Home maintenance tips that will save you money this winter

    Maintaining a home can be one of the hidden expenses of homeownership. Since it is definitely worthwhile to keep your home in good condition, we look at ways to ensure you stretch your budget to make each cent count. The upcoming winter season won’t make you blue with these home maintenance tips to keep your property looking great.

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    Tip 1: Service your appliances

    During winter, we tend to use some of our appliances more than others. Heating a home can be a costly undertaking, but ensuring your appliances are running smoothly can save you money in the long run. Get your AC systems checked for blockages or leaks and clean out your chimneys for cosy fires that are as easy on the pocket as they are on the eye.

    Ensure that your underfloor heating, gas stoves and oil lamps are functional. Keeping your home appliances in top condition ultimately prevents the chance for accidents (such as fire hazards) to occur and extends the inevitability of replacement, both of which will cost you far more than the simple service fee. Protect your home from the cold by ensuring your heating systems are ready to be switched on at a moment’s notice. 

    Tip 2: Protect your outdoor area

    Winter is harsh on homes and the outside of your property bears the brunt. Don’t let your well-manicured garden and expensive patio furniture get in harm’s way. Protect your outdoor furniture by covering it with a weather-resistant tarp, wrapping it in plastic or storing it in your garage or a spare room inside your home if you have space. Patio furniture covers are a great idea, or you could choose to remove all fabrics and cushions if your furniture is made out of sturdy material like wrought iron. 

    Plants like cacti, palm ferns, herbs and certain vegetables will still bloom all year round. Growing your own vegetables saves a considerable amount on your grocery bill each month and you can make hearty soups and stews with pumpkins and beets grown in your very own backyard. 

    person cleaning gutters after rain

    Tip 3: Keep Your Gutters Clean

    Clogged gutters can cause trapped moisture to damage the exterior and interior of your home. Trapped moisture becomes stagnant and causes the wood in your roof to rot or leak, resulting in costly damage to your floors or the foundation. Blocked gutters can also create a thriving ecosystem for various insects or animals, and fixing any of these damages can be expensive. Rather spend your hard-earned cash on various budget-friendly home improvements that work wonders by updating the overall style of your decor.

    Tip 4: Fix Leaky Windows & Doors 

    Make your home ready for winter by ensuring it seals properly and keeps warmth inside. A window that doesn’t close properly or a door that lets in a chilly breeze just won’t cut it when you’re trying to save during winter. Leaky windows and doors allow cold (or hot) air to enter your home, causing your electricity bills to skyrocket in an attempt to stay warm or keep cool, depending on the current weather.

    It’s better to call in the experts to prevent leaks or draughts. It may be cheaper to attempt to DIY it, but peace of mind is priceless. Professionally sealed windowpanes and ceilings will never result in an unexpected puddle in the middle of your lounge or just your luck, in the middle of your bedroom. 

    Tip 5: Give your pool a vacation

    During winter, your pool pump only needs to run for half the time. You can turn off your heating pump completely to save on electricity since it won’t be in use. However, it’s advisable to still clean your pool regularly and avoid the inevitable algae infestation that could otherwise occur come summer. This will also cut down on an expensive clean-up once the weather starts getting warmer. Once your pool is clean, use a pool cover to ensure pesky leaves and bugs stay out and open it once a week to make sure the water isn’t evaporating or turning the dreaded swamp green.

    couple putting money in piggy bank

    These are fail-safe ways to ensure your house is ready for winter and you stay on top of your household budget. A little goes a long way when it comes to saving for winter and Seeff understands the complexities that come with maintaining a home. Contact us today to view our selection of homes that are ready for you to move in.

    Author: Seeff Property Group
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