Home maintenance tips that will increase your savings

    Home maintenance without the proper knowledge is a costly endeavour; save yourself the trouble with these tips that will increase your savings from.

    With everything going on worldwide, the thought of doing any home maintenance can cause tension and irritation, never mind the cost. Fortunately, if done correctly, proper home maintenance can save you time, and more importantly, money.

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    Tip 1: Service Your Home Appliances

    First on our list of home maintenance tips to increase your savings, servicing your home appliances is often overlooked. Our home appliances are essential to our daily lives, and servicing your home appliances will increase their longevity, keeping them running efficiently for as long as possible.

    Keeping your home appliances in top condition ultimately prevents the chance for accidents (such as a fire hazard) to occur and extends the inevitability for replacement, both of which will cost you far more than the simple service fee.

    Curious about who are the best appliance repair contractors around? Here are some options:

    1. H Enven
    2. BQ2
    3. Same Day Repair
    4. MC Appliances
    5. Universal Appliance

    Tip 2: Professional Carpet Cleaning Feeling

    There is nothing quite like the feeling of having clean carpets. Most homeowners have carpets in at least a couple of rooms which provide a welcoming warmth when entering. The only disadvantage with having carpets is the inevitable process of keeping them clean. There is nothing like the sinking dread of noticing visible stains or dirt on your once pristine rug.

    Unsure of the best-rated carpet cleaning services? Not to worry, we have you covered.

    1. Clean4U
    2. JDs Cleaning
    3. Deep Carpet Cleaning
    4. ProGlance Carpet Cleaning
    5. The Specialists

    Alternatively, you might want to know the cheapest way to clean your carpet yourself

    Regardless of your choice, having your carpets appropriately cleaned removes bacteria and dust mites (which cause frustrating indoor allergies) and extends their overall product life, all of which will save on inevitable costs.

    gutter being hosed clean

    Tip 3: Keep Your Gutters Clean

    Coming in third on our list of home maintenance tips that will increase your savings, the importance of keeping your gutters clean cannot be left unchecked. Gutters direct water away from your house; however, if they become clogged with foliage, this can cause trapped moisture to damage the exterior and interior of your home.

    Trapped moisture can become stagnant and cause the wood in your roof to rot or leak inside, causing untold damage to your floors or the foundations of your home. Blocked gutters can also create a thriving ecosystem for various insects or animals, and fixing any of these damages can be a costly endeavour.

    To prevent hosting pests or significant water damage, ensure your gutters are clean a minimum of once a year. Don’t know the best way to clean gutters? Not to worry, we have you covered.

    Tip 4: Fix Leaky Windows & Doors 

    When considering home maintenance tips that will increase your savings, you cannot forgo fixing any leaking windows or doors. Leaky windows and doors allow cold (or hot) air to enter your home, causing your electricity bills to skyrocket in an attempt to stay warm or keep cool, depending on the current weather.

    Fortunately, there are many ways to fix your windows and doors to prevent leaks or draughts, so you are sure to find a cost-effective solution suited to you.

    Tip 5: That Deep Clean Sheen

    Next on our list of home maintenance tips to increase your savings, nothing beats that deep clean sheen. Perhaps you have left the cleanliness of your home unchecked for too long, and you require a more stringent cleaning process? 

    With the busyness of our daily lives, maintaining the cleanliness of our homes can often get ignored; however, this build-up reaches a point when deep cleaning becomes a necessity.

    Depending on the state of your home, the deep cleaning process may be a daunting task and hiring an affordable professional cleaning service is the most suitable option to save you both time and, of course, money.

    While there is never a suitable time for home maintenance, it does ease the tension when the process can save you time, effort and money. 

    Seeff lightens your load with the latest home maintenance tips to increase your savings.

    Visit Seeff’s Home Story blog for more property and home improvement tips.

    Author: Seeff Property Group
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