10 Best fireplace ideas

    Welcome warmth and style into your home this winter with these 10 fireplace ideas from Seeff

    It’s the perfect time to update your home and make use of a fireplace. Whether you plan on making it the focal point of your dining room or deciding between purchasing modern or traditional, a fireplace gives your home a sense of character. 

    There is a lot you can do with a fireplace to make it look aesthetically pleasing and take your home to the next level.

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    brick fireplace with fireplace screen infront

    Idea 1: The Brick Fireplace

    Having a brick fireplace part of your home is luxuriously timeless, a popular trend and a classic addition to your home. 

    • When red bricks are left unpainted and exposed, brick fireplaces will give your room a more rustic feel. 
    • For a more contemporary and modern appearance, smooth over the fireplace bricks and paint them with bold or neutral colours such as ivory, white or black.  
    • If you really want your fireplace to take center stage, choose paint colours that contrast with the rest of the room.

    stone fireplace with log in centre

    Idea 2: The Stone Fireplace 

    Whether artisanally made or crafted from natural materials, stone fireplaces are in-demand and a charming design element to add to your home. 

    • Stone fireplaces range from marble, granite, limestone to textured river stones, fieldstones, and more.
    • To modernise your stone fireplace: paint the stone with a trendy colour, or decorate the mantel with modern decor. You can also renovate the hearth with new tiles, stone, or a fresh coat of paint. 

    eclectic fireplace

    Idea 3: The Eclectic Fireplace And Fireplace Mantel

    The style you choose for the design of your fireplace’s hearth and mantel will depend on your taste. For example, eclectic is a combination of different styles which includes time periods and design components in a way that still makes sense to your home. 

    Here are 3 ways to create an eclectic-style fireplace.

    • Mix unexpected colours. For example, bring in bright red accessories for your mantel to contrast with the bluestone of your fireplace.  
    • Pick and choose design elements you love, and bring them together. Combine a traditional Victorian fireplace design with modern art or choose a vintage rug to contrast with the sleek, modern white of your fireplace mantel and surrounds.  
    • Mix textures. For example, a faux fur rug will be a striking contrast to the smooth stone of the fireplace mantel above it. 

    Gold and white traditional fireplace

    Idea 4: The Traditional Fireplace And Fireplace Mantel

    Having a traditional fireplace design isn’t new, but it is still seen in older properties today. A traditional fireplace is usually made from brick or stone and borrows inspiration from the fireplaces of older time periods. Here are 3 ways to create a traditional fireplace.

    • Ornate and intricately designed fireplace mantels (this is from the early Victorian era).
    • Wood-burning - as wood is the traditional fuel source.    
    • If you want a fireplace that’s reminiscent of a rustic, cottage-style fireplace: don’t paint the bricks (or stone) and keep the mantel’s design simple.   

    white bricked wall fireplace

    Idea 5: The Modern Fireplace And Fireplace Mantel

    Keep your home trendy with a modern fireplace design. Here are 3 ways to modernise your fireplace and fireplace mantel. 

    • Choose a gas or electric fireplace instead of a wood-burning fireplace. Or decide to opt for an environmentally-friendly fireplace.  
    • Granite, concrete and smooth stone are all modern materials you can use to build your fireplace and mantel.
    • Linear fireplaces, elevated fireplaces, tall fireplaces and fireplaces with clean, straight lines are all modern fireplace designs.   

    white built-in fireplace

    Idea 6: The Minimalist Fireplace And Fireplace Mantel

    When you want to achieve a striking fireplace without overwhelming the whole room. Having a minimalist fireplace may do the trick. Here are four ways to create a fireplace that suits your minimalist lifestyle

    • Keep the fireplace mantel uncluttered.
    • Keep the fireplace’s surroundings uncluttered and decorate sparingly. 
    • Avoid patterns and multiple colours. Stick to one or two colours.
    • Avoid brick or unpainted stone, as this can look busy. Instead, paint the fireplace mantel, hearth and surrounds so that it’s smooth and clean. 

    spacious living room with brick walled iron fireplace

    Idea 7: The Focal Point Fireplace

    Living room ideas to make your fireplace the focal point of the room.

    • Use colour to highlight the fireplace and set it apart from the rest of the room. 
    • Remove other furniture and accessories from around the fireplace, so that your eye is drawn to it alone. 
    • De-emphasise other elements in the room with muted colours and smooth textures. 
    • Turn the other furniture in the living room so that they lead towards the fireplace, even if they’re only slightly pointed towards it.  

    white open space dining room fireplace

    Idea 8: The Modern Dining Room Fireplace

    If you’re looking to incorporate a fireplace into your dining room, without compromising comfort or style, these two ideas might inspire you.

    • Build a fireplace between rooms (as pictured above). It could separate a kitchen and living room, or even a bedroom and sitting area. 
    • Since round tables are a 2021 modern dining room trend, position a round table in front of your fireplace and the fireplace will make mealtimes a more cosy experience.

    white marbled brick fireplace with fire screen

    Idea 9: The Tiled Fireplace

    Ceramic tiles are inexpensive and durable which make them a popular design choice for the mantel and hearth.

    • Tiles are available in every colour and pattern. You can create a modern fireplace, a rustic fireplace and everything in between. 
    • Geometric patterns give a modern appearance. Smooth matte tiles in natural shades (white, cream, ivory) are minimalist. Marble tiles are elegant and luxurious, while wood-like tiles give the room an earthy, natural feel.  

    grey marbled fireplace

    Idea 10: Unique Architecture

    The following ideas are all about the architecture of your fireplace.

    • Change the location. A fireplace isn’t only for dining or living rooms. It can be built into your bedroom, outside patio or even bathroom. 
    • A tall fireplace (pictured above), an outdoor fireplace, a linear fireplace in the wall or a fireplace with storage units built around are just a few unique options for the architecture of your fireplace.

    "Please note: All building conversions and renovations must always be subject to local bylaws and building regulations."


    Author: Seeff Property Group
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