How do you maximise your small kitchen space?

    When it comes to your kitchen, bigger isn’t always better. The best chefs know it’s your skills that matter, not size when it comes to whipping up a fabulous meal.

    However, if your small kitchen is leaving you wanting more, there’s plenty you can do to maximise your space. Smart changes to your design, decor, and even your routine, can turn your compact kitchen into a space you’ll love using every day.

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    Make thoughtful design choices

    If you have free rein and the budget, the possibilities are endless. Painting your kitchen walls in light, neutral shades can create a spacious feel. Fans of colour can choose to paint the ceiling in an unexpected colour which will draw eyes up. This can make your kitchen appear taller.

    Your flooring can also work wonders. Replace overpowering patterned tiles with light, muted, or natural tones. Using hardwood flooring, for example, can create an airy beach-themed kitchen. If you must use patterns, use them to zone your kitchen. The layout can make it seem as if there are two distinct spaces present rather than one. 

    Rethink your cupboard space

    Your kitchen cupboards are likely the most important space-savers in your kitchen. Consider their design. Adding extra shelves within them can take advantage of wasted space. Turning shelves into pull-out drawers can help you add extra items easily when you need to. Even the look can make a difference; glass cabinets create an illusion of space.

    Floating shelves can make your kitchen expansive while displaying your most treasured items and ingredients. Combining this open shelving with closed cupboards gives you the best of both worlds and a truly contemporary scheme.

    Look for alternative storage

    Don’t be afraid to look beyond the cupboard for extra space. Some tried-but-true methods include wall pot holders, spice racks, and mounted knife bars. You can add rods or rafters to your kitchen to mount some items. Also, store items on top of big appliances; just be sure to use attractive containers to keep it neat! 

    Using hooks on cupboards and walls are a useful way to hang your utensils. You can even hang baskets for a charming look that keeps your items hidden. And, if you’re not in a DIY mood, opt for a tiered trolley that can move between your kitchen and dining room. 

    modern kitchen with hanging lights

    Let the light in

    A well-lit kitchen will appear larger, so look at ways to bring light into your kitchen’s scheme. Painting cupboards with glossy paint can bounce light around the room. Adding windows or switching from curtains to blinds can be the trick to benefit from sunny weather. For your kitchen island, consider pendant lights to cast away shadows. Even switching old bulbs to energy-efficient types can make a world of difference.

    Switch to smaller appliances

    Yes, petite appliances can help you recover some valuable footage in your kitchen. Reconsider the size of your fridge, change to a built-in stove, and shop around for appliances with multiple uses. The right toaster oven, for example, can help you toast, bake, cook, broil, and reheat your favourite dishes — without the fuss of multiple appliances to clean or clutter your space. It’s important to prioritise your needs; perhaps you can live without blended smoothies but your dishwasher is off limits. 

    Downsize your furniture

    Like your appliances, embracing smaller furniture can help make your kitchen feel larger. Use stools instead of chairs and buy a fold-out table that can be stowed away when not in use. If you simply can’t bear to part with traditional furniture, look for designs using clear plastic or glass that are less imposing in your space. Convertible furniture, especially those with storage space, are wonderful additions for savvy spacing saving. 

    Cut down on clutter

    You may have items that are taking up valuable space in your kitchen. Say goodbye to appliances collecting dust. Bin expired ingredients. Toss out or donate any chipped or duplicate dishes or cutlery you never use. Streamline your kitchen supplies and only store what you use on a regular basis. Don't be afraid to be ruthless. A lot of items that can get the chop will not be missed. A good tip is to add sticky tape to items in your kitchen. If you use them within six months, remove the tape. Anything else can be disposed of from cupboards and counters.

    Keep it clean and fresh

    Besides being displeasing to the eyes, a messy kitchen can appear smaller. Simply adapt your kitchen routine. Invest in a dishwasher to keep dirty dishes out of sight or wash dishes as you use them. Your kitchen bin should be accessible at all times and emptied often so refuse never collects. And no one expects you to stop cooking but you can minimise the mess. Buying grease guards and microwave plate covers can stop splatters before they even happen. It also helps to ensure everything has a place to go once you've used them.

    small kitchen with marble countertops and wood flooring

    Make your small kitchen work for you

    A small kitchen can be challenging. However, these changes can help your culinary life become all the easier. And when you do, you'll even start to truly appreciate the compact and cosy space you've been blessed with. Seeff's property professionals take pleasure in finding a home with the kitchen you've always wanted. Contact our team for sale and rental assistance today.

    Author: Seeff Property Group
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