack, and window seat with pull out drawers are all relatively inexpensive renovations.

    • Build. Add an en-suite bathroom for the isolated bedroom at the end of your property, or knock down a wall to create an open-plan dining room. If you have the budget for it, an en-suite is incredibly appealing and convenient for homeowners.
    Nationwide Building Society also conducted a 2020 survey which revealed that en-suites can increase a property’s value by 5%.

    Author: Seeff Property Group
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