Discover 2022's bathroom trends: Spas, smart features, and more

    Often overlooked, your bathroom is one of the most used rooms in your home.

    Did you know the average person spends 416 days of their life in the bathroom? That’s a lot of time brushing your teeth, applying makeup, shaving, and even giving your fur baby a wash. This space is functional but there’s no reason it can’t also be fabulous with the year’s latest trends.

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    In 2022, refresh your bathroom with these design and decor updates. From mixing modern and vintage elements to enhancing your storage, you can create a space that will leave family, friends, and guests impressed. 

    Play with modern and period styles

    Letting old meet new is a fun way to make your bathroom stand out and your personality shine through. Think porcelain pedestal sinks below sleek mirrors, clawfoot tubs against a neutral wall, or square subway tile backsplashes contrasted with minimalist fixtures. It’s a risk but one that will add an element of surprise and imagination to your daily routine. 

    Create a spa experience

    white modern bathroom

    Work and family pressures can weigh down on you at the end of the day. By giving your bathroom a spa aesthetic, it can be a sanctuary. Paint your walls a neutral colour, buy natural fibre furniture and decor, create places to house candles, and put up art with a tranquil feel. Even just a change of showerhead or adding a bath caddy to hold a glass of wine can make your bathroom a place of wellness and rejuvenation.

    Welcome nature indoors 

    This year, nature is a strong inspiration for many bathroom trends. In your space, you can show your connection to the outdoors by including indoor potted plants. Besides being inexpensive decorations, eco-friendly, and attractive, this greenery will help purify the air. Visit your local nursery to find an option that thrives in the humid, moist conditions of your washroom. 

    Embrace earth tones

    Grey, white, and black are classic colours for your bathroom. However, this year earth-inspired hues like taupe, beige, cream, sienna, and terracotta are reigning supreme. In keeping with the nature theme, this warm palette will be sure to create a cosy atmosphere. Use it across your wall paint, bathroom tiles, decor, furnishings, doors, and plant pots. 

    Make magic with marble

    pvc marble-like wall panels

    Yes, marble in a bathroom isn’t a new bathroom trend. Its beauty, water resistance, and ease of cleaning have made it a wall constant over the years. In 2022, take it to new levels. Try different colours beyond white such as green, brown, and pink. Consider unusual veining for a dramatic impact. You can also experiment with marble ornaments and fixtures. For an affordable version of this beautiful stone, try PVC panels with a marble-like appearance

    Reward yourself with smart features

    Technology has improved many parts of your living experience, and it can do a lot in your bathroom. You can add smart toilets with seat warmers and speakers to play your favourite tunes. LED mirrors can tell you the news or weather. Or, even consider smart showers that keep the temperature constant for that perfect wash. There’s much tech can do even if you start small with extra outlets for your devices. 

    Get fancy with luxurious fixtures

    After the trauma of COVID, 2022 is the year to spoil yourself. And you can start with giving your bathroom a makeover with luxurious fixtures. Matte black faucets, toilets, sinks, tubs, and showers can give your space a sophisticated look. Gold-toned fixtures are also popular this year and pair well with both modern and period-themed bathrooms. Remember, luxury should be synonymous with quality any investments in fixtures should increase your property’s value as well as be attractive.

    Be bold with textiles

    Your bath and hand towels are more than just hygiene helpers. They can add a pop of personality to your space. For a neutral-coloured bathroom, consider bright colours to make your space vibrant. For a bathroom already filled with colour, neutral shades in bold textures or exciting patterns will create a stylish look. The same principles can also apply to your bathroom mat or rug.

    Discover the appeal of wallpaper

    Can you really wallpaper your bathroom? Yes! This bathroom trend is a popular way to bring colour to your space and make it feel personalised. Choose vinyl for its resistance to moisture and humidity. In a small bathroom, covering a single wall or corner can create the illusion of space. For a larger bathroom, opt for a large-scale print or pattern. There are plenty of peel-and-stick options available and guides online that can help you incorporate this look. 

    Dazzle with statement lighting

    unique lighting in bathroom

    Never gloss over good bathroom lighting. It can prevent a nasty slip on a puddle or help you catch that smudge before leaving the room. In 2022, statement lighting is casting a glow in your space in eye-catching, bold, and unusual ways. Consider pendants, sconces, flush mounts, or chandeliers for instant appeal. With sustainability still big this year, be sure to use energy-saving LED bulbs where possible. 

    Bring order with storage

    With minimalism still a hot trend this year, the need for storage will extend to your bathroom. Adding in more cupboards to keep your space tidy is an obvious fix. However, cost-conscious changes can also be done. Use baskets to better organise your existing cupboard or drawer space. A simple ladder shelf over your toilet can maximise space without drilling a single hole. Don’t discount your furnishings too. You can buy a shower bench, for example, that offers shelving for all your products and accessories. 

    Make your bathroom beautiful

    neutral bathroom trends

    This year, look outside your comfort zone and make a change with your bathroom. As a well-used area in your home, it truly deserves some TLC. A few changes can take this space from practical to pretty, and delight all who enter it. Seeff’s property practitioners take pride in finding homes that bring joy. Trust us to find a space — from the bathroom to the bedroom — that will help you live your best life.

    Author: Seeff Property Group
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