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    Transform your kids’ bedroom from mediocre to magical with these decorating ideas from Seeff

    A child’s bedroom is considered to be nothing short of a sanctuary... In light of this, decorating your kids’ bedroom is an integral part of turning any house into a home. From bunk beds and wall art to primary colour décor schemes and glow in the dark paint, a child's bedroom can be a beautiful space where creativity meets comfort.

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    We share several decorating ideas to turn your kids’ bedroom space into a playful escape.

    blue red and yellow paint

    Decorating Idea 1: Primary Colours

    When decorating your kids’ bedroom, deciding on the right colour shouldn’t be underestimated. Colour has the ability to soothe, heal, excite, inspire and even agitate. This phenomenon is particularly prevalent in children, who can often be extra sensitive to the impact of colour

    Primary colours are more appealing to children as they tend to be attracted to brighter colours. So be sure to incorporate at least one bright primary colour into the mix when painting the dream bedroom for your kids.

    Kids Bunk Beds Bedroom

    Decorating Idea 2: Bunk Beds

    When decorating your kids’ bedroom, selecting the right bed is a serious decision. The classic bunk bed is a timeless and affordable option that provides your kids with several exciting benefits, including being the centrepiece of any blanket fort, and the perfect sleepover sanctuary. 

    Bunk beds are available in a variety of different styles, so you’re sure to find the perfect one to suit your kids’ bedroom and leave them smiling from ear to ear.  

    Lady sitting in front of Bedroom Wall Art

    Decorating Idea 3: Wall Art

    Walls can be likened to a canvas, one that is open to interpretation and experimentation. When decorating your kids’ bedroom, wall art can be an affordable and vibrant way to bring the room to life. 

    From painted walls to colourful growth charts, there are many exciting ideas to choose from. You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to decorating for your kids.

    Colourful Baby Room Decor

    Decorating Idea 4: Baby Room Décor

    It’s easy to get lost in aesthetics and forgo practicality when decorating the room of your newborn. 

    Safety comes first for your baby room because this is the room that your infant will spend the majority of their time in. 

    For a comfortable, functional space, consider timeless furniture, decorative and colourful lighting, a soothing pastel palette complemented by playful cushions and patterned storage boxes.

    From unique baby mobiles to playful wall decals, there are many options to choose from, so you are certain to find at least one baby room décor idea that resonates with you.

    Glow In The Dark Paint

    Decorating Idea 5: Glow in the Dark Paint

    If you are looking for a unique way to decorate your kids’ bedroom, then glow in the dark paint is the right option for you. This trend has been around for many years and has resurfaced as a popular choice when decorating kids’ bedrooms. 

    Glow in the dark paint is available in a range of different types to suit style and affordability. When combined with the creativity and skill of an experienced artist, the paint can be used to create stunning glow in the dark murals that are sure to light up the face of any child once the sun goes down.

    Family time in kids' bedroom

    Decorating your kids’ bedroom is an exciting but overwhelming task to take on, especially for young couples entering into the realm of parenthood. Create a safe, playful space using these design tips with Seeff and turn your kids’ bedroom into a magical escape; leaving them with nothing but smiles and you, with peace of mind.

    Author: Seeff Property Group
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