What is virtual staging and why has it become so popular?

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    With more home-seekers turning online to find properties, putting your best foot forward is key to success.

    Staging your home is one way to do it. By preparing your home using decorating, rearranging, cleaning, etc. you can show off its best qualities. However, the time, effort, and expense required can be significant. Virtual staging, using digital tools or software, is becoming a popular alternative for getting the same results as virtual staging, but faster, affordably, and conveniently. If you’re looking to sell or let out your property, virtual staging can ‘set the stage’ without having to buy a single piece of furniture or decor.

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    What does virtual staging mean?

    Like traditional staging, virtual staging is all about setting up your property to show off its best features and qualities. The aim is to make it more appealing to property buyers and renters. However, virtual staging uses computer-generated imagery or software to create this experience digitally. 

    All you need are clear, high-resolution photos of your home. Virtual staging will insert or remove decorative elements such as furniture, accessories, carpeting, plants, etc. to show off the room or area’s potential. You can hire the services of a professional virtual staging company that provides the skills of professional designers. Or, you can do it yourself with the help of editing software or apps. Each can also offer photo enhancements to brighten the lighting and boost the colours of objects.

    Who is using virtual staging?

    property practitioner performing virtual staging setup on a laptop

    Virtual staging has quickly become an important part of the real estate process. For sellers, virtual staging provides a powerful way to market a property without needing to buy extra furnishings or decor. If you’re a landlord, virtual staging can bring empty rental spaces to life, helping potential tenants imagine themselves in the space. Seller property practitioners are also using virtual staging to make listings pop so they get as much attention as possible. And with so many advantages, especially over traditional home staging, investing in the process can help you easily sell or let out your property with minimal effort. 

    Why has virtual staging become so popular?

    Real estate photography can make or break a sale. Virtual staging helps you nail that first impression. With so much competition online, you need all the help you can get to make your listing as impactful as possible. Here are some of the reasons virtual staging is becoming the norm in the real estate industry:

    Boost your sale price: Clever virtual staging can make your property appear more valuable. As selling or renting property is about creating an emotional connection, a well-staged property can give your space a premium feel. Depending on which company you use, you’ll benefit from experienced designers who can use creative imagery to make your property as enticing as it can be. 

    Capture interest immediately: Empty, vacant homes can come across as cold and alienating. Using photorealistic furnishings and other enhancements, you can ensure your listing conjures up the right feel to entice clicks and views. Remember, most people don’t have the imagination to see what your space can be. Virtual staging can bridge the gap for you. 

    Show your space’s potential: Virtual staging can show the true potential of a space. For example, your spare room can be staged to look like an office or music room. Thanks to being done digitally, you can have either options done to show your target audience what your space can be, and you can choose to stage one room or many. Your budget and imagination are the only limits.

    Appeal to different audiences: Tailoring your property for audience groupings can make selling or letting your property more effective. Virtual staging can quickly recreate spaces to appeal to Millenials, families, retirees, and more. An empty room can be given a beach-house theme to appeal to coastal lovers or it can be filled with natural fibre furniture to drive your home’s eco appeal. 

    Declutter your property: Besides filling your space with beautiful furnishings and decor, virtual staging can also digitally remove items in the room. Some of your current items may have personal appeal but their old or garish appearance can be off-putting for potential buyers and renters. The result is a neat space with aesthetically arranged design and decor accents. 

    Stage your home affordably: Although effective, traditional home staging can be costly. Renting furniture and hiring a professional to arrange items in your home can take up a lot of your budget. Doing it digitally means you can use an almost unlimited selection of expensive items and get the chance to apply for reverts if you’re unhappy with the result. And while staging lasts for a short period, the images you receive from virtual staging are yours to keep and use forever. 

    Take the hassle out of staging: While traditional home staging provides a tangible feel, adding and rearranging furnishings can take time. On the other hand, virtual staging allows you to fill an empty property without the physical stress. It can even be done while you occupy the property; simply return sentimental items back to their place once you’ve done taking your pictures.

    Close that deal faster: By creating interest in your property with virtually staged images, you can attract more interest. With more interest comes a greater potential to sell or let your property. The quick factor also comes with turnaround times for virtual staging. It can take a professional designer only a few hours to a day to virtually stage your property and release images for your approval. 

    Stage with safety in mind: Virtual staging saw a rise in popularity during the COVID-19 lockdown as it allowed property owners to stage their homes and abide by social distancing requirements. Besides preventing potential COVID-19 risks, it also keeps your possessions and family safe. No one you haven’t vetted will need to enter your property and potentially damage furniture when rearranging it. 

    Market your property expertly

    virtual home staging furniture

    With staging, you can provide a vision of how people can live on your property. Whether you opt for traditional or virtual staging, you’re taking the steps to make your home as appealing as possible. Also, don’t discount the role of a property practitioner in the process. From writing persuasive listings to showing your home, they can help you sell or let out your property successfully. Get in touch with Seeff’s team to get the ball rolling.

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