Rental Viewpoint

    26 May

    Is Buy-to-Let Commercial Real Estate A Good Investment In 2022?

    Buy-to-let is the act of purchasing a property to rent out. Investing in this type of commercial real estate in South Africa can be a great way to generate income

    6 May

    Eviction order process and costs in South Africa

    An unopposed eviction roughly costs between R10 000 and R15 000. However, once it becomes an opposed eviction, the cost can increase to R100 000.

    10 Mar

    Are you new to property investing? Our top tips to hiring a rental agent

    When hiring a rental agent to manage your property on your behalf, do some research and see which rental agents are most popular in your area.

    26 Jan

    Landlord Responsibilities in South Africa: What You Need To Know

    New landlords, get your questions about leases, rent, and landlord rights answered with our guide to a landlord’s responsibilities in South Africa. Read more here.

    6 Dec

    Ensuring your property investment is fit for the rental market

    Ensuring that your property is fit for rental will not only attract tenants and keep it occupied, but will protect your valuable asset.

    10 Nov

    Choose the right rental agent and optimise your rental returns

    Renting out properties might bring in a steady cash, but if you don’t choose the right rental agent your property investments could be at risk.

    2 Aug

    Why use a rental agent and how to choose the right one

    If you do not have a good calibre tenant who pays on time or looks after the property, you can quickly be left out of pocket. A rental agent can help.

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