11 Curtain design trends: Which one is best for your living room?

    Nothing brings new life to your living room quite like new curtains can; stay ahead of the curve with the latest curtain trends for your living room from Seeff.

    Is your living room drapery looking dreary and bringing you down? Not to worry, we have been there too. Curtain trends are constantly in flux, and curtains (which are far more than a decorative piece) often get taken for granted. Thankfully you don’t need to be an interior designer to pick the suitable curtains suited to your room.

    We share several remarkable curtain trends to transform your living room space from bland to brilliant.

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    1: Size Matters

    The first step when considering curtain design trends for your living room is ensuring you measure the exact length and width to fit your window. A well-designed curtain can make a narrow window look more expansive, or a room with low ceilings appear taller.

    Hesitant on how to measure your curtains correctly? We have you covered to ensure you make zero mistakes when preparing your living room for some stylish new curtains. 

    2: The Fabric Verdict

    Once you have calculated the ideal size panels to purchase, you should determine which curtain fabric suits your living room best.

    There are various popular curtain trends available, and the location of your living room is equally important. You might consider a cotton or sheer linen fabric to allow natural light to filter in if you do not require much privacy, or perhaps you’d prefer a heavy velvet drape to block any light, sound or cold air instead?

    Unsure how to pick living room curtains that perfectly match your style? No need to worry; with so many different curtain designs available, you are sure to find something suited to your taste.

    3: Blinds Inclined

    When considering curtain trends for your living room, just because you have decided to hang curtains does not mean you must forgo blinds entirely. Layering blinds and curtains together provide you with maximum flexibility for controlling the levels of light in your living room; this is also an excellent method for increasing privacy or reducing screen glare on your television.

    Need help choosing the best blinds for your living room? There are many styles to choose from, and you are sure to find a set of blinds that resonate with you.

    4: Subtle Pattern Synchronisation

    light grey curtains with dark grey thick stripes

    Once you decide whether or not you want to add blinds, your next decision on curtain design trends should be a question of style. It all comes down to personal taste; however, you cannot go wrong with a classy, subtle pattern print.
    Curtains can either be the centrepiece of your living room space or blend effortlessly into the background. A subtle pattern, such as a striped or lined fabric, adds dimension to your living room without drawing too much focal attention.
    Have a look at different subtle patterned drapes, you will find something that aligns with the living room design aesthetic that you want.

    5: A Sable Classic

    Nothing catches the eye quite like a dark room; rich black curtains frame the space and combine with other dark elements to create a beautiful and moody aesthetic filled with dramatic flair.

    Find the right black curtains and drapes available to choose from and you will find something that compliments your living room design scheme.

    6: An Injection of Colour

    A bold choice among curtain trends, the injection of some colour in your living room is an opportunity to create more visual interest. A bold colour or pattern for your curtains adds depth and acts as a striking centrepiece to spice up your living room.

    There is such a wide variety of colourful curtains, so there is little chance of you not finding at least one design that matches your interior.

    7: That High Ceiling Feeling

    A popular choice when considering curtain trends, hanging your curtains from the living room ceiling creates the illusion of high ceilings and makes the room appear larger and more open.

    Visual perception aside, the addition of high ceiling curtains will give your living room an elegant and stately appearance.

    Are you confused about how to hang curtains from the ceiling? Not to worry, we have you covered! You will have your curtains hanging from the ceiling correctly in no time.

    8: Careful Care Instruction

    When considering curtain trends, it is essential to note whether you have kids or pets, as this dictates the type of curtains that you may purchase for your living room.

    Certain curtain fabrics can be washed at home, while others can only be dry cleaned. For homeowners who have children or fur babies, you may want to opt for a more durable fabric like cotton, which you can easily throw in the washing machine to get clean.

    Alternatively, you may want to find out how to pet-proof your drapes to prevent any future harm to them; if they are pet-proof, then they will be protected from any potential damage.

    9: Focal Point Framing

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    Using your curtains to frame a focal point in your living is another excellent idea among contemporary curtain trends.

    Whether you have a luxurious fireplace, large windows or a decorative artwork piece, you can accentuate this focal point with long, flowing curtains, adding a sense of completion to your living room space.

    Unsure how to identify and work with focal points? With various solutions available, you are sure to make the right decision for your living room.

    10: Don’t Struggle, Let Them Puddle

    This simple but effective idea in the line of curtain trends can make all the difference in your living room; don’t struggle, let your curtains puddle.

    Adding two to four inches of length to your curtain creates a puddle effect at the base, offering a more traditional look while keeping your living room warmer and cosy, especially in those cold winter months.

    Puddling your curtains generally works best with heavier fabrics like polyester or velvet, but there is a trick on how to achieve the perfect puddle for your drapes and keep them looking classy.

    11: Widen Your Rod

    Our final curtain trend is quite simply to widen your rod. When you install your curtain rod, always opt for one that is wider than your window. The next step after this is to add between eight and ten inches of width to your window and, if done correctly, creates the optical illusion that your window is much larger than it is and provides space to pull back your curtains as needed.

    There are many design tricks to make your windows look more prominent, so you are sure to find one suited to your living room space.
    With so many different curtain trends to choose from, Seeff has you covered with the latest tips to help you create the living room space of your dreams.

    Author: Seeff Property Group
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