How to increase your property value: Our 5 home improvement ideas

    Seeff offers you some inexpensive home improvement ideas that can make all the difference between "for sale" and "sold."

    If you’re wondering how to sell your house quickly, you need to show buyers that your property represents good value for money. Unless a buyer is looking for a fixer upper, they generally want a home that is in a good liveable condition. The easiest way to do this: renovate and redecorate. 

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    1: Renovate And Redecorate The Kitchen

    Home improvement starts in the kitchen as your kitchen will be the focal point for potential buyers. 

    • If your kitchen units are outdated, paint them for a fresh new look. This will instantly spruce up the kitchen.
    • Regrout kitchen tiles and repair or replace them. Fix broken handles, hinges and drawer runners too.   
    • Give your kitchen a thorough clean. Clean the inside of all your kitchen cupboards. Ensure that the sink is clean and repair or replace the tap if necessary. The kitchen surface and windowsill should be clean and free of clutter too. Clean the kitchen light or refurbish it if it is outdated.

    cleaning your kitchen

    2: Ensure That Bathrooms Are Clean And Functional

    A simple, but easily forgotten property value improvement idea: clean the bathroom. A clean bathroom could make or break a deal with a buyer. 

    • Just the same as you have done the kitchen. Make sure you have any broken tiles replaced and regrouted.  
    • Remove build up and scum from around the bath and sink with vinegar (or a similar solution). 
    • Replace the bathroom light if the bulb is broken. . 
    • Repair or replace the taps if they are outdated. 
    • When considering how to sell your house, it’s easy to forget the details. Remember to pack away the toiletries in your bathroom and ensure that there are clean towels on display. Your house should not look too lived in when buyers arrive for a home viewing. This is especially true for the bathroom.  

    3: Repair And Repaint The Interior And Exterior Of Your House

    To attract maximum interest from buyers and ensure a quick sell, both the interior and exterior should be included in order to help increase your property value.     

    • Paint the inside and outside walls and repair the roof if necessary. Bright colours can be off putting, so here is another home decorating idea: keep paint colours neutral to ensure maximum buyer appeal. If you are unable to paint them then make sure that all walls are clean. 
    • Fix any cracks and chips in plaster. 
    • Clean the gutters and replace broken roof tiles or sheeting. 
    • Ensure that leaks are repaired, as these will fall under structural defects that can harm the value of your home and dissuade potential buyers.

    painting the walls in your house

    4: Clean The Garden And Maintain Your Security System

    We’re offering home decorating ideas for improving the outside of your home, too. This is because a low maintenance garden and working security system are a priority for many buyers. 

    • Ensure all garden beds are weeded and the trees trimmed. 
    • The lawn should be mowed, and exterior patios cleaned. A braai and patio area are a selling point for buyers, so they should be in good condition. 
    • A rather unglamorous, but important, home decorating idea: clean the braai.
    • If you have a security system, also ensure it is in working order or get it repaired.
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    5: Set your house up for a good show

    Prospective buyers will not notice any upgrades if your house is untidy, so a good home improvement idea would be to remove clutter if you want to sell your house quickly

    • Ensure that surfaces are cleared and your closets are organised to emphasise storage capacity. 
    • Routinely deep clean floors and surfaces. 
    • Dry clean curtains before house viewings for a neat and tidy presentation.

    To decrease the risk of losing out on offers, pay attention to the advice of your local area agents with regards to the correct asking price. Contact Seeff with Seeff’s expert real estate agents today.

    Author: Seeff Property Group
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