Top 2023 interior decor colour trends

    People who place emphasis on aesthetics always look for the most stylish homes on the market. 

    Staying ahead of the curve is important if you want to attract high-value buyers. We look at some of the most attractive interior decor colour trends this year has to offer. 

    Paint colour samples in viva magenta pantone colour of the year

    Colours of the year

    Each year, Pantone releases a colour that every designer waits on. For 2023, that colour happens to be Viva Magenta. It is a deep pink, almost red hue that comes from a vibrant family of rich, strong colours. One of the leading tastemakers in 2023 home design is Plascon. When it comes to choosing a colour palette for your home, Plascon has taken the guesswork out of finding matching and complementary shades to make each room stand out. In 2023, with the bold shade of Viva Magenta to work with, Plascon has announced its colour combinations for 2023 that work with everything. 

    Paint colour samples in earthy greens, blues, and whites

    Neutral colours are trending in 2023 

    Playing a supporting character role, neutrals are a big factor in making Viva Magenta shine bright this year. Plascon’s 2023 colour combination is a gentle mix of playful, velvety colours that make beautiful backdrops for wall art, home decor and furniture styling. The three significant colours are chosen to evoke a balanced feel and look in your home. They are: 

    • Plascon Fun in the Sun: A soft hue that has red-yellow undertones.

    • Plascon Sunkissed: A saturated, muted yellow that blends in perfectly.

    • Plascon Safari Sun: A warm brown that is welcoming and a great base. 

    Since more people have started working from home, there has been a trend towards creating zen spaces within the home. This is achieved with the use of natural earthy colours complemented with pops of green. Matte green shades add a feeling of rejuvenation to your neutral colour palette, creating a peaceful ambience in which to live and work.

    One of the most calming spaces in your home should be the bedroom. To ensure maximum rest and relaxation, introduce bedroom wall colours in soothing shades of cream, powder blue, lavender and more. Use Viva Magenta as an additional factor with bedding, candles or scatter cushions. 

    Decorating trends for 2023 

    Once the colour of your interior and exterior walls are looking good, you need to look at how you’re going to style your decor to stay on trend. In 2023, maximising smaller spaces to look bigger has become easier than ever. Using strategically placed mirrors creates an illusion of depth and this can be enhanced using paint. Lighter colours work well with many decorating themes and are ideal for small and large spaces. Plascon’s neutral paint shades can add expansiveness, while Pantone’s Viva Magenta draws your eye to a feature wall or added decoration in your home.

    As a wall decor item, think of bright photo frames, striking contemporary art pieces or intricately patterned wallpaper. These can all be interspersed with neutral shades and pops of colour that will highlight the colour you choose to paint your walls. 

    The colours that are replacing grey in 2023 

    Grey has been a cornerstone of successful interior decor colours for years. With 2023 making way for a broader spectrum of cooler tones, blues and greens are becoming more popular as wall colours and finishing accents. Earthy, warm tones like those found in Plascon’s 2023 colour combination are replacing greys with chocolates and deep browns, buttery yellows and caramel. These paint colours work cohesively with decor that is both rich and classic or clean and contemporary, making them this year’s perfect replacement for grey.

    Man with glasses looking at colour wheel and deciding on colour scheme

    Once you decide on the colour scheme and interior decor vision you possess for your home, the paint option wheel at Plascon is your oyster. Seeff has many houses on the market for you to put your unique stamp on and paint over that sold sign in whatever colour your heart desires. Contact one of our knowledgeable Property Practitioners today to get started. 

    Author: Seeff Property Group
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