How do I decorate a small space balcony

    Dealing with limited space to express your design dreams? Don’t stress about it. With a few simple steps, we can help you transform your small balcony into an entertainment space or a quiet nook for you to unwind or work from home in style.

    Decorating a small balcony has its challenges. However, with a few tips and tricks, you can get the most out of this space and easily make it one of the most interesting features of your home. From choosing the right flooring to finding the perfect outdoor furniture, read on to discover how you can have it all. 

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    interlocking wood deck tiles

    Source: Archatrak. 2022. Interlocking Wood Deck Tiles

    Little updates go a long way

    One of the most affordable and convenient updates you can do is to change the flooring. This instantly gives the illusion of bigger square footage. If you’re renting or your building has rules and regulations about making any drastic home improvements, it’s best to go with temporary fixtures that are easily removable. Deck tiles for your floor can be purchased from most hardware/homeware stores and come in a variety of styles. They are simple to assemble and don’t require much effort. This can turn into a fun DIY project for you and your partner or an activity the whole family can get involved in. Interlocking deck tiles can cover a majority of pre-existing flooring. 

    If your building allows it, you can enhance your balcony wall with a coat of paint. For a muted, calm aesthetic select from neutral tones. You can also experiment with stick-on tiles in mosaic designs or wall planters in terracotta pots. Vines that creep across the walls are a great way to add a classic, old-school charm and you can take it a step further by purchasing weather-resistant art for the walls. 

    Furnish for fun

    Cafe-style tables and chairs set the tone for minimal balcony chic and materials like wrought iron or sanded-down, white-washed pine give a nostalgic feel to your space. You can also introduce bean bags that can be moved inside during wet weather or beautifully curated benches that run alongside the width of the balcony. This offers ample seating for entertaining or hosting a braai with friends and family. 

    Serving tables and chairs in tarnish-proof materials is a wonderful way to furnish your small balcony as they are mobile and can be stored away when not in use. Folding deck chairs in a glossy, varnished wood finishing also look marvellous all year round and give a Mediterranean vibe, especially when surrounded by flowing potted plants of your choice. Hanging chairs that are suspended from the ceiling can also be used for a bohemian, yet functional purpose. Add some comfy cushions in the seats and enjoy reading a book while taking in the sunset. 

    Make room for light

    Outdoor areas have ample natural light during the day, however, your balcony will need lighting at night. Warm, glowing lanterns double as a design feature that can be moved to any part of your balcony. Subtle wall fixtures like string lights above wall planters offer an inviting light for those early evening sundowners while overhead lamps can provide enough brightness through the night. 

    balcony used for family dinner

     Decorating a small balcony can lead to you discovering inventive and creative ways to use space in a practical manner. The most important aspect of designing your balcony is ensuring it works in unison with your personality, and lifestyle and flows with the rest of your home aesthetic. Seeff’s interior and outdoor decor experts have a treasure trove of inspiration for you to build the small balcony of your dreams.

    Author: Seeff Property Group
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