How to loadshedding proof your home (and stay entertained)

    Loadshedding will remain a reality for South African households for years to come. And while the rolling blackouts pop up like an unwanted guest, there’s no need to sulk in the dark.

    Seeff covers important items to help you get through those power-challenged hours. We’ve also rounded up some great activities to beat the loadshedding blues and look on the bright side. Whether you need to keep little ones amused, pep up the family’s spirits, or switch on the romance, here are helpful suggestions.

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    Important items for loadshedding

    By hitting your local tech or hardware store, you can find the gadgets and equipment you need to get through your day. It also doesn’t have to break the bank. 

    • Smart LED lights: These intelligent lights can be used like a standard bulb on your light fixture but come on during loadshedding. They can light up your home for up to four hours.
    • Gas stove and geyser: If a solar-powered set-up is too pricey, you can opt for gas power to cook and run a hot shower. 
    • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS): This handy item charges off the grid and provides power when the electricity goes off, allowing you to run your devices for a short period. Couple it with a surge protector to prevent damage to your electronics during loadshedding. 
    • Portable power bank: This helps you charge devices like your smartphones, laptops, tablets, and cameras. It’s very useful when you’re on the move. 
    • Generator: Essentially your own power plant, these can generate electricity to keep you going through loadshedding. The prices range depending on whether you want to power your entire household or just some essential electronics. 

    With loadshedding being a constant, these items are a worthwhile investment. Evaluate your budget and priorities before you buy them.

    Fun loadshedding activities for children

    When it’s closer to night or the weather is bad, it’s not possible to send the children out to play. These ideas will be sure to keep them entertained during a loadshedding. 

    • Games: You can’t go wrong with board games, card games, puzzles, or block-building games like Jenga and Lego. 
    • Read out loud: You can pull out your child’s favourite stories and keep them amused with every page. The flickering of lights and candles will create an enchanting atmosphere for tales of castles and fire-breathing dragons!
    • Flashlight storytelling: With props or even just your hands, you and the kids can let light and shadow fuel your imagination. 
    • Hide and seek: In the dark, you’ll find so many more places to hide. Plus, you can search online for variations on this old classic to keep the game exciting even for you.
    • Arts and crafts: Kids love getting creative; have them make paper flowers, marble obstacle courses with paper towel roll tubes, or have fun with macaroni art.

    It can be a shock for children to find their favourite electronics are unavailable during a loadshedding. However, these ideas will ensure they stay amused for hours on end.

    Great loadshedding activities for the family

    It’s not just young children who will feel the break in power. Here are some fun ways to keep the rest of the family amused. 

    • Braai: Light up the coals and gather the family around for a beloved South African feast. Nibble down on braaied sosaties, skewers, mielies, and roosterkoek, and you’ll forget all about those kitchen appliances
    • Outdoor games: If you have the yard space, you can toss a frisbee, play soccer, set up mini golf, or have a spirited game of touch rugby. 
    • Charades: Perfect for all age and fitness levels, charades can test general knowledge and performance skills without needing any cables or batteries.
    • Music: The loadshedding can be a welcome refuge from the buzz and flash of electronics. Perhaps, the whole family can learn to play a musical instrument or practice your favourite songs. It’s never too early to perfect your carolling for the festive season. 
    • Neighbourhood walk: Grab your canine companion and take a stroll through your area. You may discover some hidden restaurants and shops or bump into old friends. 

    friends braaiing

    Romantic loadshedding activities for couples

    When the lights go off, it’s an opportunity to rekindle the love. Couples can use the time away from electronics to get some much-needed “us time”. 

    • Picnic: Pack a basket full of your favourite foods, set up your blanket, and enjoy the wonders of nature. At night, you can even hold hands and admire the stars and silence of your surroundings.
    • Spa treatment: You can pamper each other with face masks, hot baths, back massages, foot scrubs, and more. Don’t forget to light some mood candles and spritz soothing scents to set the scene. 
    • Fondue: You can buy a fuel-driven fondue set and let the power of melted cheese or chocolate rekindle the love.
    • Photo album: Why not take a trip down memory lane? By going through your photo album, you can relive all the highlights of your time together. 
    • Learn something new: There are plenty of new passions you can explore during loadshedding blocks. Dancing, painting, meditation, and learning a new language can bring you closer — and you don’t even need to switch on a laptop. 

    Some of these options may need a bit of planning. However, you’ll truly reap the rewards of a closer relationship; you may even (almost) look forward to those EskomSePush notifications. 

    Survive loadshedding starting today

    The power is in your hands. With the right items and an itinerary of your favourite activities, you can take the sting out of the power situation. Your home can also offer assistance through solar or gas-powered appliances. Seeff’s team will help you find a home that will keep the lights on when you need them the most.

    Author: Seeff Property Group
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