Winter is the perfect time to sell your property

    According to Seeff, house sales may even increase during winter. However, this is still dependent on the market and economy.

    “While there are seasonal trends and sales dip over the winter school holiday season in some areas, there is no overall trend. Each area differs,” says Samuel Seeff, Chairman of the Seeff Property Group. 

    Why You Should Sell Your House In Winter 

    “There are many compelling reasons for putting your house on the market over winter and just as many reasons why buyers and tenants will be looking over this time.” - Seeff Property Group.

    • You’ll be ready to move into your new home come summer. If you are considering putting your house on the market during winter, remember that it can still take around three months for the property to sell. With the disclaimer that this home's sale price is aligned with its current market value and not overpriced. Yet if you put your home on the market during the winter months, you’ll start summer in your new house.
    • Fewer listings to compete with. Many sellers might be discouraged by the weather and hold off putting their property on the market. 

    • Schools are a big selling point for buyers with families. Put your house on the market during the winter months, and house-hunting families will want a home in close proximity to a school as soon as the winter holidays end. 

    • Your house might catch the eye of more serious buyers. Remember, the weather doesn’t determine the price of your property. Don’t assume that you will have to accept a lower price just because it’s cold and raining outside - that won’t stop serious buyers. You have just as high a chance of selling your property during winter compared to summer. 

    How To Prepare Your Property For The Winter Market

    First impressions last when you want to sell your house. You want buyers to fall in love with your property from the first time they see it, so take the time to prepare it. 

    • Get interior and exterior maintenance done before winter weather sets in. If you live in heavy rainfall areas, this is especially important. Remember the outside of your home, too. Ensure that your garden is tidy and clean, the garage is freshly painted (if necessary), and bins are removed from view. 
    • Highlight cosy interior features. Insulation seals around doors and windows and a fireplace in your living room are significant drawbacks for house-hunting buyers in winter weather. If you have a sunroom, this is another aspect worth showcasing. 

    How To Prepare Your House For Viewings In Winter

    Ensure that your property is well-staged, and you can increase the likelihood you will sell your property. A dark, cold home isn’t welcoming, and no matter what the weather’s doing outside, your home should be a haven for potential buyers.

    “Show days and viewings are perfectly fine over the winter.” - Seeff Property Group

    • Clean and declutter your home. Open the curtains, and take advantage of any sunshine. Absorb unwanted smells with a bowl of coffee beans or utilise a wonderfully scented diffuser.  
    • Get rid of old fire smells by cleaning your braai or fireplace.
    • Leave dry, fresh towels in the bathroom, and hide toiletries. 
    • Warm up your property with a heater or light a fire in the fireplace. 
    • Let a vase of flowers or bowl of colourful fruit greet buyers when they step inside.  
    • Decorate your home with winter décor. Draping a throw or blanket over furniture and stacking wood by the fireplace to add ambience. You want buyers to feel like the home is liveable.

    If your home is still not quite ready for buyers, explore these home renovation ideas from Seeff to prepare before you sell your property.

    Author: Seeff Head Office
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