Property interior colour trends 2021

    Follow the latest interior colour trends to update your home, attract buyers, and sell your property with Seeff 

    As in fashion or interior design, the real estate industry is influenced by trends. Interior colour trends are particularly relevant. This is because a property is often more appealing to buyers if its interior colours are modern and visually pleasing. To help update your home for buyers, Seeff shares four interior colour trends for 2021.

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    What Are The Interior Colour Trends Of 2021

    2021’s Interior colour trends are similar to the interior colour trends of 2020. The major difference is Pantone’s official Colour Of The Year. 

    In 2020, Pantone’s Colour Of The Year was Classic Blue (which reflected the bleak global situation during the pandemic and people’s low moods). In 2021, Pantone announced two colours of the year: Ultimate Gray and Illuminating. These warm, comforting colours have enlightened the interior colour trends of 2021.  

    Interior Colour Trend #4: Light Blues

    Based on research gathered from 68 interior designers, blue is a popular interior colour for personal spaces. This is because bright, light blues (such as Misty Aqua) are optimistic and calming room colours (especially when used as a wall colour - see below). 

    Light blue couch in light blue living roomInterior Colour Trend #2: Warm Neutrals

    Muted ochre, sand, beige, and other neutral earthy interior colours (with yellow undertones) are popular interior colours this year; experts agree that Urbane Bronze is one of the most used interior colours of 2021. Neutrals paired with more saturated colours (such as brown or purple) are also a trendy colour combination. 


    neutral coloured bedroom

    Interior Colour Trend #3: Aegean Teal

    Benjamin Moore’s Aegean Teal is a muted colour combination of blue-green and grey, giving it a lovely cool undertone. This interior colour is soothing, earthy and works well as an accent and to repaint/upholster pieces of furniture 


    Aegean teal

    Interior Colour Trend #1: Rich Greens

    Warm shades of green such as moss, emerald, and other forest hues are popular interior colours for 2021. Green represents nature and is a popular colour in rooms, especially kitchens.

    colour palette with different shades of green

    Interior Colours For Walls In 2021

    Here are some popular wall colours (as used in wallpapers and paint).

    • Jewel tones: These include emerald green, ruby red, amethyst purple and other rich saturated colour combinations. Jewel tone colours are dramatic and work well for an accent wall.

    To shop for the above colour combinations, browse Plascon colours or Dulux paint colours.  

    • Earthy tones: Earthy wall colours are particularly trendy in 2021. These tones offer warmth and act as a neutral backdrop against additional furnishings which add a pop of colour to your interior. 
    • Greens: As a wall colour; olive, jade or emerald green make a grand statement. You can browse different interior colour options at Dulux paint colours or Plascon colours.

    Green wall living room with white couchFollow Interior Colour Trends And Sell Your Property With Seeff

    As a seller it is imperative that your home has a fresh coat of paint. By accommodating interior colour trends, popular colour combinations, and the most eye-catching wall colours, your house will be ready to attract buyers.

    Find a real estate agent you can trust, with Seeff, our professional real estate agents will guide you through the process. 

    Contact Seeff for assistance as you aim to close that sale.

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    Author: Seeff Property Group
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