Four ideas to create your beach-themed kitchen

    As summer approaches, it’s the perfect time to transform your kitchen space from boring to beach-worthy.

    With the year winding down to a close and the warmer months approaching, it is the perfect time to bring some beach house décor inspiration into your kitchen space. Beach-themed kitchens often have a limited colour palette that mimics the ocean and incorporates natural materials like rattan and wood to create a rustic look and feel. Coastal design is most effective in open-plan rooms that maximise natural light, air and space, which is why the kitchen is often an excellent choice. Here are a few ideas to help you create a timeless beach-themed kitchen space for you and your family.

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    Nautical-Themed Lighting

    nautical themed lighting in a kitchen

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    When considering beach house décor inspiration for your kitchen, nothing makes a statement like nautical-themed lighting. Lighting sets the ambience and mood of your home and if you want to transform your kitchen into a mariner's delight, then incorporating nautical-themed lighting is the perfect place to start. 

    As a design showstopper, hang a coastal chandelier or nautical pendant lights over your kitchen island using rope, netting or other woven textures to bring some quintessential coastal spirit into your beach house kitchen. 

    Rattan pendant lights are a popular trend and perfect for the nautical design theme, and going with shades of sea-green and blue evoke feelings of the ocean and its gentle rushing waves.

    Coastal Kitchen Flooring

    hardwood kitchen flooring

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    No beach house kitchen is without some coastal kitchen flooring. Many stylistic elements of your coastal flooring will depend on the design choices present in the rest of your newly-transformed kitchen. Although you have painted floors or sleek tile options, hardwood flooring is usually the popular choice for the kitchen due to its natural look and feel. Some of the better types of wood to use in your beach-themed kitchen are oak, maple, and cherry, owing to their greater durability. If you have a small kitchen, opt for lighter colours and lighter wood for the floor to create a sense of openness.

    If you don't have the budget for natural hardwood flooring, you might consider using laminate flooring instead. While not as authentic, laminate flooring is a cheaper option that arguably looks just as good as traditional hardwood and comes in various styles to suit your specific beach décor theme. Laminate flooring is a warm, water-resistant choice for the kitchen. Although most laminate flooring is not waterproof, some manufacturers now offer waterproof laminate options that feature a hardcore made of waterproof material that boosts stability and strength, eliminating the weakness to moisture.

    Beach-Themed Kitchen Island

    beach themed kitchen island

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    An island acts as an anchor to your kitchen area. Kitchen islands are no longer just a prep area for cooking meals. They become designated spaces where family and friends gather, entertain and eat meals together. 

    When it comes to the aesthetic of your kitchen island, you have free range over the style; from traditional hardwood designs done in maple, cherry, oak to more modern options done in sleek laminate. The two most essential elements are the colour of your kitchen island and the chairs surrounding it; opt for coastal colours like white and blue or wood finishes when choosing the colour of your kitchen island. Cane backing and rattan are popular choices when selecting which chairs to fit around it, but you could also get away with wood or wicker; anything rustic will compliment a beach-themed kitchen.

    There is no fixed rule for which kitchen islands can fit a coastal kitchen; however, we recommend sticking to natural textures or shades of blue, sea-green, cream and white for synthetic styles to keep in line with your beach house décor theme.

    Kitchen Décor Accessories and Wall Art

    nautical kitchen décor accessories

    Image Source: Houzz

    Last but not least, no beach themed kitchen is complete without some authentic nautical décor accessories and wall art. 

    When considering wall art for your kitchen, paintings or photographs that depict the ocean or marine life are popular choices, mainly due to the variety of styles available. 

    For nautical accessories, explore coastal shops for kitchenware to add the perfect finishing touches. These include salt and pepper shakers, a wine rack, dish towels, cutting boards, a bread bin and more.

    Your choices are limited only by the available space in your kitchen and, of course, your budget; however, avoid overdoing it as this could clutter your kitchen rather than have the desired effect.

    Feeling inspired to transform your home further, read our article on beach house décor inspiration for my living room.

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    Author: Seeff Property Group
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