What colour should you paint your fireplace this winter?

    A fireplace is a classic home design feature with outstanding potential to update your modern homestead.

    Living in South Africa, fireplaces are not commonly built in new residential homes unless by request. However, much of the classic Colonial-style architecture still stands to this day and some of the homes that have stood the test of time boast this purposeful addition.

    Whether you want your fireplace to be a fabulous focal feature or simply blend in with the rest of your home, you have plenty of colour palettes and design options to play around with. Seeff explores the best ways to style a fireplace to suit your unique taste this winter.

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    It’s in the details

    Using your existing fireplace features you can decide to enhance or subdue the desired effects. If you have a brick-faced design, painting it a rich, dark shade of mahogany or black is the quickest way to elevate it. Alternatively, leave it barefaced if the room has a neutral decor scheme or you enjoy a minimalistic look

    Here are some quick-fix DIY ideas to refresh your fireplace using paint and colour techniques:

    1. Complement your fireplace by matching the paint to the decor around it. Enhance the colour pattern by choosing angular artwork in striking tones or mirror frames to create symmetry. 

    2. Use paint to create an abstract artwork out of your fireplace. Everything from floral murals to swirls of rich colour can be used to liven up a room. 

    3. If you have a mantelpiece above, this can be a wonderful addition to your fireplace dynamic. You can use the space by painting it a similar tone or adding ornaments that flow with the colour scheme. 

    4. Monochrome works best when it’s allowed to be the star of the room. You can use a stone facade to vertically elongate the space above the fireplace with either a black or white shade and paint the fireplace the opposite colour.

    5. Add sophisticated flair by using a screen in a contrasting colour or texture from your fireplace. For example, you can use a bold, bronze screen paired with a white fireplace. 

    Colour with design

    If your home follows a modern aesthetic, you might want to consider getting an electric fireplace. They come in an array of colour options and require minimal installation and maintenance. They are also cost effective and extremely efficient. 

    Undoubtedly the hottest trend right now (pun intended) is the see-through glass fireplace. This is a four-sided glass design that offers a complete view from any angle of an electric fire. It is definitely a centrepiece to any home but also reflects simplicity and the transformation of a classic feature. If you’re someone who believes fireplace colours should be raw and authentic, yet still deliver on clean design this is the best option for you. 

    Custom colour your fireplace

    Bespoke tones and colour matching your furniture are great ways to express your individuality as a homeowner. Fireplaces are no different. The benefit of customising your fireplace to your home is the one-of-a-kind look that accents the rest of your decor and adds a sense of luxe and warmth like no other.

    white painted fireplace

    Derive inspiration from your wardrobe and home and paint your fireplace one of your favourite bold shades. Don’t underestimate the regal allure rich, lacquered red brings to an otherwise conservatively decorated room. Even a green with blue undertones can do wonders — it’s not just a fantastic colour for your bedroom

    At Seeff, we understand the importance of having a detailed property that fits your needs. We’re here to help with expert advice for buying or selling a house with all maintenance and design aspects in mind. Contact us today.

    Author: Seeff Property Group
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