Why Now is the Perfect Time to Invest in an Airbnb

    Discover why now is the perfect time to invest in an Airbnb and how you can get started.

    With the recession of the Covid-19 pandemic, South Africa has seen a huge influx of tourists eager to make up for the lost time by enjoying its beaches and natural surroundings. This surge in tourism means that flights, hotels, and hostels are quickly booking out for the summer season. This presents an exciting opportunity - why not capitalise on this tourist boom and invest in an Airbnb? 

    Airbnb rentals are rising in popularity and allow landlords to generate income and make a financial return on their investment, especially as the festive season approaches. Seeff Property Group’s Property Practitioners recommend that aspiring Airbnb landlords and property investors take note of this trend and act now, find an ideal rental property, do any necessary renovations or refurbishment work, and start reaping the rewards of investing in an Airbnb; benefits include passive earning potential, freedom to travel, and flexibility regarding renting.

    Short-Term vs Long-Term Airbnb Investments

    Airbnb investments can prove to be highly profitable, especially in areas with a high demand for short-term stays. However, before you invest in an Airbnb, heed the fundamental differences between Airbnb and traditional residential rentals:

    • Long-term rental properties offer a more consistent and dependable source of income; tenants are active throughout the year and not affected by seasonal fluctuations like Airbnb visitors.
    • Long-term investments tend to be less risky than Airbnb investments due to the stability of cash flows from established leases and predictable tenant behaviour.

    When considering whether to invest in an Airbnb, you should know the risks and rewards of this unique property investment. It is important to reflect on the pros and cons of short-term and long-term rentals.

    What Makes the Perfect Airbnb Property?

    The ideal Airbnb property depends on multiple factors. Regarding property types, apartments tend to be considerably more affordable; however, estates are also a popular type of Airbnb rental investment.

    Hosts should also seek out environmental factors such as stunning coastlines, desirable local weather, and picturesque views from the Airbnb property - particularly if it's a beach house or coastal villa. These can add extra flair and appeal when renting an Airbnb space.

    If you don’t wish to rent out a whole house as an Airbnb, you could also convert a section of a home into Airbnb rooms. However, in these cases, Airbnb hosts must still ensure their guests have privacy and comfort to avoid disputes and awkward situations.

    Two Key Considerations Before You Invest in an Airbnb

    It is exciting to invest in Airbnb property, particularly during the opportune period of South Africa’s summer season. However, there is a more serious side to Airbnb investing, and you cannot underestimate it. Consider the following:

    The Financial Implications 

    Airbnb investments are a significant financial decision that often brings great rewards but also comes with some unique considerations. Individuals should decide whether to invest independently or with a partner to maximise success while assessing mortgage loans and other extra funding sources.

    Before you invest in an Airbnb, conduct thorough feasibility checks to avoid unforeseen obstacles. Additionally, investors must consider any additional costs associated with making the Airbnb space ready for occupancy - for example, purchasing furniture.

    Taxes and Legal Compliance Requirements

    Before you take the leap and invest in an Airbnb, check your local municipal regulations, as they may vary on Airbnb renting. The good news is that Cape Town has a progressive attitude towards Airbnb rentals, with relatively few legal limitations, to encourage small business growth and boost tourism. However, other regions may not have the same lenience, so Airbnb hosts must research all relevant regulations for their area.

    Another essential aspect to note is that an Airbnb's income is fully taxable. You should consult a tax expert for more information or investigate the SARS website for up-to-date guidance.

    Lastly, it’s essential to understand estate or complex titles and any conditions attached to them to maintain compliance with the law. You could avoid headaches and future trouble if you conduct due diligence before you invest in an Airbnb.

    How to Create An Inviting Airbnb For Tenants

    When you invest in an Airbnb, you are not simply providing a rental property to prospective tenants. You are offering them a temporary home; thus, the property should feel inviting and comfortable. Create a homely space for tenants with the following items:

    • Kitchen equipment, bedding, and towels can cater for the basics and make the property inhabitable.
    • Decorative and comfort-related items can help your Airbnb to stand out and appeal to guests. It's a good idea to search the Airbnb website for creative ideas on what your competitors are doing and tailor the experience accordingly.
    • Luxurious appliances such as WiFi or a TV can help increase rental prices. Yet it is possible to furnish the space aesthetically on a budget whilst still enhancing its appeal. Simple tasks, such as regular cleaning and maintenance and administration duties, are benefits you can offer guests to make their experience less stressful.

    Air BNB room

    It can be incredibly profitable to invest in an Airbnb during the summer season, and you can enjoy a significant return on investment for as little risk as possible.

    At Seeff, we have the knowledge and experience to help you make a wise investment. Contact us if you need advice.

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    Author: Seeff Property Group
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