Most useful kitchen appliances

    Seeff gives you insights into some of the most popular kitchen appliances to add to your home. 

    You get excited when you hear the word Airfryer, right?

    There is no doubt that kitchen appliances have advanced tenfold. With technology continuously evolving, old kitchen gadgets are modernising quicker than you can say “Betty Crocker”.

    Long are the days where your arms would grow tiresome by beating egg whites using a whisk. Nowadays, kitchen appliances are more compact, and one gadget can offer more than one function. So, no longer will you need to haul down your massive cast iron pot for soups and stews. Or hold your breath when using an old pressure cooker with the “jiggler” valves.

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    No 1: Blenders

    Not to be confused with a food processor, blenders emulsify, crush or turn food into liquids. For the techies, blenders consist of a container that stores your ingredients like vegetables and fruits. 

    The container connects to a lid with super sharp rotating blades used to slice and dice and placed to the blender base. Inside, the bottom holds the holy grail of all motors, which gives the blender its power. By clicking the switch, your ingredients are chopped and mixed to perfection.

    coffee maker

    No 2: Coffee Maker

    Nothing makes more of a statement in the kitchen than a coffee maker. There are various coffee makers, such as the famous French Press, Aeropress and Moka Pot. It all depends on your preferred taste. 

    However, if you love your coffee and dream of becoming South Africa’s next top barista, the above mentioned will simply not be enough. If you have the time for a perfect cup of coffee, the Siphon Coffee Maker will keep you and your guests entertained.

    But if you want to go the extra mile, then an elegantly designed espresso machine will certainly do. And, according to coffee experts themselves, these are the seven best espresso machines in 2021.

    food processor

    No 3: Food Processor

    All the latest kitchen gadgets make your life a lot easier, but the food processor is the most versatile, kitchen-friendly gadget appliance to own.

    Do not get mixed up with the blender. A food processor comes with a variety of attachments such as grating, slicing, juicing and mixing. Unlike the blender, the food processor has maximum power, storage space and can mix dry ingredients — an ideal product for making dough.

    What makes this product even better is that the food processor comes with an assortment of lids with feed chutes making it easier to add and combine ingredients.

    slow cooker

    No 4: Slow Cooker

    Nothing says comfort food than a slow-cooked stew, soup or curry made with love in a slow cooker — one of the easiest cooking methods. During the winter months, the slow cooker is your number one kitchen appliance.

    To make the most sublime wholesome meals, simply throw in all your ingredients into the metal pot, turn on the dial to a low or high heat (depending on your meat) and let it sit. 

    The metal pot sits snug on a heated element which slowly cooks your meals and can be left from morning to night or even overnight.

    lady lying on top of microwave

    No 5: Microwave Oven

    Simply put, a microwave oven is a countertop gadget that heats food using low electromagnetic radiation. Sound harmful? BBC’s article on is it safe to microwave food explains more on this topic. 

    Microwaves heat meals, and with technology continuously advancing, you can even purchase a microwave that uses voice activation. Microwaves range in different sizes, a turntable and wattage. The higher the wattage, the more power. It all depends on what you plan on heating up and your personal preferences.  

    kitchen outlined with appliances

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    Author: Seeff Property Group
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