Get inspired with these modern front door design trends for 2023

    A front door is a portal to your home. It provides a warm welcome and should leave a lasting impression. We look at what 2023 has in store for modern door designs, so you can open the door to staying on trend.

    A good door can create a welcoming appearance, make your property stand out, and increase property values. In 2022, embrace fresh design ideas to transform your home for instant curb appeal.

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    The interior design of your house 

    Your front door should complement the exterior of your home as well as it does the interior. Consider the colour scheme and materials used to find your perfect fit. Most newer, luxury homes favour the spacious and regal setting of a double door. The dimensions of your house play a role in determining what type of doors will be right for your entrance. 

    Modern materials

    Your front door’s material impacts not just the look, but its functionality. A good choice of material can provide ease of use, security, and an escape from outside noises. There are some great options that can factor into a successful front door design. 

    Wooden doors provide a classic look and can be painted or stained according to your tastes. They are highly insulative, keeping the heat and cold out. This is a plus as electricity prices increase. 

    Metal doors can give your home a modern touch. Steel, in particular, is strong and durable, making it a top choice if you’re security conscious. To make your steel door striking, add an aged or weathered finish for an unusual contrast. If you’re talking clinical, sophisticated and ultra-sleek, you’re talking brushed stainless steel. The matte finish of this material pairs well with clean-cut, architectural lines and stark features.

    Style for sale 

    If your front door has lost its sparkle, it’s time to consider a modern design for more of an impact. Besides making arriving home more pleasant, a smart style choice can make your home more sellable in the future. 

    Wide front doors make your home feel spacious and elegant. Besides offering a dramatic look with their size, they are also more functional than narrow doors. They provide more space to bring in larger furniture or assist wheelchair users.

    The benefits of having modern double doors 

    When renovating your home, you should always opt to add features that will increase your property’s value and add character to your home. Installing double doors is an eye-catching way to make an entry and exit. It can easily transform a house and take it from ordinary to a talking point.

    Apart from having a sought-after property aesthetically, you can enjoy the spaciousness and ease of accessibility front double doors give you. Exterior entrances with pivot doors are an excellent choice for convenient living. These are swinging doors that rotate on a vertical axis. Besides being visually stunning, they take up less room space, can be customised for most homes, and are quiet.

    Using colour as a highlighting factor

    blue-coloured front door

    Did you know colour has the power to influence your mood? In 2023, there are no specific colours to consider. Your choice should be based on what works best to highlight your home’s features.

    Neutral colours such as white, beige, and grey work well for most homes and have mass appeal. Homebuyers prefer these colours, as they help with resale at a later stage. The right shade works well with most colours and is an apt choice if you have a sustainable home or decor theme. 

    With 2023’s door design ideas, you can create an entrance you and your visitors will love. And when it comes to selling your home, your new door design will serve you well. Contact Seeff’s property professionals for more ideas to add value to your home today.

    "Please note: All building conversions and renovations must always be subject to local bylaws and building regulations."

    Note: This post was originally published in 2021. It has been completely updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness in December 2022.

    Author: Seeff Property Group
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