10 Inspirational living room ideas for winter

    Seeff shares 10 inspirational living room ideas for winter

    The living room is a place for family and friends to gather, and in winter, it is important that your living room feels cosy and inviting. Whether you have bought a house, or planning to buy a house, here are 10 inspirational living room ideas. 

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    scented candles and fragrance bottle on table

    Idea 1: Scented candles

    Scented candles make your living room feel cosy, and certain scents are soothing to your senses. As part of our living room ideas, we suggest making use of scented candles. Scented candles are an elegant accessory, giving off sumptuous aromas and are a great addition to your coffee room table. 

    • Candles are available in a variety of scents, so you have the option of spicy combinations (such as cinnamon and orange), or more neutral scents like vanilla or sandalwood. Depending on your preference, having scented candles is one of our top living room ideas for winter.     

    faux fur

    Idea 2: Faux fur

    With its luxurious and soft texture, faux fur adds sophistication and is number two on our top tips for living room ideas in winter.  

    • Faux fur is one of the simplest living room ideas for winter: Drape a faux fur throw over the back of your couch, or keep it folded in a cupboard until the temperature drops. On those cold rainy nights, you can bring it out when you need to get comfortable and warm.

    light pink and white throw pillows

    Idea 3: Throw pillows

    Fluffy, tactile throw pillows are cosy and add depth which is why this design tip makes our top three list of living room ideas. Not to mention, it adds comfort to any living room space. 

    • Pile throw pillows on your couch or scatter them across chairs. Your living room will soon look and feel ready for winter in no time. 

    interior design colour trends swatches on table

    Idea 4: Incorporate Interior Design Trends

    If you are looking for trendy living room ideas here are 4 interior design trends of 2021 you will want to include when designing your living room space:

    1. Bring the outside inside with flowers and plants. 
    2. Take a maximalist approach to decorating.
    3. Use multifunctional furniture. 
    4. Choose warmer, more vibrant colour palettes.

    purple wall and purple couch with white decorations

    Idea 5: Bold, Warm Colours

    2021’s property interior colour trends are all about bold, vibrant colour palettes, so if you are looking for living room ideas and wondering which colours are best for a living room, here are three suggestions:

    1. Jewel tones, such as ruby, emerald, and amethyst. These colours are commonly used for walls. 
    2. Aegean Teal. This colour is perfect in furniture upholstery or as an accent.   
    3. Warm earth tones. 

    rolls of textured fabric and material

    Idea 6: Layers And Textures

    Make your living room comfortable with lots of layers and textures. As part of our living room ideas we recommend knitted blankets, plush fabrics, throw pillows and a fluffy rug. These accessories are bound to turn your living room into a snug winter haven. 

    • Drape a quilt over your leather couch and suddenly you have a softened smooth surface. Having a knitted, plush blanket makes your couch more inviting for people to sit down. 

    cream coloured lamp and chair

    Idea 7: Intimate Lighting

    Lighting is important when you’re browsing living room ideas for winter. Dimmers, for example, offer a gentle ambience, and small lamps or candles are more comforting than harsh, bright overhead lights. 

    • The warm glow of a lamp on a coffee table goes a long way in creating a homely atmosphere for winter. The types of bulbs you use (and the size of the light sources) all matter when you are designing a living room for winter. 

    Fern pot plant in living room

    Idea 8: Botanicals 

    Fresh indoor plants and flowers may be unusual for living room ideas in winter, and yet greenery is proven to have mental health benefits

    • The absence of greenery is linked to stress and even depression. As a result, having plants in the living room (and nurturing them) can be therapeutic for you. 

    wood burning white  fireplace

    Idea 9: Fireplace

    Fireplaces are classic for living room ideas in winter. It can be costly to build or remodel but it can also increase your home’s value

    • If you want to create a cosy and intimate space, make use of a smaller fireplace tucked away in the living room corner.
    • Depending on your design taste, there are different types of fireplaces available. Wood, brick, and stone are a few options. You can also explore environmentally-friendly fireplaces

    light grey curved couch

    Idea 10: Curved Furniture 

    Our last inspirational tip for living room ideas in winter is curved furniture. Whether it is a couch or coffee table, curved furniture gives the living room a relaxed (and contemporary) feel. It softens the room. This is important during winter when you want your living room to feel comforting and cosy. 

    • Curved furniture encourages people to engage with each other when they sit down. Incorporating curved furniture into your living room area is more inviting as it brings people closer together. 

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