Decorating open shelves in your home

    Creating the perfect #shelfie is difficult but rewarding; Keep yourself up to date with a guide for decorating open shelves in your home from Seeff.

    Regardless of how many books and accessories you have, turning a simple storage space into a storage style piece requires more than a good eye. Fortunately for you, you don't have to be an interior designer to reap the benefits of decorating open shelves in your home.

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    Read further as Seeff shares excellent tips when it comes to decorating your open shelves.

    1: What’s Your Style?

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    Before deciding how to decorate your open shelves, it helps to select what style you want and where you want them placed. There are countless available shelving ideas for every room, and you are sure to find one that suits your taste and the aesthetic of your home.

    2: Pick Your Dream Theme

    Once you have decided where you would like your open shelves in your home, the next step is selecting a décor theme that suits your taste. From rustic and eclectic to modern minimalist chic, numerous interior design themes are available to choose from, making your design decision a whole lot easier. An excellent key to keep in mind is that your décor theme should dictate the kind of items and accessories you plan on using to fill up the space on your shelves.

    3: Shop Out of the Box

    decorated plant shelf

    The next step to decorating your open shelves is purchasing the right accessories to decorate them. You can use various items to arrange your open shelves, from books, plants, bust sculptures, and woven baskets. With a design theme in place, you are sure to find the perfect set of items to match your style. 

    4: Nothing Beats a Good Book

    Don't forget, no set of open shelves is ever complete without a few quality books. From literary masterpieces like Fitzgerald and Kiyosaki to spine tinglers like Stephen King, deciding what books to place on your shelf should reflect your personality and interests. 

    However, if you struggle to decide what books to exhibit on your shelf, here are ten books that can help your thought process.

    5: The Item Weight Debate

    You may not think of the weight of your decorative items when placing them on open shelves, but this is vital. Heavier items typically feature on the lower shelves and build up to lighter items on the middle and top shelves. 

    6: When The Mood Fades, Rearrange

    Here is a simple reminder that your design preference will change over time, and that is perfectly fine. 

    The beauty of open shelves is that you can easily rearrange your items and change them up for something new. If you grow tired of looking at the same old style, you can spruce it up with new ideas and give your living space, office or kitchen a whole new look, feel and ambience.

    With people spending extended time in their homes, perhaps there is no better time for decorating the open shelves of your dreams. 

    Seeff provides you with the latest guide to help decorate open shelves in your home and inspire your family to get involved in the process.

    Author: Seeff Property Group
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