Sustainable design trends for your home

    From eco-friendly to simply trendy, keep up to date with the latest sustainable home design trends with Seeff.

    Green living is not only becoming popular by demand, but it is also becoming popular by necessity. From energy-efficient solar panels and LED lighting to effective insulation and green roof systems, incorporating eco-friendly design elements into your home will be good for you, and the world around you.

    Seeff shares several design trends to transform your home environment into an eco-friendly paradise.

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    Recycled Materials on kitchen counter

    Design Trend 1: Recycled Materials

    When incorporating sustainable design trends into your home, change your perspective on what is waste and what is worth re-using. A collection of recycled wine corks can be used as wall and ceiling panels or even flooring, while old newspapers can be transformed back into wood again and used for various home design applications. 

    There is a variety of different recycled materials to choose from when designing your ideal eco-friendly home. Think creatively, “think out of the box”.

    Solar Panels on roof top

    Design Trend 2: Solar Panels

    Solar energy is becoming a widely used source of renewable energy for generating electricity in modern homes. 

    With a variety of different systems available, the installation of solar panels in your home is an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution that provides a wealth of benefits in the long run. As a practical, and sustainable alternative to a conventionally powered home, you have reduced risk of fire and your living space is liberated from the electricity grid.

    LED burning Lightbulb

    Design Trend 3: LED Lighting

    Using LED lights at home is a popular sustainable design trend because this lighting is both stylish and eco-friendly. LED lights provide several benefits; including energy efficiency, a long life span and low heat radiation.

    Along with an exceptional colour range, LED lights are available in a variety of styles, so you are certain to find the perfect lighting solution for your home.

    man applying Insulation

    Design Trend 4: Eco-Friendly Insulation

    When building your home with sustainable design trends in mind, proper insulation is often overlooked. Insulation is a critical part of any home environment designed to reduce energy consumption and costs. 

    While pink is likely the colour that comes to mind when one considers insulation, it turns out insulation can be green too. With the advent of a wave of eco-friendly insulation options that provide many additional benefits, designing your eco-friendly dream home has never been easier.

    Green Roof house on top of hill

    Design Trend 5: Green Roof System

    An exciting, sustainable design trend that is sprouting atop residential homes is the green roof system. Extending your roof to accommodate natural greenery offers an unparallelled natural aesthetic.  

    The green roof system provides a host of benefits including ample rooftop protection, temperature regulation and even air purification. Green roof systems are available in several styles to suit the specifications of your home. 

    The installation of a green roof system is the perfect eco-friendly design solution to complete your sustainable home environment.

    Couple standing on porch looking out on nature

    With sustainable design trends becoming commonplace in residential homes, Seeff has you covered with the latest information to transform your home from environmentally deadly to environmentally friendly while still keeping it trendy.

    "Please note: All building conversions and renovations must always be subject to local bylaws and building regulations."

    Author: Seeff Property Group
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