How do you share a room equally between a boy and a girl?

    Having your kids share a room can be challenging for any parent. It is important to make your son and daughter feel like they have their own space in the room. We explore ways you can do just that with these simple steps.

    How do you divide a room for kids to share?

    Work with the space you have as ingeniously as possible. It’s commonplace for a shared bedroom to be the same size as a standard room, so you have to get creative with your decor and storage. The goal is to highlight the difference between the two sides while creating a cohesive bedroom.

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    You can easily create a shared space with:

    • Splitting the room directly into half by using paint or wallpaper
    • Bunk beds with different bedding
    • Back-to-back beds with a divider/headboard between
    • Gender neutral colours

    By embracing both boy and girl elements of the shared space, you can create a room that is inviting and reaffirming to both your children’s identities.

    How do you maximise space in a shared room?

    By using furniture that doubles as storage space, you can increase your boy and girl’s room for activities, playtime and individual space. There are dressers that can double as storage units that you can store at the foot of each child’s bed where they can keep their personal items, toys and clothes.

    Setting up a room divider is another way you can make your kids feel like they have their own rooms within their shared space. The divider can be retractable and easily stored away for when your kids want to play together or have friends over. This allows your boy and girl to have some privacy and really feel like they have their own unique room. 

    How do you make a shared room fun?

    One of the perks of having your boy and girl share a room is the bond they will share and the fun memories they will have growing up. There are many ways to make sure they make the most of their shared space.

    You can invite your kids to get creative with how they want their room to be laid out and include them in the design process. Using affordable, DIY methods you can install a section of the room dedicated to electronics, books, or arts and crafts. Younger kids can benefit from a shared space with educational toys and a learning area.

    Design ideas for shared boy and girl rooms

    Choose a colour scheme that easily flows into your kids' styles. While neutrals are always a winner and can create a calming atmosphere, ask your kids what their favourite colours are and incorporate them with blankets, plush toys, bedside tables and more.

    Lighting in kids' rooms is a fun way to incorporate design. You can get your boy and girl their own night lights next to their beds so they can enjoy reading, studying or leaving the room at night without disturbing their sibling. Feature lights are also a great way to get your kids talking and enjoying a shared experience. Starry lights that mimic the night sky, the solar system or soothing colours that change frequently. 

    Streamline your boy and girl’s shared room

    With shared items like bookcases, play areas and floor space you can encourage organisational skills in your kids early on. Let them decide what they’re going to share and what is inherently theirs. Fun stickers and labels will help in the process and give them an enjoyable task to participate in together.


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