Tips to help you determine your home value

    Here’s what you need to know to price your home and determine your property value.

    A fresh chapter in a new property is the perfect way to realign your lifestyle with your financial needs. But to sell your property for the best price, you first need to determine your home value. At Seeff, our 55 years’ experience within the property industry has revealed that the following tips can make all the difference when it comes to determining your home value for a successful sale.

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    1: Choose A Trusted Estate Agent For A Comparative Market Analysis

    Choosing an estate agent to market your property is the first step to selling. It is always a good idea to do some research and have a few agents come and view your property. This way you will gain a professional opinion on your home value. A good estate agent will also provide the essential comparative market analysis.

    • We advise that you find an agent who has the backing of an experienced estate agency -through Seeff, as the selling process is more work than sellers believe.
    • A qualified property professional will have insights regarding property price trends in your area and the popular price bracket. An estate agent will also assist you in setting your property price, and can manage your expectations with regards to offers.
    • One important aspect of determining your home value is to obtain a comparative market analysis. A comparative market analysis is a document that helps you decide on the price at which to list your property, taking into consideration other properties on the market. When you sell with Seeff, you will receive a comprehensive report from your agent which includes comparable properties and the price at which they were sold.

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    2: Price Your Property Correctly

    When you price your property, the price should match the prices of similar homes in the area. Your chosen agent will assist you in doing thorough research into your home value, to ensure that you’re pricing your property realistically.  

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    3: Why Does Presentation And Home Improvement Matter When I Want To Sell My House?

    You might wonder if the presentation of your house can influence your home value. The answer to this is, yes. When acquiring your home value, the presentation of your house can attract or dissuade potential buyers. First impressions are key towards a successful property sale and have a significant impact on the types of offers you will receive. This will also influence whether or not buyers will respect your home value. 

    • When people view your home, try to incorporate as much natural sunlight as possible by opening up curtains and windows. This creates a sense of space and freshness.
    • Allocate some budget to minor fixes, such as painting the walls and completing any small repairs that may be necessary.
    • Neaten up your garden by cutting long grass and tidying up your flower beds. The front of your property is the first thing a potential buyer will see, and the positive first impression is a good way to start off a viewing.
    • Decluttering your house is one of the important things you should do to prepare your house for selling and to boost your home value.
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    Determine Your Home Value With Seeff

    It may be daunting and seem impossible to get the best home value. But when you sell your home with Seeff, you will get expert guidance from one of the country’s leading property professionals. 

    Contact Seeff today to determine your home value.

    Author: Seeff Property Group
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