How to choose the perfect decorating style for your home

    With every new home comes the chance to rewrite your story. The chance to reinvent your aesthetic and explore the many facets of your personality and style. We look at ways to explore your individuality through interior decorating and how to find the right fit for your home.

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    Target the style you love the most 

    While there is decor inspiration around every corner and in every magazine, it’s important to identify the elements of an aesthetic that speaks to you. Do you prefer a classic look to contemporary designs? How about minimalism versus Victorian antique collections? Your interior will be a reflection of what makes you happiest. Surround yourself with the best furniture, installations and art you can afford and watch your dream home take shape around you. 

    Consider using what you have

    Look at what you have to work with for both the exterior and interior of your home. Your decorating style needs to match that of your existing features. Quick DIY updates are perfect for changing the look and feel of your abode. The easiest DIY hacks can be achieved by using some of the following to transform your space: 

    • Paint 
    • Thrift shop finds 
    • Repurposing existing furniture 
    • Items from yard sales or auctions 

    These ideas are a cost-effective way of refreshing your interiors while being a fun project you can get your loved ones involved in. 

    Look for inspiration in every nook and cranny

    Pinterest is a treasure trove of interior design tips and tricks. Create a vision board on Pinterest to help you organise the style you’re after and then begin hunting for or creating similar pieces. There are many online resources to help you determine your ideal lookbook for every room in your home. From online quizzes to virtual staging, you can have a show stopping home that’s worthy of being on the cover of any magazine. 

    woman shopping for home decor online

    Own your interiors online

    There are a number of apps dedicated to helping you find your inner professional interior designer. These are great tools to play around with when you have some free time and you could soon find yourself planning what your own home looks like. 

    You can share ideas with a like-minded community, discover placements of ornaments and furniture you wouldn’t normally go for and play around with shades of paint, wallpaper and tiles in unique ways. One of the most popular apps is RoomScan Pro. It allows you to create stunning visuals of entire layouts you could use in your own home, testing your talents as an interior designer and providing style options you may never have thought of.

    The rule of three

    In decorating, there is an age-old guideline that many designers follow that delivers maximum impact. The Rule of Three is a way of arranging things in odd numbers in order to appear more visually appealing. The science behind this is that our brains tend to gravitate toward a dynamic grouping of things and the odd numbers in art, mirrors, candles and likewise tend to leave a satisfied visual. It looks more natural to the eye and your guests are more likely to think you have an eye for detail.

    interior designer standing next to arranged open shelves

    The most important thing to remember when picking the right decor style for your home is that it needs to feel comfortable, effortless and luxurious to you. While you may enjoy the way an aesthetic looks in a magazine or on a Pinterest board, how it feels to live in is the key factor here. Choose practical designs if you have kids and look for ways to create the illusion of a bigger space if you entertain often. Seeff’s expert advice on interiors will guide you every step of the way. Contact one of our trusted property practitioners today and view our incredible listings for added inspiration.

    Author: Seeff Property Group
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