The ultimate guide to additional storage for bedrooms

    Seeff shares tips and ideas to help you create additional storage for bedrooms.

    Small bedrooms are popular because they’re easy to maintain and organise. However, it can be a challenge to find adequate storage in a small room. Where do you store your clothes, if not in a tall cupboard? Where do you store miscellaneous items without cluttering your windowsill and desk?

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    We share tips and small bedroom storage ideas to help you find additional storage for your room.

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    3 Ways To Increase Storage For Bedrooms

    A mixture of strategic design elements with a touch of creativity will help you make the most of your space. Rest assured, a small bedroom does not mean you need to compromise on storage. 

    Here is how to create space in a small room:

    storage for bedrooms - floating shelves

    1: Floating Shelves 

    Furniture is the biggest obstacle in a small bedroom. When you have limited floor space, elevated storage is the ideal solution. 

    • Floating shelves are an attractive option if you need to store books, toys, or decorative items. They can hold a significant amount of weight (depending on their material and how deep the shelves are), and they’re easy to install. 

    Floating shelves are also effortlessly chic. This makes them the perfect storage solution for a small yet contemporary bedroom. 

    storage for bedrooms - storage bench

    2: Storage Bench And Storage Boxes

    The storage bench is a multifunctional storage solution for bedrooms. Here are two ways to use it:

    • Seating and surface. You can sit on a storage bench to work or relax and simultaneously store books, clothes, toys, and other items inside of it. 

    If you’d prefer not to sit on the storage bench, you can use it for surface space.

    • Window seat. A storage bench works beautifully as a window seat, providing the perfect spot for you to curl up and relax while enjoying the sunshine streaming through your window.

    • Storage boxes are another storage option for your bedroom. They keep clutter off of the floor and can double up as surfaces or seating. Storage boxes also slot conveniently under a bed or desk when you don’t need to access their contents.

    storage for bedrooms - bed frame

    3: Multifunctional Bed Frame

    A bed frame is more than just support for your mattress - you can transform it into storage space for your room. There are many creative options available.

    Here are three ways to use a bed frame: 

    • Display area. You can have a custom-made bed frame and use it as a shelf for displaying books or ornaments.
    • Roll-out drawers. You can build these into your bed frame to permanently store items underneath your bed.

    Here’s another tip: in a small bedroom, the space under your bed is the ideal storage opportunity. Don’t underestimate its uses. You can store practically anything under your bed.

    Overhead shelf. This is similar to the upper bunk of a bunk bed, except you use it as a shelf or surface - not a bed. It increases storage for bedrooms because it takes up wall space instead of floor space.

    storage for bedrooms - clothes baskets

    Clothes Storage For Bedrooms

    If you want to store clothes in your bedroom without a closet, use baskets, wall hooks, or even cupboards with sliding doors.

    • Unlike traditional cupboard doors that open out into your bedroom, cupboards with sliding doors don’t intrude on floor or area space.

    • If you have a small bedroom, store your clothes in a cute weave basket or elegant storage bench for maximum aesthetic appeal. Both items take up much less space than a cupboard, too.

    • Wall hooks are an easy way to hang up your clothes. From sleek white to bright pinks and rich blues to warm wood, you can also choose various styles.  

    Maximise storage for your room with furniture, such as storage benches, floating shelves, and multifunctional bed frames. If you need to store your clothes, why not use wall hooks or cupboards with sliding doors. Start re-designing your small bedroom today.

    Author: Seeff Property Group
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